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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode5


Edge Of A Knife - Episode5
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

Today Today
Tomorrow no
More if I die
Today I will Die
No More…

Members of the creed, sang wholeheartedly in joyous gyration, as they dance around us, in a thick dark forest at a site, off campus. They all stood gallantly, with their Black and black clothes, and red coloured berets and scarves I and Nelson knelt down close to a high flaming fire, I was dead scared, the same expression was visible on Nelson’s face, I could tell he was dead scared, and he was regretting his decision. But there was no turning back, we made a resolution, and we must stand by it.

Samba: All Hail The Creed!!!!

All Members: -Blood For Justice!!!

Samba: All Hail The Creed!!!

All Members: -Blood For Justice!!!

They all chanted and hail, gyrating their bodies in every form that displays violence, raising up their guns and cutlass.

Samba spoke up, he was the Number 2 after D’baba, and he is the one conducting the initiation exercise.

Samba: Brothers, on this great night, and on this initiation gang, we are admitting our brothers, who were once Jew, but have taken the bold to dine with the spirits, Unto the course of this great fraternity we confirm that they become brothers and spirit men, he chanted, with enthusiasm while the other members hailed in confra slang he soon came forward, and brought out a sharp knife its sheathe, Eric one of the boys brought a bowl, and samba made a mark on his thumb with the knife, blood gushed out of his and entered the bowl, he passed the bowl to me, and bade me to do the same, ouch!!! It hurts, i watched as my blood entered the bowl too, the bowl was quite filled with much blood than just I and Samba’s it must be from al the other members. Nelson son did his, and we were made to take an oath, other activities that were to be perform during an initiation, were done, we were marked as brothers, we were brainwashed, to always have our brothers back, and be there when the creeds calls. We were given weapons of defense, which include Axes short knives and guns. It was a long night.

We both returned home the next morning, and for the first time i missed class, because Wednesday night was hectic, my head hurts from hangover, pains from rigorous beating, surged through my veins, the cut I made on my thumb still hurts, the bruises from the creeds marks still hurts, I couldn’t tell for Nelson, but I Joshua, I was dead weak. All because i wanna be a hard man (spirit man).

I didn’t know how it spread, but my involvement in cult activities spread through school, even faster than I could have imagined, it was on everyone’s lips in my department, scholar boy Josh is now a cultist, but I didn’t care as long as i was doing the right thing, by being a voice to the hopeless, so potoki made me believe, as long as I was no longer defenseless, so Samba made us believed, only if i knew i was making a big mistake. Cultism is not liberation from oppression as they do make us believe. Even when i lost almost all my friends that were jew men, just because they felt i was a cultist, and i would be a bad influence on them, which was the truth. People started discussing in hushed tone when ever i pass. Lol na me send una.

Exam finally came I scaled through, maintaining a Top GPA, but that was the first and last exam I ever wrote in that school, during holidays, I didn’t go home, i and nelson stayed at The creed’s mansion. Our first assignment was to rob a commissioner in the state, the mission was assigned to Potoki, I and Nelson.

At 9pm we burst into the house at GRA, after i help disconnected one, the surveillance camera, and the security lamps in the house, the house was sparsely guarded, so it was an easy deal for us at first.

Such Lazy guards, as early as 9pm they were already sleeping, they were just two, I had mentioned that it was an easy mission, but potoki cautioned that we should expect it getting messier, as he was talking from experience, we made for the main building, after scaling the fence to meet the sleeping guard, we aided their sleep by adding a little content of tranquilizers close to their nose to make them sleep more.

As we got in, we saw a man reading papers with glasses that was almost falling from his nose, the Tv set in the living room was displaying a movie from popular Zee World, the man seems to pay so much attention and concentration on what he was reading, that he hardly noticed our presence, and when he did, at once he fell to the ground on his knees and hands up to the masked men.

Commissioner: Please Please don’t kill me don’t kill me, I will do anything you want.

Potoki waste no time, he went straight to the point.

Potoki: We are here for the money, Just give us and let’s get out of here!!! He said shouting at the man. Just then we heard.
Honey Honey, what is going on down there, we heard the voice of a woman descending down the staircase, she gasped in shock the moment she saw us, i quickly directed my gun at her, and asked her to join her husband, which she did obediently.

Potoki: Didn’t you hear me i said give me the money!
Commissioner: Please which money, i don’t have any money here at home, if you want money we can go to the ATM and I will withdraw whatever amount you want. He said stuttering and shivering.

Potoki: Shut up old fool, you think we are here for Jokes? If we search this house and we find that money that was given to you by the governor, you will a dead meat.

Commissioner: Please my son who sent you? This is a wrong information, the governor did not give me any money. Potoki nodded at Nelson, and he went up to search for the money, he soon came downstairs with a briefcase, and a pretty damsel cladded with bum short, and a singlet, that displayed her voluminous boobs, she wasn’t wearing any bra, so my Sharp eyes caught sight of her pointed nipples. I admired her hourglass figure, even though she was at gunpoint, by Nelson. Just as they approach down the stairs, we heard the sound of an approaching vehicle, that filled the air with its siren, it was the police. Potoki gave me a knowing look as he nodded his head as if in a way to say I told you I was tense, but potoki was relaxed.

Nelson: She called them, I saw her dropping the call, what should we do boss? He asked potoki as the girl kept on whimpering and fidgeting.

Potoki: You got the package?

Nelson: yes boss.

Potoki: ok it time for show. He aimed at the old commissioner, and released two bullets on his legs, the man scream, and whimpered in pain grabbing hold of his injured leg. ‘‘That’s for lying to us’’ Boys Let’s go, he said and we headed out to face the police, just like time flash, we heard a voice for a loud sounding device (megaphone)

_‘‘ This is the Nigerian police, you are being surrounded, whatever you are up to, it’s time you gave up, and surrender’’_ Potoki handed the bag to me, and said take cover. Which we did, and with rage, potoki charged towards the gate, releasing bullets sporadically, by now the sleeping guards have woken up, the made to run away, but nelson shot them on their legs, and they fell to the ground crying. I ran towards potoki, and Join in the gun fight, shooting too, my bullets caught some of the policemen in strategic places, Nelson son Joined us, and it was three of us against them. As we shoot we stylishly ran towards our car, with just two men remaining from the police, the rest were either dead, or badly injured.

as we made to enter the I was the last to enter the car, a bullet caught my arm, and I yelped in pain, the pain was so intense, that nelson had to force me into the car, why Potoki handled the wheel, he steered the car like a pro in an olympic car contest. We succeeded in securing the package, i was laid at the back seat with my head on Nelson’s lap, he was saying a soothing words for me to hang on, but i was losing blood. The Journey to campus seem to me like an endless journey because of the excruciating pain that was coming from the injured arm, with a bullet, buried deep down in my skin, I blacked out halfway through the Journey.


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