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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode2


Edge Of A Knife - Episode2
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

The next day being saturday, I woke up with slight pain, surging through my head, and a little hangover, from the party, i knew it was the effect of the ciroc liquor i took, even when i didn’t drink much, every little content of alcohol, always had it’s effect on me. After muttering a little prayer, of appreciation, for the gift of a new day, i pick up my phone, to browsed through, and i saw i had three missed calls, 1 from mom, and 2 from an unsaved number, i knew for sure the strange number was Martha’s own, because i remembered giving her my number, and she promised to give me a call, well i dailed mum’s number first, and she picked up.

Mom: Omomi, How are you na?

Me: am fine mama, how about you and dad?

Mom: we are fine, i called to check up on you yesterday, but you didn’t pick up?

Me: Yea i wasn’t there to answer the phone.

Mom: It’s ok take care of yourself. Huh!? Just like that? This woman self, why she nor just fit tell me, I will credit your acct soon, i won’t say anything sha,

Me: Thank you bye. I could hear the rattling of plates, from the background, and i could tell she was in the kitchen, wetin this woman dey cook self, i don miss her food oh, i wanted to say but no need, my phone even buzz up, for and incoming call, i checked the ID, it was the same unsaved number, and i picked up.

Me: Hello!

Voice: Hey Joshua, it’s me Martha, she called in a fascinating sharp voice, that wasn’t different from the one i heard at the party yesterday.

Me: oh what’s up Martha?

Martha: Am good, you?

Me: am ok, so what’s cooking?

Martha: Nothing oo i just called to check up on you, ah ah! Check up on me again, what is really wrong with me that every one is checking up on me? Even mom said the same thing Just now.

Me: oh thanks, thoughtful of you dear.

Martha: so where you hanging out tonight? Heeyyii see gobe, me that don’t even like party self ya asking me for hangout,?

Me: no where exactly, Just chill at home and read,

Martha: ok, but it’s kind of boring.
Me yep, but i like it that way, i sounded cool, i don’t want it to sound aggressive, because the this funny me, if reading was to bore me, is it her boring self?.

Martha: ok na should i come over?

Me: no dear, maybe next time, goodbye, i said, I just had to rush the conversation and end it,because the truth is i wasn’t prepared to accept that request, on a normal day i would have agreed, wholeheartedly, but not today, today that my room wasn’t in place, i had clothes i have not wash, so let her just chill first.

Martha: ok, she said and hang up, i couldn’t tell if she was cool or mad, with they way i ended up the unproductive conversation, but whatever sha, sometime you just have to act ‘randomly mad’ to show you are not that cheap (na so my life be oo) , we really have to slow down, how can i just meet a girl yesterday, and today she’s with me in my room, i still had to show some decency, even though we kissed yesterday, i can blame that on we were just being carried away.

I soon tidy my room, and did the laundry, and i went out to meet Nelson, at 3pm that day, he escorted me back to my place, after we has fun playing games on his PlayStation 4, and we also ate the over salty noodles he cooked, i must confess this boy nor know how to cook, he will make a very terrible husband material. As we were returning back to my place, there was this guy that stopped us halfway through, on one of the not too busy streets of Derick avenue, From his very look, you could tell he was a typical example of the word ‘rugged’, but with swag, he had on a sag trouser on his waist, that was torn on different part, with it shred designing the trouser to what is popularly know as ‘rugged Jeans’, A couple of chains were seen around his neck, he had some cheap tattooes running through his both hands, that was visible, because he was only putting on a singlet that had a hood. From the mixed colours of his lips, i could tell he smokes too, if rugged really had a face, it was this very guy standing right before us, though i didn’t know who he was yet, but his contenance alone sank fear into us.

Guy: Na who be Joshua for here? He voice was thick, and it made us scared, i can’t say for Nelson, but as for me i was scared.

