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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode23/24


Edge Of A Knife - Episode23
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

Filled with the rage of avenging my friend, I shuffled myself inside the waiting Hilux that was to convey us to the site, we had our plans laid out, boys were already there before hand, to keep an eye on the enemy, it was almost the 100th hour of the day, I smiled when I looked at my green vein, pulsating adrenaline through my fair skin, my heart beat increase just a little faster than it’s normal tempo, I gave a nod at Potoki, he smiled and drag down his cap to fully cover his face, a boy handled the wheel, Samba was in the other SUV, as Felix set the car in motion, a gospel song blare out of the stereo, it was a popular one by Nathaniel Basset – This God Is Too Good, I hummed along:
🎵🎶 I know a God who’s
Merciful and kind,
am the apple of his eye
The thought that fills his heart
Every morning noon
and night, he loved me
When I didn’t care and was
Patient till I came running back into his arm….

I will worship you forever love you forever because….

I kept on humming and filling the rhythm of the music, somehow the words of the songs touched my sinful heart, by now the vehicle was already on the highway. Just when Felix made to topple the gear, we had a flat tyre, it came with a loud noise, it would have been a normal thing for a car to get punctured at the middle of a road, but when I looked out of the window I noticed a pensive atmosphere amongst other road users, some started running away leaving their cars, there was pandemonium, I looked back to notice Samba’s car was no longer following, by now Felix has come down to check, potoki seem far away in thought, somehow he looked oblivious of what was going on around us, I gave a gentle tap.

Decoy!!!!!!!!!!!! Decoy!!!!!!!!! We heard the screaming sound of Felix voice, it was the fox, they were the ones that shot our car tyre to make it go flat, and in their mass number they showed up, made the other motorist to run away, they never wanted us to reach the site, they were to attack us on the only accessible road that led to the site, that was their plan, we didn’t see it coming, they played us in our own game, our back up were already at the site laying ambush, not knowing that our adversaries were going to attack from the way, I made to come out, by now gunshots were fired into the air, I beckon on Felix to come inside the car, potoki was now very alert, the sound of gunshots made him bring out our rifle he handed me my favorite Kalashnikova-47, he didn’t wait he burst out of the car with rage, I followed suit using the car as a shield, I yelled Felix name and ask him to come take cover with us and he did, we fired some shots at them, while they kept on spraying the other side of the cars with bullets, none of the impact was having any effect no men was dying, so I asked the guys to enter the car back, we shot every window in the car, with a punctured tyre, we set the car on motion, it rim scratch the tarred floor, I took out a sharp knife while Felix drove the car ZigZagly potoki watched as I made a small hole in the window that will let out my gun nozzle as we got closer I opened fire on them, and it hit them with surprise, most of their men dropped down, as my heart bite increased, at some point my rifle was empty, and the shooting spree seized, they didn’t stop, I made a refill, a shot meet Felix on his left arm, he yelp in pain, potoki hulled him out of the driver’s seat and took the wheel, he continued the ZigZag movement by now a police van was approaching, I was a little distracted but when I looked up, one of the boys outside, held out a bazooka, aimed at us and released two missile shots.

Watch Out!!!!!!! I screamed, but it was too late, the force hit the vehicle and it flew into the air blazing in flame I blacked out…………….

The Unfriendly Police Siren covered the atmosphere, Unpleasant smell of petrol filled the air too, I was compacted between car seats, I felt a body, it was Felix’s he was either dead or unconscious, I looked up to see Potoki’s hitched up against the steering wheel. The police were all over the car, I had cuts all over my body, they were gushing out blood. I knew I couldn’t afford to be arrested, I had to find a way of ditching the police me, that were trying to salvage the situation and look out for any survivor.

I silently forced the badly scattered car door open, in a way that i wouldn’t alert the police it gave way, but I didn’t know what to do, I was stalked in between, coming out to get arrested, and looking for an alternative on how to run away, an I dear soon crept in I pushed open the other door, and pushed out Felix body, it made sounds in such a way that they all ran and focuses their attention towards that direction, I quickly rolled out of the other side, and roll inside a gutter, I discovered I could not move my legs, but I couldn’t stay all in the gutter, so I started crawling on the stuffy smelling gutter, after crawling a reasonable distance for over 30mins, I manage to come out of the gutter, all stained in mud and smelly. Luckily for me there was an adjourning road, I crossed over with staggering steps, till I feel to my knees again, I crashed beside a fence.

Just when I started savouring the relief of escaping the police narrowly, I heard a voice over my head, I thought I was hallucinating, but no it was real.

