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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode4


Edge Of A Knife - Episode4
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

Things wasn’t normal after that day, I got home that evening, think so hard on the trouble I was into, Martha called me, we conversed a little, telling me how we didn’t part well, with the morning call which i apologized to her, even though i was tensed, but her call made things a bit light.

I wasn’t given an ultimatum by the creed, but i knew, it was just a matter of days, before they start troubling me, in my usual studios manner, i went to school library, on my way back, at same derick avenue, i was stopped by some boys, they started harassing me, and mat to cart away with my belongings, (rob me) they succeeded in taking my phone, and a little amount of money that was left in my pocket.

Me: omo na so dem dey do something? I asked as they made to go, after succeeding at obtaining from me, but that was my mistake, one of them came back and landed a heavy blow on my face, and i dropped to the ground, groaning in pain as tears dropped from my eyes, i was still dazed in the euphoria of the painful punch, when i heard a thick but familiar voice saying.

Voice: Make una come back here! What? The three robbers turned back to the direction of the voice coming from behind me.

Robber 1: Na who you be? He didn’t respond, so they all charged towards him, and just like a snap of the fingers, he waved they off, they fell to the ground and started screaming and begging for forgiveness.

Voice: Na me be Potoki. Oya make una discharge. He said, today must be their lucky day, at the mention of the name they all scampered to safety as they ran away with broken limbs, potoki helped me up, and gave me back my phone and my money, but the money he gave to me was more than what they collected from me. I made to mention it, but he waved it off, telling me it was beating allowance. Since it wasalready getting late, he decide to accompany me home.

On our way, we had series of conversations, I wasn’t that scared of him anymore, he seem calm, when i askes him, how he knew i was in danger, he told me ‘‘that’s what brothers do, they watch each others back, Join the creeds Josh, and no one will ever bully you again, you will have access to any thing you want, including money and women. Because Joining the creed, commands great respect’’.

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Me: was that why you joined? I asked, i knew that question was foolish, but before i could stop it, it already out of my mouth, Potoki noticed my reaction after saying the word, he only placed a hand on my left shoulder, patting me and giving me a reassuring smile, which brought hope back to me.

Potoki: It was a cold night at Obode a long time ago, we were coming back from church, after a vigil, my parents were deep Pentecostal Christian, so they insist on we always attend every church activities, including all nights, so on our way back, we got attacked by armed robbers, and they made to collect our belongings, but My elder brother, who 7yrs older than me then, attempted to be a hero, he fought back at the robbers, because he didn’t want them to collect anything from us, in the process of doing that, he was already gaining an upper hand, when one of the robbers reached out to a loaded pistol, and shot him right dead, we all screamed and wailed, as we watched him drew his last breath, the robbers didn’t stop at that, they tired us bound, and made us watched as they slaughtered my brother like meat, with sharp cutlass and knife, blood spilled and everywhere, the stench smell, circulated around us i remained numbed for hours, even when the police came to pick the pieces remaining of body, and carried us home, my mother’s side of the story was worst, she died of shock after a few days, and this have left me with a paralyzed dad, who is now abroad taken treatment, i just hopes he survive for me he said as tears tricked down his face. I could tell his eyes were as red as an iron placed in a furnace, as he told his story, i was pricked too, i felt bad for him.

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Me: such a pathetic story you’ve got bro.

Potoki: I still remember how much my brother loved me, he was strong and brave, he was a member of the Nigerian Cadet, i still remember him in his paramilitary uniform, how he always mention he will soon enlist into the nigerian army, how he taught me many self defence move, oh Saye, he lamentes his brothers name. I regretted ever asking him that question, it really has open old wounds.

Me: Am sorry Potoki, I shouldn’t have asked. I said, after realising my mistake.

Potoki: it’s ok brother, ever since then, i vowed not to be defenseless again, and in a bid to honour my brother’s memory, i had accepted when Samba intorduced me to the creed. You are intelligent Josh, join the creed, you will have nothing to regret Like me the creed gave me life, when i had no mother again, i struggled to enter this school, with nothing, but now look i have my father, who was almost dying and decaying at the village taken abroad for treatment. He said firmly, as if he never told me about his family, every atom of grief, Brotherhood give liberation to the oppressed, we fight for the defenseless, and protect the good course of the black race, he said and all this pep talk captivated my interest he had left him, he patted me and walked away. I was just few steps to my door.

Inside my room i sat to think, as fascinating as potoki’s story was, it triggered my interest, I wasn’t giving it a second thought, if potoki could come to my rescue, when i was being attacked by robbers, then why can’t i join, and also help to protect other people, and thi was my mistake, what i failed to observe was that there was more to it, than meet the eye, if they weren’t in need of me, they simply would have not been protecting me, all this i failed to recognise, as i was making up my mind. not like i needed money from them, but i am doing it to be a voice to the less privileged (mumu) . I called Nelson and we gist, i told him about the robbery attack, which he was very sorry about I also told him about my interest in becoming a member of the creed, and just like the brothers we were, he told me he was gonna belong to what ever i belong. Undermining the risk involved, we both foolishly made a revolution, that we will join the group, to give hope to the depressed, and fight for our brothers.

The next day at school, i reached out to potoki, I made our interest known to him, he ushered me to Felix café, where ordered a bottle of gin, the waiter soon returned with the order, and he opened it, he brought out a stick and lighted it, before puffing the smoke out of his mouth and nostrils, he offered me a shot from the gin which i politely declined. It was right there i told him i have made a choice, i could tell he was anxious to hear what choice i made, i could read the excitement on his face when i told him i would belong, and with me friends also, he shaked me, this very handshake was a bit different, he hand my thumb, clutch with his, this was the creeds mode of shaking.


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