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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode20


Edge Of A Knife - Episode20
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

It is a very popular adage in the Pidgin content of English that If you are inquisitive to learn you will hardly make mistakes. The dilemma which kemi was faced with didn’t give her the chance to find the root of all that’s happened, she held on to it in her heart that Joshua was the one behind her father’s death, Just as Oscar had brainwashed her, she was susceptible to all his suggestion, because of her quest for vengeance. She led a solo life, apart from having two confra guys as lovers, she was definitely an introvert, she wasn’t boring either like most introverts, but she does not like to keep friends, if she had, maybe one of them would have suggested to her for her to hear from the horses mouth.

I was surfing a site that evening, when kemi call came in, she wanted to know where I was, and I told her I was at the mansion, she told me she was missing me, and wanted us to hangout in her apartment tomorrow, I had offered for her to come over to the mansion, but she declined and I gave in promising to show up the next day. Our war with the Fox was now on a very lowkey, after the massive blow we dealt to the Fox, Just like every confra clash, there was no more Clashes, activities in school came back to normal, I knew the Fox were cooking something, so I never stayed off guard, I attended kemi’s father’s funeral, she had called me one evening to tell me that her father was killed by unknown gunmen, I was surprised, I tried my best in the consolation feat, and told her soothing words, during this period our love affair blossomed, I kept on loving her as the minutes passed by, just the same way she did me, every hour saw us on sweet phone session, I made her totally forgot about her father’s death, till the funeral day, she throwed herself to the ground in hot tear, she was a bit off, with me, she acted strange like she was mad at me, I only reasoned it as the toll her oldman’s death was taking on her. The next day after class, oh are you surprised? Well that was my first day in class after the war, the moment I showed up in class, every activity stop, just like the time freezes, everyone stopped what they were doing to watch me as I walk up to my seat, I could tell what was on their mind, it was that they were scared at my presence, and also scared that there might also be another attack that will make them start jumping out of the windows and any other available exit in the class, well I didn’t send anybody, they continued what they were doing before I came in not without making lewd comments, which I didn’t bother about, Then the Professor was not around, so I brought out my ear phone to listen to music, My favorite was playing It was.

Reekado Bankz – Rora
As the music played on, It got to my favorite part And I sang along-

Give you face
In addition to bum-bum…..
I nor go lie your body
Just after the class I got a call from Nelson, he was coming back to school that evening, good riddance!!! I was glad my buddy will be back soon. When I got to the mansion I told potoki I was off to see someone, he said I should be safe, and I left.

When I got to kemi’s apartment, I gave a timid knock on her door, she came to open it for me, she too was just coming back from Lectures, Immediately I stepped my feet into the room, she was all over me, I could tell the love has taken over her head, this girl was mine f--k who ever her other boyfriend is he, I thought to myself we discussed at length talking about different things inclyding her father’s burial, the war at school, she admonish me to stay safe, soon she placed her legs on my laps and started using her big toe to draw circles on my lap, the thing was having it’s effect on me the testosterone needed no one to tell them what to do, the caused a blood rush that made my d*ck rock hard, trying to force itself off my fly she looked at me sexily, she notice how rock hard I was, and she came up to me, straddles my waist, and we engaged in a kiss session she fondle my fair skin, and hump on my d*ck, while I fondle her boobs through her cloth, we did had fun, after some time, she laid s-------d on my waist like she was giving cowgirl, while I laid flat on the sofa. And she spoke up.

Kemi: You know baby, I love you so much, and I really don’t want anything to happen to you, why don’t we run away from this school to somewhere safe abroad, because I fear with the rate at which these cult groups The Fox, the Creeds, I fear that one day you might get killed, you know after my dad you are the only one have got. She said stating her fears.

Me: No babe not now running away now will seem like the display of cowardice to our enemies, I said

Kemi: Please don’t Die josh let’s run, away now that the air is clear.

Me: Fine bae, we live after the war ends, I must make sure I watch the end of the fox, they have done more hard to us, it’s our turn to finish them off once and for all.

Kemi: You sound so sure that you will survive this, she said moodily.

Me: Yes babe, the creed’s got the master plan, taking out the Fox won’t be a problem, we are just waiting for the right time to strike.

Kemi: Oh I see babe, but I insist we leave.

Me: Common bae I Just told you we have a plan, and once it works out it means the end of the Foxes, then I can follow you to anywhere you want to in the world.

Kemi: Mind Sharing, she asked with some enthusiasm which I noticed.

Me: no not at all baby, but you have to tell me why you said I was all you’ve got after your father, I thought you said you had another guy who was a student in another school. I asked inquisitively

Kemi: Yes bae I do, but the Fool broke up with me, weeks ago, for a very unclear reason, before my daddy’s death, so when the news of Daddy came to me too, I was so heart broken.

Me: Oh dear, it fine, you will be alright now you’ve got me, I said to her assuringly and she clung to me all smile

Kemi: Awwn sweet boy she said. We discussed some more, and I told her some of the plans the creeds were making towards bring down the Fox, They were supposed to be a secret, but I felt it was safe with her.

Hehehe Josh ya playing under the Edge of a knife.


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