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EMPIRE - Chapter Eighteen


Empire - Chapter Eighteen
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"Like this... " I puckered up my lips in a pout and surprisingly Liam Lipped in a Kiss.
The Phototobooth Flashed our awkward kiss In five snaps, Liam pulled back from the kiss pushing his hair back awkwardly staring intently at me as our eyes locked in a stare.
"I'm sorry.... " Liam apologize, heck I don't even know what to say, I nod in the awkward silence getting up and heading out of the booth silently as Liam catches up to me.
"I'm really sorry Emilia I didn't know what came over me... " Liam claimed but the more he apologize the more I blame myself.
"it's okay let's just head back before Ben calls a search party.. " I nod walking ahead of Liam stumbling on a step, Liam hands trailed down my waistline getting a firm grip before I could hit the ground, my hands trailed up to his nape, my only firm hold to him.
Liam Slowly pulls me back on my feet, his hands were still stuck round my waistline why I cling tightly to his nape.
A glimpse Lust glimmer in a spark, his knuckles brushes my Left cheek, he grazed his lips on both cheek softly.
"Let's go home... " I've never been more confused in my entire life, my stomach made flips when my Fingers intertwined with Liam.
Back In Detroit
"So how was New York ?? " I snapped back to reality on hearing Becca's concerned tone, I didn't want an awkward atmosphere with Liam and Ben went for an emergency check out or whatever so I Called Becca to pick me up and surprisingly she showed up with a car.
"It was Fun I guess... " I glued my face against the window staring at the Familiar Neighborhood sighing as Becca stopped in front of a Fast Food restaurant.
"I thought you said you were taking me home ?? It's Late" I asked confused getting down from the car.
"I'm Hungry Let's Eat... " She said yanking me in the restaurant and to an empty seat, she placed our orders and paid while I just looked around bored.
"So... " She lead on and I don't really know what she wants to know.
"Oh come on Emilia I'm trying to be the shoulder to lean on, why the Fuck are you already uptight, come on tell me Somethi.."
"Liam Kissed me back In New York... " her eyes widened in shock on my confession.
"When, How, what???? " She said trying to process everything I just told her.
"We were hanging out and we kinda Kissed..." I didn't tell her about the one with Ben, she doesn't need to know.
"Well that's awesome right you Like Liam and He Likes you so... "
"But I Think I kinda Like Ben.." Her brows arched in confusion, I silently panicked on mentioning Ben's Name.
"Who's Ben?? " She asked I heave a sigh of relief she didn't relate to Ben Dark
"A Co Worker... " I blurted out almost immediately.
"And you never told me about him?? " She Scoffed.
"I thought you wouldn't be interested in my boring Crushes... " I hinted out.
"So Let me get this Straight you Like Ben and Liam and you're confused about which one you really Like... " She said
"Close Enough?? "
"OK Who do you Like?? " She asked
"Ben.. Liam I don't know, I've never felt any emotions for two different people Becca it's Frustrating" I said face palming myself.
"OK then how do you feel about Liam?? " She asked.
"Liam is Sweet, nice gentle Caring and reminds me of Kaden?? " Her brows furrowed on the Mention of Kaden, Shit I shouldn't have mentioned his name.
"Who's Kaden?? " She asked but i bowed my head looking intensely at the table below ignoring her question.
"Lia it's okay if you don't want to share... but maybe it's the only way to sort out your feelings just tell me everything I'm listening.. "Becca said I sighed here goes nothing.
"Kaden was like my brother, he helped me trying to escape.. He's actually being supportive and probably the only one I had but I guess I thought we could get away with it but we didn't he died trying to escape, he died for my sake and everytime I look at Liam he reminds me of Kaden, I don't want loose Liam too... "
"Sorry about your Kaden but how do feel about Ben.. " the question made my heart skip a beat.
"At First you'll probably swear on him and probably want him dead but he's actually unpredictable and a hand full but sweet and romantic when he chooses to be, but a little Possessive and anytime he touches me I just go dumbstruck like he has me mesmerized or something and his Smile is enchanting and when he kisses me it drives me nuts for more ... " I said almost everything as Becca snickered at me with a smug grin.
"Why don't you go For Ben.. "she arched her brow
"Because he's Dangerous....." I said
"Who Told you that?? " Becca asked surprised at my comment.
"Some of the co workers and he's always secretive hiding something... " I said trying to hide some of the details that I actually work in a company.
"Well do you think he's Dangerous?? " Becca asked and I shook my head sideways.
"Then there you have it ..." Becca added.
"What if he's really Dangerous like they said.." I voiced out
"Then it's up to you to take the risk and find out yourself... " Becca said immpecably out orders were served, I looked down at my food Becca ordered for me.
"Becca?? "
"Huh?? " she said with her mouth full
"I need a Favor.... "

