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EMPIRE - Chapter Eight


Empire - Chapter Eight
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'Tick tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick... ' my brain sings with the Clock placed on the wall where everyone could see, I was in my own cubicle waiting for my doom, I actually wanted time to stop or better just die.
It's almost 5 but some employees shift ended hours ago leaving few workers at the company at least I have company.
"Attention All Employees are Requested to exit the building before 5, please oblige thank you.. " I could hear Cindy Voice through the Intercom that vibrated across the office as everyone stop their task they were doing, packing up and ready to sign off.
It makes me think I'm an employee too right??
So I'm privileged to Join them
So what am I waiting for I'm getting the Fuck out of here.
I arranged my files getting ready to sign off until the intercom turned on again.
"Erhm Emilia Campbell Mr Ben request you are made avialable at his office immediately.. " well that goes my hope of escaping I'm so dead, I should have signed off a long time ago.
I'm buying an Alarm Clock for Sure if I survive.
I gulped hard, what's going to be my lesson today from the Looks of Ben Smug Grin earlier he has plans for me.

I'm sure he made me work overtime because he wants me to suffer.
How come I'm the only one he gives overtime out of all the loyal employees under his nose.
Come to think of it why hasn't he just fired me it's strange he keeps me on board what ever the reason is it's only known to him.
I can't help to think about Amira was she a Victim too of his mind games what baffles me more is that they were engaged and the next thing she's declared missing definitely Ben and Liam is Hiding something and probably some of the employees knows about it.
I stride myself over to Ben's office at first I froze it's strange I'm afraid but I should be because he's a killer and probably a Cultist.
I gasp out a huge breath letting myself in, Ben stood his hands behind him as he always stare at his glass window revealing the Whole City it was kinda beautiful to Look at though.
The Moment I stepped in I couldn't find my voice, I remained mute waiting for his command or at least for him to break the unbearable silence.
"I gave you one Job and again you Blew it Emilia and why?? " I didn't know what to say, the way he Spoke was Cunning and Mischievous I stood firm to the ground bracing myself for what he had in stock for me.
"You Can't Talk?? " He Spat bewildered as he turned flashing me a wicked grin as a Glimpse of Evil spark in his eyes I could see it.
I Felt intimidated but Kept quiet I don't want to end up the way Amira and those other girls ended so my best choice is to Zip it and let him talk.
He made his way towards me I just gawked at him as he again licked his lips Seductively I just Looked down avoiding eye contact.
His eyes darted to my skimpy short skirt my legs twitch in motion as I tried drawing the abomination of a Skirt down as my cheeks heat up.
"You Know not only do you come late but also you Seduce my employees ... " I nearly choked on his words
'What the hell' I gasped in my thoughts wondering what he was talking about.
"Excuse me?? " I asked Flustered and confused as he Cocked on his Smug grin.
"Your Skirt is Shorter than it Should be it distracts male employees from finishing their Job and including the CEO.. " my eyes widened in shock my face may never return to its normal color as my face blossomed red.
"Why are you Red Emilia?? " He said still putting on a smug grin, my heart beat faster than ever as I try to get him out of my head having no answer to his question, I looked down at his Torso an aid of distraction.
His Hands Chiseled up my chin as he Purposely slides his Knuckles from my knee then up to my thigh until he stopped at the ends of my skirt.
"You see the Skirt is too Short, And I don't like the way they Look at You... " He Sounds Possessive and Pushy at the same time.
"So What?? " I asked confused
"So Let's Do away with it... " He grips tightly to the end of my skirt yanking it playfully which upsets me.