Voice: Good boy, Hehehe!!! You will always come to daddy, it said sarcastically, made to look up, but a slap descended right on my bloody and muddy face. It was Oscar! The slap hurts I grind my teeth so hard.

Oscar: I would have shot you dead right now, but I can’t afford the police coming over here to see us, Plus I have something to show to you! He said, he snapped his fingers, and it was then that I noticed he was not alone, he had company, they must have been lurking around, to see what the police were going to do to anyone that came out of the car, and now I have walked into their very hands, I groan in pain as they used a hard rope to tie my body, before they dumped me on the back of a car Boot.

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Edge Of A Knife - Episode24
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

In my bizarre state, my mind traveled down memory lane, I discovered I never got the chance to call my family together, to let them know what has become of me, and this was one of the promise I made to myself the day Nelson died, What is wrong with me and unkept promise, I promised kemi that I wasn’t gonna die but look at me now, I am been trapped in the web of the enemy and awaiting slaughter, I don’t even know my fate. I also remembered promising Nelson mom on a revenge for her son who was like a brother to me, Oh dear Nelson it will be a little moment longer before I join you in the land of the great beyond, there we can continue our bond of friendship.

This were the thought that ran through my head as I sat straddles on a chair, with all my limbs tied like a goat awaiting slaughter the Foxes melted all their anger on me they did all manner of torture on my body, Load of slaps I couldn’t count, turned my fair bright cheek into a chunk of Reds, I felt the pain and wrath the angry Mob dealt me. After some time, one of the boy had asked one who seem to be the new Tiger (Replacement).
Boy: Baba abeg when aunty go come na? To lite this dude Just dey hungry me.

Tiger(Replacement): Boye calm down na nor be you go lite am na, na aunty get the Job, he replied and took out a stick, he lit it and puff the smokes right on my nose.
I was thirsty and lost in thought.
Me: Please can you give me water, I am very tasty I asked

Boye: My guy na die you wan die so na, just patient if you reach hell you go tell devil make e give you water, or you go like drink kai kai take shine eye?

I didn’t respond to his sarcasm, after his response I directed my thought to who the hell the Aunty they were talking about was, I didn’t imagine that apart from the Fox, no one else was interested in my life.

With the scars and injury I obtain from the accident and the gruesome drilling they were given to me, I broke, I fell unconscious.

I didn’t know how long I was knocked out, but a splash of water on my nubile body, brought me back to reality, my lip was sour and broken. The room was dark and hazy, I could not see clearly, I tried to get my eyes accustomed with the Obscurity of the room, and little by little the people I once thought were silhouettes became clearer and clearer in my head.

What??? Kemi!!!!!!!!!!

I screamed as I sighted her familiar figure holding out a gun to me, she stood by Oscar who was all smile.

Me: Baby what the hell are you doing here with a gun, I asked totally in shock and surprise
Kemi: Am sorry it’s the game! Sorry you have to die like this, but the thing is you trust too much Josh, I Love you she said in a mocking tone, But that love stop when you killed my father!

Me: What me kill your father?? I said still in shock

Kemi: Yes darling you the creeds were working with Mr Ajayi who was my fathers political opponent, and you succeeded in killing him, you did the Hit Joshua. She said as tears roll down her eyes.

Me: No No!!! Kemi wait there is a miss information, we did not take down the senator, not me kemi, why did you decide to take side with this psychopath? I said referring to Oscar who was busy displaying his immaculate dentition in mockery of my predicament.

Kemi: No no Joshua don’t make that mistake again even in your next life, he is not a Pschopath, he is my Boyfriend and lover, the word hit me like Asteroids falling from the sky to the earth with full velocity,

Me: WHAT??? is this a Joke if it is kemi please stop it, Oscar didn’t mind my outburst instead he came forward and planted a kiss right on her lips.

Ohhh My God I have been fooled I lamented inwardly.

Kemi: No Joshua it no Jokes, what you see going on right now, are sacrosanct and the out stretch of the arm of Justice. My Judgement are Sagacious she said. I am having my pound of fles…….

She made to say when I heard a shot, I expected it to be my last moment on earth and I closed my eyes to accept death as it comes, but after a few moment of tranquility, i was forced to open my eyes, and when I did, I saw oscar Lying down in the pool of his own blood, I could read the shock on kemi’s eyes, I was too The shooter soon Came to view and we saw Samba and the remaining guys they quickly bundle Kemi and took her away, for proper drilling.


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