"Should I wait for you?? " Becca asked stopping at the corner I asked her to.
"No, you can go home I can handle it from here... " Becca nods reaching to the glove box and tossing me a Compat cell phone.
"Just in case you get your shift off or your boss changes his mind just dial.. " I nod, I told her I had to take my shift tonight at work but actually she dropped me not too far from Ben's Apartment, I guess, I hope it is.
She drives off leaving me in the strange neighborhood, I stride towards Ben's apartment hoping it's the valid address I managed to cram.
I wowed in awe standing before the building perplexed this house is even bigger than the one in New York, so it's the right house I guess.
I pranced towards the intercom pressing a tiny button that has speakers below.
"Who is it... " I heard Ben growl
"It's Emilia... " After that it was silent after that like a minute or two until the gates automatically opened by itself revealing Ben who Looked like he was planning to go somewhere.
"What are you doing here " Ben asked in dismay of my presence
"I want to talk.... " I said as the gates went shut automatically and I follow behind Ben to his Mansion.
The inside was even bigger than the outside and almost had a Similar resemblance to the one in New York.
"What do you want to talk about... " Ben asked gesturing me to seat but I refused.
"Just promise me you won't hurt me... " I said in a whisper he shot me a confused look.
"Emilia is everything okay... " he asked and I slightly nod.
"Promise me.... " I pouted as Ben nods slowly.
"I promise... " he said
"I have to go....." I whispered
"Don't you wanna Wanna Eat?? " Ben asked sliding his hands down his pockets wearing a sinister smirk, something tells me I should be worried but I shrugged it off.
"No Thanks I ate with Becca... " I kindly declined.
"I didn't mean that... " My eyes widened in shock on what he meant.
"Ummh I have to go it's getting pretty late and from the Looks of it you're probably off to somewhere I guess... " Ben Chuckled, his eyes shot daggers at me which glued my feet to the floor.
"Why are you here In the First place is that all?? " Ben Pestered on.
"Becca would be worried I promised her I'll call her... " I said backing up which made it Fun for Ben as he stride towards me.
"Why don't you stay for Tonight .... " Ben said, I coughed slamming my back against the wall as Ben Slammed his hands against the wall trapping me in between his grasp.
"It's already late... " I spun hoping it would be my last resort for a way out
"Stay.... " Ben whispered in a Husky tone that made my heart skip a beat, pressing his Lips on mine, nibbling on my lower lip and slowly sucking on as his Tongue glide up to swiping a taste, I moaned softly advantaging Ben who brushed his Tongue past in caressing my Tongue, savoring every sweet end of my mouth, his lips trailed down to my neck softly caressing it with his soft lips tracing down my shirt collar, grunting he ripped my Top with his bare hands resuming to butterflying my neck with his soft kisses sending a tingling thrill down my spine, his hands traced to my buttons yanking it all at once in a blink he stripped my Top off leaving my bra clipped on.
He resumes to caressing my cervix down to my cleavage, his Tongue glide wet on the apex of my boobs betrayed by my body I moaned under his touch.
His hands trailed down my thigh gripping tightly to it, Zombified my hands trailed up his nape pulling him closer than ever as our lips connected once again but this time I didn't hold back, Ben Lifts me up in one Yank as my legs encircled round him, our heated make out session continued as Ben carries me up the stairs kicking down a door I assume his room tossing me on his king size bed, he slowly pushes me down climbing on top of me and pulling me under him.

His fingers traced up my chin making my lips pucker placing his lips against mine gently nibbling on my lower lip again I grant him entrance in but he stops signalling me to lead on, my fingers trailed up to the locks of his hair as our tongue dominate each other, his fingers trailed to my skirt yanking it down leaving me with my bra and panties.
My hands trailed to his buttons yanking it one by one until they all came off stripping him off his shirt revealing his perfectly toned abbs and muscular outlines.
I almost drooled as Ben Snickered at me.
Brainwashed my hands trailed down his Belt strapping it off.
He plants butterfly kisses down my boobs trailing down my abdomen, his hands slither under my panties sliding it off gracefully.
His hands slide under my back clipping off my bra in one click sliding it off leaving me bare.
He retraced his lips from my abdomen up to one of my nipples sucking on it, messignly I moaned as his tongue savaged it and repeating the same mantra to the other.
His index finger traced down to my Cunt down to the end of my clit, his tongue glide down wetting my Cunt the electrifying feeling makes me gasp out a moan as Ben busied his hands plucking out my nipples with his fingers.
"Don't stop... " I moaned as Ben unclad as he playfully teases me planting soft kisses making me want him badly.
"What's the Magic word.. " Ben teased making me wet.
"Please... " I blurt as Ben cums at me a painful but yet pleasurable feelings hits me as my nails dug in Ben's Skin, the pain slowly died down replacing it with a pleasurable sensation, I moaned softly as Ben cums deeper deep enough to tear down my Hymen, tearing off my virginity.
I let out a Loud hiss as Ben withdrew on hearing my loud Hiss.
"Did it Hurt?? " Ben asked slouching next to me, Heck it hurts.
I nod as Ben Pecks my Forehead.
"I Love You Emilia... Promise you won't leave me too... " I couldn't get him but that's what I could probably make out.
"I won't leave you... " I whispered sucummbing into his torso.
"Say you Love me..."
"I love you... " I said in a yawn burying my head into Ben's Torso.
The Next Day
I woke up clad In a white short gown, next to me was an empty spot that yearns Ben.
I slapped my face and sighed, I had sex with Ben, this was what I wanted right, I saw the Compat cell phone not far from my reach, I tried getting up but I swear I can't feel my legs or barely walk, I managed to get to the phone revealing a billion messages from Becca probably, by now she thinks I'm kidnapped or something, I chuckled lightly I'll get back to her first I need to learn how to walk properly.
I ventured out of Ben's room clinging to the rail of the stairs shakingly till I got down.
"Ben... " I Yelled as my echos bounces back, weak on my limbs I struggle to hold anything I come across through, I saw a tray covered with a note on it.
"I'm not a Prophet but I'm sure you can't walk you're welcome... You get a Day off don't bother coming to work The House Lock is '******' if you want to leave, I made breakfast probably Lunch Depending on when you wake up... I love you... " I blushed on the Last Part who thought Ben could be sweet.
I took off the tray revealing Bacon and Eggs, Ben isn't Dangerous after all.
"Promise you won't Hurt me... " Emilia's words flashed over my mind countless, I'm not hurting her feelings, but why does it feel like I am.
"Ben... " Harley growled as I shot her a glare which scared her a little but she hides it.
"We are waiting under your call... " Harley said holding tightly to the ends of her Gun, so did about 3000 men with us.
"Show no Mercy, Kill everyone.... "


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