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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode8


Edge Of A Knife - Episode8
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

I banged on the gate as i got to the mansion, and one of the guys came to open it, he had a gun with him, interesting, this has never happened before, never has the creed’s gate been closed not to talk of someone holding a gun to open common gate, it has gotten out of hand, we hailed each other, and he let me in. I went straight to my room in the mansion, to meet Nelson he hugged me when he saw me like he feared i would have died on my way.

After potoki returned, Samba ordered a meeting, to officially announce the death of D’baba and also impending war that has started, he told us to be vigilant, and alway have our brothers back, he mentioned the Fox were no match for us, and we have to do everything possible to let them know we rule the school.
I went to school the next day, i spotted some guys on white and yellow shirts and trousers, putting on scarfs and berets that were imprinted Flame Fox, they were about 8 in number. They all matched inside our class while the lecturer was teaching i noticed their eyes was on me. Soon students noticed their presence, and started running away some ran through the door, other, flew through the window, including the lecturer who flied a window like an expert at flying windows, considering the fact that he was a old man with grey hair it seemed very funny, but this was danger right before us, so no time to laugh, in the same vein i followed suit, but one swift flip on my legs brought me to the ground, as i feel mightily on the floor and groan as my body hit hard against the tiled floor of the class.
I looked up to see them all smile, brandishing sharp axes, guns and cutlass and hovering around me in mocking manners, i made for my pocket to get my phone and call Potoki, but one strong hand held me back,
Guy: There will be no need for that, because if you call potoki, before he gets here you would be dead already, he said smiling and revealing a tobacco coloured teeth. How the hell did he know i was gonna call potoki.
Me: Please leave me alone, i did not offend any one please, i begged.
Another Guy: No be you offend us, but a friend of the Fox’s enemy is also an enemy to the fox, and to make matter worse you be creed man number 3 he said in high tone. We wan show creed say na we get this school, thank Jah say una baba don comot for the picture.
Me: please, don’t kill me please i begged as they kept on hitting their axes on their hands.

First Guy: No we nor wan kill you we wan use your death take send message give Samba, and all the creed men. Shebi your mama nor tell you say cult na bad thing abi she nor tell you make you no join cult? But you no listen, now you don be spirit man already, i pity the poor woman sha, because she go cry ontop your matter today, he said with an evil grin that made me d--n scared.
Another Guy: how far Plorkor make we shine this guy dey go, we dey was time oo, Just then there was a bang, all the students were gone already, so who was that, before i could say Jack, there was a resounding loud noise from a gun, and Plorkor dropped dead down close to me with a bullet hole on his fore head and blood gushing out, the rest members were now alerted, they started shooting sporadically towards any direction, i saw this as an opportunity, to run, i did at first, but running away was cowardice, i pushed on of the guy closest to me, he losed grip of his gun and it fell to the ground, so i reached for the gun and shot the guy on the stomach, while i used the class chairs to duck, soon the shooters came to view they were my guys, it was eric, and nelson, they did great in bringing down four boys, i kept on shooting from my hidding point, i shot two more, by now they were all dead, so i went to meet them.
Me: Thanks guys how did you know i was in danger? I asked as we marched of the class.
Eric: it’s what brothers do, they got each other’s back, I for one don’t like you josh he said again for the second time, while i maintained a straight gaze. But, you have proven to be brave bro. I like you, he said boosting my morale. And we shook hands and walked gallantly away from the scene, we heard police siren, but we were already far from the scene.
Nelson: Bro you were so lucky, i got the lead all was not well, when i saw students running away from your class, so i put a call across to potoki, and he sent eric to come assist me in helping you out, i must confess you are a fighter josh, see how you pushed that guy and collect his gun, he said crediting me while i smile, i shooked him.
Me: thanks nelson, you are a brother, i said to him, as we watched the breeze blow the grasses from east direction to west. Just then my phone rang.
Guess who called?.


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