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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode21/22


Edge Of A Knife - Episode21
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

The war between the strong always takes advantage of the weak and fibble, Nelson came to school that evening he brought a surprise along with him, it was a brand new car, Scøtt his elder brother in German bought it for him while he was still recuperating from his bullet wound, he was given the car, to aid his movement on campus, when he showed up at the mansion, the mansion was agog, the guys were happy he came in with a new car, drinks flowed different liquor where smeared on the cars body, all in the name of washing it, I hugged my buddy as he alighted from the car, it was Benz 350 saloon, so exotic was the car that when we rolled out with it the next morning, people around campus were marveled, they never expected a student to own such car, the glory of the white colour filled the air, people were pointing at us, I soon got down to attend class, while he drove to his own department, he was to pick me up later.

2pm that day I waited in front of my class for nelson arrival, if I had known, I would have ventured using my legs to walk and nelson drive back to the mansion alone, but hell the devil had plans for us, immediately he showed up, I opened the front door of the car, with my hand still on the knob, I made to enter, when a bullet flew by, the sound was loud, people scampered away for safety, I hurriedly entered and lock the door while nelson maneuver the wheel he was fast, but the shooters didn’t stop at missing a shot, the shot the tyres of the car before it moved, such that it gave a loud sound before deflating hell we were trapped, but none of us came down from the car, I looked in nelson eyes, he was scared as hell, so was I, I really didn’t know what to do neither was I with any weapon. It will be fine Nelson I assured, We must not die, we switched position on the car seat before the shooters could get any closer, and I stepped hard on the accelerator it moved the tyre-less car grinding the wheel rim on the hard ground, I looked back through the back windscreen to see the all black clothed men running towards the car, and Just at the peak of it, a white hilux appeared from behind some of the boy entered, while other kept on running with their legs, they were getting closer, and my effort of moving the car any further was futile, it began to slow down, as the close in fast, I stepped hard on the break and pulled the gear backwards, I heard nelson breathing hard and muttering words of prayers, my action made the car stopped at once, the guys following didn’t see it coming, they all rammed into the car, the impact was intense some of the fell to the ground, why others flew up high into the air I opened the car and Nelson did same, beside the car guy with gun was groaning on the floor, he was injured from the car impact, I took the gun from his hands forcefully and ran towards nelson.

Go go go go!!!! I yelled, releasing some blind shots towards the direction of the car, the guys at the back came forward too, while the hilux stopped the shot at us, some continued running after us I made some shot still running, it brought down two guys, just as I made to look forward right there was Tiger he had a submachine gun with him two boys followed him, he shoots carelessly, nelson was the victim he screams in shrill voice, Immediately my brain picked his sharp voice, I knew it has happened, Tiger didn’t stop shooting, and I ducked rolled into an adjoining road, I watch helplessly as nelson used his rigid body to block the bullets from getting to me, and before the word Jack he dropped down dead shift this was killing, there was no need running again, Nelson was dead, I must follow him, I came out from where I had run to and squat down to nurse him.

Nelson: Josh please Go, don’t die, let me live on through you he said, I was expecting Tiger to shoot me, but the shooting has stopped drastically, everywhere was silent, I and the almost dying Nelson were left in our own world Tiger came closer and closer.

Me: No nelson I want to die with you. I said

Nelson No-Pl-ea-se Go-Bro-th….. I said with his last breath.

Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I said and it was followed with a heavy kick on my face, it brought me sprawling on the ground
Shit I said and stood up to my feet at once, I made to charged towards Tiger, but two legs with swift kicks dropped me back to the ground, and I groan.

Tiger: (Laughing Wickedly) Oh you wanna die with him? Well not so soon Josh, Oscar wanna have a few words with you, before we send you to hell and also wipe out the Creeds.

Me: F--k you Tiger F--k you!! I yelled spitting put blood.

Tiger: Just the way you F--k your B---h? What is her name? He asked sarcastically Oh Kemi Hahaha I guess the boss will be the one to continue F-----g her once you are dead he said with a smirk.

Me: Don’t you dare touch her! I yelled

Tiger: Well that’s not for you to decide, he said he wanted to say more, but his speech was cut short by blood gushing out of his mouth, and I knew at once that the creeds were here. Well I wasn’t elevated by their arrival to rescue me I just wanted to die along my buddy Dear Nelson! Tiger dropped dead to the ground, Tie him up!! He said with his last breath, but no one obeyed his command, because Potoki was bringing them down with his gun, while the rest Creed members also engaged, I tried to stand up, but my legs were so weak, Potoki came up to me. He helped me up, and told me he was sorry about Nelson’s death, this brought tears to my eyes. I am sorry I said over Nelson’s corpse, I dragged you into all this.

What will I tell his mom!? She was a good woman, she didn’t deserve to lose a son, God save me!
When we returned to the mansion, the guys commiserate with me, I was devastated I called Kemi she picked up, I knew she was the only one that could calm me, she did a good Job, and told me sorry for my loss, but no amount of sorry would bring him back, I requested of Samba that Nelson should be taken home to her mom, and not given the usually Creed burial, he concurred, and when he did, he sprinkled Gin on his body, and asked that he be taken away.
I called his mom and told her of what’s become of her son, this time I didn’t lie to her, I told her her son became a cultist in school, I told her how I have influenced him, she was sore and grieved she said harsh words to me, but it didn’t hurt compared to his death. I delivered the corpse to the family Mansion, I met his mom in a devastating state, we help her take the corpse of my beloved friend and brother, into the living room, she looked at me in bloodshot eyes, and as we made to go I was at the door when she called me back.

