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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode6


Edge Of A Knife - Episode6
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

Sparkles of bright rays traveled through my eye lens, as I woke up to severe pain surging all over my body, in an all bright yellow coloured room, i was laid on a bed, the rays of light coming from a window in the room, I was dazed at first, but soon my eyes got accustomed with the room, But that did not reduce the surging pain coming from my hand, threatening to tear me apart, well i tried to sit up, but the pain wouldn’t let me, so i just relaxed light that, and the door gave way, and nelson came in bearing a tray on his hands.

Nelson: Good morning bro.

Me: oh, thank you, I replied to him.

Nelson: Thank God you are up, Here he said handing me the tray containing sliced bread, butter, and coffee. I made to get up, and use the restroom, nelson helped me up and followed me in I made for my toothbrush, and brushed my teeth with left hand.

I later settled for breakfast, and during which nelson gist me on how they got a doctor, and he operated on me the night, while I was in deep slumber, he told me how he had feared for my survival, because I lost a lot of blood, before we even got to the mansion.

Later that day, D’baba summoned us, me and nelson went into his room, only to meet Potoki already there, pressing his phone, irrespective of D’baba’s presence, which we revered so much, that we the Junior member hardly breath when we are close to him.
This time he had those servicing girls stayed by, the kept on romancing him half cladded, i was only lucky not to have an erection, they were d--n! Teasing, I manage to pay attention to what D’baba was saying.

D’baba: I will say a well done boys, you didn’t fail me even when it was your first mission for the creed, Josh i am so sorry about your arm, but you will be fine soon, bravo once again.

I will be away for some time Samba and Potoki here will take full affair of the creed till I am back. I want you boys to accord them great loyalty, as you do me. He said and ushered us out, but potoki still remained seated. I went down to the boys, in the main room, I went straight to the roulette table, the guys kept on hailing and shaking me, all due to our first successful mission. I joined in the game, the offered me gin, I took some sip, before I headed out. I strolled down the building, until I was out of the big gate of the creed’s mansion, I kept on walking, with both hands on my pocket, surveying the whole creeds crescent. The cool air suit my body. I brought out my earphones, listening to music, it was -Stereo Heart, By Gym Class Heroes.

Just then I felt a force, that almost brought me to the ground, but thank God for stamina. I turned to see a girl, with an apologetic look on her face, I remove one of the earphones, just to hear her out.
Girl: Am truly sorry I was just…
Me: It’s ok, i said, cutting her shut, I already knew the cause of the accident, she was trying to evade an oncoming car, when she mistakenly bumped into me, it seemed she was in a hurry.
Girl: So sorry, i was in haste.

Me: I said it ok, am cool,

Girl: thank you.

Me: Yea, so what’s the name?
Girl: I’m Kemi.

Me: whoa nice name, do you live around here?

Girl: No maybe some other time, as you can see am in haste.

Me: it’s ok, can i at least have your number, nah nah i knew that was off. And she gave me the are you for real look.

Me: it’s ok, just don’t mind.

Girl: you want me number?, cool give me your phone. I did, and she input her digits, and hurried away, wow what a weird beauty, i said licking my lips, as I assessed her back view.

She was pretty no doubt, fair face, curly hair, chubby cheeks, pink lips (wink) just the few moments I spent with her, i observed everything. Oh i forgot to mention, moderate boobs, big ass.

Now I decided to walk back to the creed’s mansion, that was enough for one day. It was 4pm. As I got closer to the gate, my phone beep, it was a call, I checked and it was Martha.

Me: Hey, i said the moment I pick up

Martha: Josh Darling, how are you?

Me: Am fine dear, you?

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Martha: Am fine too, just that the holiday’s been boring.

Me: eyaah sorry.

Martha: what of you how is the holiday going for you?

Me: Quite fine, and not that boring, am with friends.

Martha: oh the creeds right (what?)

Me: erm erm… No Mart.

Martha: it’s ok Josh, news about your involvement with the creed, have been spreading round school for a while now, i really didn’t believe, I had wanted to ask you by myself, but things happened so fast, and there was no time, because of exam, but now am free and with you again, i wanna ask, is it true Josh?

Me: hmm, Just believe whatever you heard marth. I said, not knowing the right and exact word to reply her

Martha: so it’s true?

Me: Hmm..

Martha: Joshua why? Why? She said i could tell from her cracking voice that she was in tears, but why will she be crying for me?
Martha: See Josh i love you, i have always pictured us together, but now you have shaded yourself away from that picture by becoming a cultist. I remained silent, listening to her words, I now see the reason why she was crying, oh she loves me, well i love her too, but what has to be done must be done, the hopeless has to be liberated, and this was my only way of being helpful to the, so I thought, only if i wasn’t that foolish to see the stupidity in what I was doing.

Martha: cultism is bad, cultism will shorten your life, she kept on pouring those words, and soon, they become boring and annoying to me, I didn’t say a word, as she kept on with her claim,
Josh why did you ever becom….. She was still saying when I hang up, she called back, by now I was already inside the mansion, and everywhere was dead silent, it was very much unlike it, nobody was even seen outside, I became alert at once, I brought out my gun(pistol) and looked around, before i tiptoed to the main entrance door of the house, I quietly opened the door, and got in, only to see that everyone was gathered at the main room, they all stopped what they were doing as they saw me enter, they soon burst into rounds of laughter, as they noticed the gun in my hand. The laughter continued, until i heard D’baba cleared his throat, and all kept quiet.

D’baba: You are late for the meeting, he said to me. Where did you go to? I reported myself, before he asked me to have a seat. The meeting was all to notify us that he D’baba, will be embarking on a journey, I already knew that before. Not until he made it loud and clear, that as samba assume position as the acting leader, potoki to assist, he made it clear that I and Eric will assume potoki’s position.

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What? This sounded very loud in my ear. I made to say something, but he waved it off.

D’baba: Accord them as much respect as you do me, he said, I could notice incoherent remarks from the boys, either they were happy about the latest developments, or they were against it, but no one dare raise a voice, D’baba’s words were the law, so it must be obeyed, after the meeting, only a few members came to felicitate with me, on my new profile, including my friend Nelson, the rest of them were mad, I mean who wouldn’t be, they have been here for a long time, even before I became a student of that school, and all of a sudden, I become Number 3. Just then I was summoned to D’baba’s room again, for the second time that day,
Me: Baba you sent for me.

D’baba: Sit! He said, and I did at once.

As you can see, it’s so obvious, my decision has created foes amongst brothers, he said in confusing terms.

I know you know what i mean Josh, many people are not happy, i made you number 3 today, because you are new, but I see something great in you, i have handed over this great commitment to you and eric, don’t let me down, potoki never did, I know you will not Josh my boy, he said puffing from a huge rap of weed, here he said passing the weed to me and I did take, and made two drags, before i passed it back to him.

That evening, I watched from my window, as D’baba’s Car, filled through the gate, and off it went for a long time.


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