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"What?? " I exclaimed he just flashed me a smirk pushing his head across my shoulder and again he purposely brushes his lips against my Ear Lobe which sent a thriller sensation dancing down my spine.
"You Heard me let's do away with it... " He Purred in a whisper passionately leaving me dumbstruck.
I didn't realize his other hand made it's way to the other side of my thigh brushing it's knuckles upwards until his two hands gripped tightly to the ends of my skirt, his hands slump under my skirt gripping tightly to my thigh, just his touch against my skin nearly made me dumb, he lifts me up again gently tossing me on his Desk.
Our eyes Linked in an intense stare as his eyes darted to my lips swiping one last swing of his lower lip he averted his eyes away from mine somewhat nervous.
He Jerked away his grip on my thigh his fingers went up to my chin as he stare intensely at my Lips.
"What about a Kiss instead...." his hands traced down to my buttoned up shirt my eyes couldn't grow wider than it already is.
I didn't say anything, somehow I wanted him to kiss me, did I just say that.
But I shook my head he was trying to get into my head and I was letting him.
"What Do you Say Emilia?? " He Plucked out one of my button fear clouds my mind thinking he could go deeper than a Kiss.
I took hold of his hands before he could strip me topless or at Least rip it off me our eyes locked again but this time he wore a Subtle Grin as he Leaned closer.
"Brrgh... " Hallelujah his Telephone rings my Saviour he jerks off me upset but clearly I was relieved but didn't show it.
I looked at the Clock on the wall it was already 6, he answers the Call I sat down on his Desk cause I dare not leave.
When he was Done with His Phone Call His eyes darted to mine.
"We are Done For Today, Thank Your Stars I have a Very Important Meeting to go to..Kindly dress up and sign out.. " he said calmly what kind of Meeting is he Going to that is after Business hours, I rather not ask more or any questions I just only nod.
He Just acted like he wasn't going to strip me Unclad, like everything is normal, I just hate him.
I Buttoned up my Shirt like he requested, my eyes darted to one Document it had Amira's name tagged he Slipped the Documents into one of His Drawers.
That Could be a Clue, and the only way I could ever take a look is if I take a Look at his Drawers which sounds impossible at the moment but a risk I'm willing to take after I Figure how to.
"See you Tomorrow Emilia... " I just only nod exiting his office and Bumping into someone.
"I'm Sorry.. " I said as my eyes darted to Harley
"Hmm you are Still Alive oh well... " She Voiced in a Dark tone.
"Excuse me?? " I asked but She Just snubbed me as she Shouldered past me.
OK I need to do some research on Harley too other than she's a Killer what connection does she have with Ben.
Ben was Signing off some documents and didn't seem to notice her presence something whispered to me that I should stick around but another voice said I should get out of here what they were talking about was between them both.

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The Minute Emilia Left Harley Might have had some contact with her and from the Looks of it Harley Despised Emilia, She Despises every girl that is a threat to her, She Still believes that I have feelings for her after our one night encounter, I could have ditch her a long time ago but her she's one of the best and also she won't quit that easily.
"Well Well Well You're Having fun with her... " She Fold her arms across her chest.
"I Have a meeting to attend to I don't have time for this... " I said ignoring her argument.
"What Does She have that I don't have... " I let out a loud sigh not this again.
"She's Just a PA Harley and nothing more.. "
"From the Looks of it she's more than a PA I know you Ben Somehow you've develop some sort of feelings for that bitch... " she spat in disgust.
"She's not a Bitch, She's an employee like you..." I growled, why do I care.
"So you have Develop Feelings for her then.. " She arched her brow.
"Get Out don't try me.... " I Flared up leaving her Shocked and probably upset
"she will have to pass through the initiation when she eventually finds out and if she does Fail She'll share the same fate with Amira and the rest that met their doom...." Harley said as she exits my office.
"Emilia must not find out..... And I'll make sure of it... "

I walked home it wasn't that Dark and I stopped by at the mart to get some snacks, I can't help but think about what Harley said, maybe it's proof that Those who work with Ben are being Killed by him or not, or she was just trying to get into my head.
I finished Shopping for some snacks and bagged them up and paid and walked to the apartment, I really need a phone.
I didn't see Any SUV so Tony isn't home the Lights were up so I assume Becca is home.
I Let myself in she was busy on her Laptop with her headphones on she took it off when she noticed my presence.
"Oh Emilia... You're Here you should come see this... " I rushed towards her to see what she was excited about.
"What?? " I asked curious
"Remember Yesterday when I told You Ben Bed with the Mayors Daughter... " my nose scrunch up on the mention of that, why should I be excited or should I even know about that the thought of it angers me and I don't know why.
"Yeah and So... " I asked
"Well it was said she was missing and it just came in that she's back in Detroit see... " She Lifts Her Laptop Charging it at me to see.
"Peyton Vera back in Detroit and ready to paint the city Red pictures of her Looking Gorgeous than before as Sources throws in Throwback if then and now.... " I read
"Why Did she Leave Detroit?? " I asked
"Nobody knows all that happened is after she Disappeared the Sex Scandal involving She and Ben went Viral.... " she said
"So... " I asked
"So it's proof that the rumors about Dark Empire being a Cult is nothing but a lie, it's just a coincidence .. " she said
"But She works under Ben... " I asked
"Yeah but her Father got her a Job at the Company and she didn't disappear like the rest.. "
"Yeah but even though she didn't work as Ben PA and all those girls that applied for the spot mysteriously Disappeared with no word or saying, hers is different... It can't be a coincidence that they all disappear for the same reason... " I said as she shrugged at my point.
I Scrolled down and Saw a Picture of Harley.
"Why is Harley In The Picture... " I asked confused
"Who's Harley?? " Becca asked confused as me
"The Woman in almost all the Pictures... " I said scrolling down seeing more pictures of Harley.
"That's Peyton Vera The Mayors Daughter... " my brows Furrowed in Dismay.

Harley is the Mayors Daughter


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