Nelson’s Mom: Joshua!! He told me, she said.

Me: Told you what ma?

Nelson’s Mom: He told me everything and how you joined how you were threatened, how you guys never saw anything bad in it after you became a member, how he began to regret his decision, the moment the killing spree started, she said and ran to me and hugged me, Potoki who stood by me bowed His head, I could tell he was sad too, because he was the one that blended us into confra, so he had a hand in Nelson’s death, the actions of Nelson’s poor mother pricked his heart, and he had no choice than to bow in shame. I love you as a son Joshua, she said, please avenge my son, she said and her tears increased. The woman deserved better, She’s lost a husband before, and now a son.

Edge Of A Knife - Episode22
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

The News of Tiger’s death hit Oscar like the force of a tornado, he clenched his fist so hard, he sighted a glass containing strong wine, and held on to it, before smashing it right on the war opposite him
Noooooooo he yell, as his brain tried to go over the information again, assimilating the fact that his best man was gone was a hard thing to do, his thoughts traveled down memory lane, he remembered how cheerful Ademola was Ademola was his real name he was given the name Tiger, by the Fox men, He remembered how they met, how he had come for his clearance the same day as Ademola, they stood for hours on queue, which was a usually long one He had been pressed as at 1:45pm when it was almost his turn, and made to go ease himself, on his return, he noticed that his line was filled in by another guy, he didn’t want to make trouble, so he politely told him that he was the one occupying the place, the guy had been resilient at first, when Ademola bump in the conversation, he too claimed that Oscar had occupied there before going out, the guy picked up a fight, he wasn’t a fresher though, he was a gang man, who has come to look out for fresher to recruit to their gang, he wasn’t alone either, when the fight became intense, with Oscar dealing him a great blow, the others showed up, and they dealt with him mercilessly, Ademola saw this, and Joined Oscar in the fight, but instead of the fight to stop, it escalated to something else the goons started bringing out weapons, and the other students who has since scattered from their lines, scampered away for safety, including the school authorities conducting the clearance, as they ran away, Oscar saw this as an opportunity, he signaled for Ademola, and they both ran away, mixing up with the crowd in pandemonium.

Ever since that day, a bond grew between the two, and they became inseparable.

When he had Joined cult, he had mentioned for Tiger to Join too,
And he gave in Just as Nelson did with Joshua.

And now his buddy was no more, he could remember how many time Tiger had saved him.

Why Why do you have to leave me Ademola?

He asked the dead corpse, gripping its blood soaked shirt.
Kemi Rushed down to the mansion you see how bizarre Oscar looked, the loss was telling on him.

Oscar: Kemisola Look what your lover boy’s goon’s done to us. He shrieked and she was moved
Tears pour down her face, she actually like the dead tiger, he was a gentle soul.

Kemi: Do as it please you, bring those monsters to Justice My love, she said weeping.

That night, the mansion was as calm as hell, it was like the death of Nelson, took away the blooming activities in house away, and installed tranquillity and decorum, Everyone was in his bunk, I laid to think, I was filled with guilt, I brought this upon us. In my solemn solitude, I reasoned that one day it will be me laying just stiff and dead like Nelson is right now. I resolve within myself to do things right and to avenge my friend and brother, no matter the cost, I could be dead in no time, the way of the confra is unpredictable, no one knoweth the hour at which he dieth (dies).

I also did considered making things right with my mom, and bringing the whole family to the notice, that I wasn’t their usual good boy anymore.

Even if they dad and Cathy are going to be disappointed Just like mum is right now, I have to let them know, thank heaven dad was getting better.

The mission I embark in bringing Justice to my friend was a deadly one, I could die on the way, but something must be done.

I was still deep in thought, when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder, it was potoki.

I was startled at first, but relaxed when I noticed it was him.

He was looking a bit off , and a real shadow of himself.

Potoki: what’s up man how you holding up? He asked in a cold baritone voice.

Me: not good, I replied straight.
Potoki: Yeah I can see for sure, you mind? He asked handing out a stick, I accepted and he brought out a lighter, and also brought one out for himself.

He lit and passed the lighter to me while I lighted and puff out smoke.

They were relieving, as they had a way of clearing my head after continuous drags, and puffing, he too was doing the same, and silence lingered.

Potoki: Your man, how long did you know each other?

Me: His whole life.

Potoki: I see, and that is well elaborated with the guilt and pain in your eyes.

I am very sorry I am a major factor behind what’s become of the both of you today. As he said this, tears trickle down my face.

I could tell he was acting under the effects of Nelson mother’s word, the words of the woman must have touched him real bad.
Me: It’s ok man all that is in the past now, we chose who we want to become in this world I said.

Potoki: Are you cool with me?
Me: Yes

Potoki: Then let me join your revenge mission. He said and I welcomed him with open hands.
Just locked in our own world of embrace, the came a sharp knock, I went for the door, it was Samba.
He came in with a letter, the letter was smeared in blood, it read:


The letter was Signed in the Fox name
♠♠♠♠♠♠Flame Fox.


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