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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode7


Edge Of A Knife - Episode7
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

School resume in ernest for second semester students who travel home started returning back to school, my stay in the mansion was all fun, even after D’baba left, the hating continued, i gat few men to my side, including potoki and Nelson, and some few other boys, Samba for sure stayed neutral, he always saw us as one, he did not want to take side as the leader, because that will bring great confusion among us, even with ongoing one that was a little bit tense. Eric for one made it known to me that he doesn’t like me, it was one evening, after Chelsea and Man United march, where Man U trashed Chelsea 3-0, we all sat in the Creeds big palour, to watch the match as almost all the members in the house were either the Blue blood, or the red devils, me for sure na confirm united, we argue as we watched the match, i could notice Eric was also a Red devil, so after the match, i went to felicitate our victory with him, it was there and then he made it known to me.
Me: how fa baba, this match go well oo, we trash them wella.
Eric: Sure thing, United nor be Chelsea mate.
Me: you are right bro, so how things with you? I asked, and he had a scoofed reaction on his face, as if i just touched a very sensitive topic, and with a smirk he replied.
Eric: Josh! Josh!! Say we don be spirit men nor mean say i like you, for this creed Just dey your lane make i dey bench for my own. (What) that sounded some how in my ear, and my spirit dropped immediately, i thought he was different from the rest, I never knew he was a snitch too, well he is not because he told me to my face.

That day, i told Nelson, he assured me it was fine, and all I need do was to be careful around them, that day i sought for potoki, and made it known to him, he also said the same thing as Nelson, but i asked him a question, that i could tell, had an effect on him.
“Is this how brothers behave, I thought you said we were gonna have each others back?”
He was taken aback, but he only said, they will come around, they were only acting because they were jealous. Hmm which brother will be jealous of his fellow brother.
School activities commenced, students going to class and receiving lectures, I wasn’t left out i went to class too, but people still kept their distance from me, i became like a desolated island, no friend in class, only bunches of gossipers hanging on my neck. I found out a way to make up with martha, that evening she invited me to her apartment, i knocked on her door, her sharp sweet voice answer, and soon enough there was a cracking sound, she ushered me in, after i sincerely apologized for hanging up on her the other day, i also stated my reason, how i was influnced to join, the promising hope, that will come once i joined. She only shook her head in pity, there is no going back Josh she said, but be safe for me, she said, and i cast a long look on her face, she noticed and returned the gaze too, it wasn’t for long, we both found ourselves in each others arms, smooching and kissing, like our lives depended on it, i broke the kiss and advanced, fondling my way through her body, this drove her crazy, she off her clothes, while i did same, in no time we were ontop of each other, fufilling the prophecy of fleshly desire.
After the bleeping, I returned to my apartment, i noticed all was not well, my door was slightly opened, and i remembered locking it properly, before stepping out that day, since it was 8pm, it was quite dark, i reached for my phone, and switched on the touch, and stepped in all alert, i entered the house, to see potoki seated on the only couch available in my room, he looked unperturb at my presence.
Potoki: Please Josh sit. I did instantly, and from the look in his eyes, i could tell all was not well. So i did sit at once.
Me: Baba na wetin happen na?
Potoki: Dem don throw Baba over board he said, witg hint of tears in his eyes.
Me: what?
Potoki: D’baba is dead! As he said it, cold bead of sweat gathered on my fore head it soon circulated round my whole body. This information made me weak. I dropped my back to the chair.
Potoki: Oscar did the hit, when baba traveled to SA, he sent his boys there to off him, and news have reaches us that he is coming back tto school, to end the creed, Tiger has since been recruiting more me, i want you to stay safe and be careful boy. He said patting me and left.
I was dead weak and disoriented, i didn’t know what to do, i called nelson, he too have heard he told me he was about to call me, and tell me the news too because he was still at the mansion. he told me to come over to the mansion, so to stay safe, and i promise i would do that the next day.
I was so deep in thought, thinking about the late D’baba, that i needed something to clear of my thoughts, i remembered Kemi, the girl that bumped on me the other day, i gave her a call, she picked up, we chatted, and she told me she never expected i would call her, because after she gave me her number, for such a long time, it was now i decided to call her, i laughed it off, it was fun with her, i got to learn about her, and she told me she had a boyfriend, and that he wasn’t a student of our school, i was fun with her, she asked me about myself, and i did a brief intro about me to her, she gaze a small laugh, that made me suspect she knew something else about me, but i waved it off i ended the call that night, only a little pacified from my worries, D’baba was gone, and it made us very vulnerable i swear, the next day, at school, people could be seen talkin in hush tone, and it was no other topics that the death of our number one, how news travel far an wide will still remain a mystery to me, because everywhere i went, the news of his death was there, it was as if it was following me.
That evening, i was still arranging my stuff to go to the mansion, when Nelson called me, to tell me that two of our boys were killed that evening, along Mompha Cresent Road, and that Eric and potoki, were on their way to check the body. What? This is more that i bargained for, so i hurried up with my things, and off to the mansion, in fear and trembling, i became conscious of everything and every movement around me, as i walked in haste and boarded a cab to The Creed’s Cresent.


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