Me: I am Joshua, i said fidgeting on my words. The look on Nelson’s face simply define the word ‘Fear’. Because we were cool guys, that don’t involve ourselves, on things that were rash, so i wonder what must have done, that is making this guy looking for Joshua.

Guy: Correct Guy, he said smiling, revealing a set of dark brown teeth, that must have suffered from too much weed. “D’ Baba say make you report”. He continued his statement, Na me be “Potoki”, he said to me, the name rang a bell, and i and Nelson cast a glance at each other simultaneously.

Me: Oh potoki you are welcome, so how can we help you? I said foolishly because i didn’t know the right word to answer, and from the reaction on his face i could tell i made a very big mistake.

Potoki: Say what??? Na me you dey yarn that one? I dey say D’Baba say make you report, you dey ask me how you wan take help me? He shrieked, and i could tell he was provoked, and this compounded my fear, including Nelson, who had since gone numb, the look on nelson’s face was like someone who had seen a ghost, at the mention of the name POTOKI. Well no lele sha, as e dey be now, make una two kneel down. D--n, we had to obey, he said and we had no choice than to kneel down on the floor, like erring children begging their parents for forgiveness. We were lucky, it was a lonely street, and nobody was passing by, to see us kneeling down, i felt humiliated, on the other hand, it would have been better if people were around, because this gut might Just end up killing us here, without nobody knowing the cause of our death.

Nelson: sorry sir, please tell us to get up. The innocent boy pleaded.

Potoki: Jew man you fit dey go oh, he said to nelson, but you wey be chosen one, you go follow me go carbal. He said patting me on my shoulders, in my kneeling posture.

Nelson: what?? but i can’t leave my friend na, he defended. And potoki wastes no time in bringing out his clean pistol, and this frightened Nelson’s small life that was remaining, i think he felt we were underestimating him. So he had to use action

Potoki: you go commot or not? He said facing him with the gun.

Nelson: yes sir i will, he said with both hands up.

Potoki: oya run loss, he said and nelson made to run, but he called him back, after he must have made a few feets on his heel, and said to him, “if i dey yarn you, no dey speak English again! Because Potoki nor dey hear English for afternoon” you dey hear me, he asked drawning his ear, before ordering him to run, while I watched in awe still kneeling, as if incapacitated by the whole scenario. ‘Now you wey be bukuru, follow me, he said tucking back his gun, i just stood up from my kneels and followed obediently, like a sheep, following it’s shepherd, the word “chosen one” was still ringing in my ear, i really didn’t know what he meant by that.

Potoki is a Popular member of the Creeds cult, he was infamous, for his activities with the group, all students in the school actually revere him just as much as they do feared the cult itself, reason being why is that potoki, was behind all the major hits, the group has ever done, News about their activities, and how they operate, were very conversant among students in the school, creeds cult hold credits to most heinous crime and top profile death that ever took place in the history of that school, the moment he mentioned ‘potoki’, i knew we were in deep shit, everybody knows the name, but only few people have gotten the opportunity of seeing him he was like a ghost, he was popularly referred to as the ‘‘angel of death’’ by students, because of the countless number of people he has sentenced to the death. He was the major hit man of the squad, and they chosed to name him potoki, which when broken down meant ”point to kill”. though he wasn’t the number 1 neither was he the number 2, but he was being revered by all, he kills like a death spree machine, and whenever he does, he write his name close to the victim, with the victims blood, just so he could be feared and respected.

Brutality is the only word that can be use to describe the creeds cult, though they had many rivals which they had subdued, but there was another group, who was as brutal as the creed, they called themselves the Flame Fox, but just as the saying goes, no two captain masters a boat, if they do the boat will capsize, because both of them will want to display their level of superiority, over the other, thereby causing confusion. Well all this gist about the fraternities in school, i was brushed up with by my friends, the once i made recently The told me everything about the cult groups, But here i am now, following the so much talked about Potoki. And i don’t even know where he was taking me to, oh i remember he said ‘Carbal’.


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