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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode9


Edge Of A Knife - Episode9
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

My phone rang out interrupting the tranquility that overtook the air, while i was still standing with nelson. I checked the caller’s ID, it was KEMI. So i picked up at once.

Me: Hello Kemi!

Kemi: Joshua how are you doing?

Me: Am ok dear, you?

Kemi: am great, are you busy?

Me: nop why?

Kemi: Am quite bored here, i don’t know if you can come over, what? That sounded great in my ear, and with excitement i answered yes, and forgetting the fact that i narrowly escape death some few hours ago, i took to the road, after dressing up to go met my crush.
I went over to her apartment in an off campus site, following the description she gave, soon time saw me knocking on her door, and she came to answer, coming out with a very transparent armless attire, that my eyes could see through, i noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and this activated my sixth sense, And my d*ck rose up at once, i stared for a while, while she smile with her gap tooth, she knew she was having effect on me, but she let it linger on before she finally said,

Kemi: Are you just gonna stand there and watch? Common come in, she said.

Me: oh, i snapped out from my lustful reverie, and followed her inside the room, D--n the apartment was something else, everything in there was just too sophisticated for an average student, it was tastefully furnished and decorated, the air i breath in there was heaven, unlike the Creeds mansion that alway smell weed..

Me: Nice apartment, i commended, and she smiled.

Kemi: Thanks, she said without dimming those sexy eyes that were full of smiles.

Me: you stay alone?

Kemi: Yep what do you think.

Me: it must be very lonely down here, and the fact that your guy is not even a student of this school, i said, and my words have a way with her, it brightened her smile the more.

Kemi: Not actually, he comes around sometimes, and my friends, they do come around some times.

We kept on gisting, and as we did, i kept falling for her, i got to discover, that her dad was a senator, she told me she liked me because i was cute, and that i was jovial, just the way she would love in a guy. And then.

Kemi: you know Josh you are very popular, and i have heard quite a lot about you, she said shocking me.

Me: Oh, i said, and she kept her smiling gaze at me, letting her eyes pierce through mine, like she was searching to read what expression was on my face, well i was surprised, she’s heard about me, and never mentioned it ever since.

Kemi: Yea Josh the scholar, she said still smiling. ‘Now on a serious note Josh are you a cultist?
I swear this question hit me like say na car accident i dey involved in. I knew i could lie to her, with the way things were, she seem very much like someone i couldn’t lie to.

Me: Yes kemi. I said dropping my head dejectedly, but she didn’t flinch, instead her next reaction shocked me. She stood up from her chair, and came across to me, she raised my head up and planted a full kiss on my lip, I was shocked.

Kemi: Stay safe Josh, i don’t know your reason for joining a cult group, but do me a favour by not dying, I Love you she said, as she brought her full weight on me.
I laid flat on the couch, while she s-------d me, thereby forcing a reaction in between my legs, i didn’t feel it that much at first, because i was still dazed at what she told me. She is the only person that never condemn my involvement in confra, and she also said she loved me.

She noticed i was numb and not responding to her foreplay, so she shook me, and i came back to my senses, i also noticed a big hard on between my legs, what? I soon followed up, as she kissed me, she humped and straddle on my erect d--k sexily, i reached forward, and kiss her, we continued till we were done with the 3rd round. Before i went back to the mansion.

At the mansion, potoki was mad at me.

Potoki: Josh where you go since, you don put me for fear before.

Me: Baba sorry na one babe i go track, i said as i noticed he wasn’t happy at all.

Potoki: You go track babe when you know say coast nor clear, and you nor fit even inform anybody, i don ask nelson tire, d guy too don dey worried.

Me: baba no vex abeg, i pleaded.

Potoki: dey mind where you dey enter, abeg dey careful, dem fall Jackie this evening, na that one make me come fear, you know say i like you Joshua, like my brother, i nor want make anything happen to you oo, as e dey now, Fox dey lead, but we go soon take over, i nor want make dem shine you too. He said and walked away, i only shook my head, When will all this stop?
The Fox must stop killing our brothers, i said in rage and clenched my fist so hard.


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