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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode17


Edge Of A Knife - Episode17
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

If Prix hadn’t showed up, we had right be dead by now, for once I was grateful, I didn’t like the fact that we were left at the mercy of that foolish Oscar.

Prix hadn’t come to stay, he had made it known to us that he has been watching our every move, and knew when the creed needed help, right from the death of D’baba, he was to leave the next night, even with Barca’s death, Prix wasn’t free, Barca’s boys would hunt him down.

Samba was obsessed with the fact that we had a mole in our midst that sold us out to the Fox, because our approach on getting Oscar before was a masterpiece only an insider knew, and did tell them. Prix made it known to samba, that fishing out the mole, was a task he had to carry out carefully by himself, he also advised that most of our plans should be deliberated by the inner circus, and executed by the other members, because he that term the mole might be among those junior boys, of which we concurred.

The next day, Prix and his boys filed out the mansion, as they embarked on their journey back to Somalia.

Oscar: Time to hit boys, the old rogue, just left base, Oscar beckoned to his boys at ambush point. And they stayed alert, just the same way he alerted the sniper, and he too surveyed, they waited patiently for them to come to sight, the fox had blocked the two way that led out of the city, but Prix chose to follow they very road, where Oscar awaited him, the sniper above Oscar’s head, sighted the Range Rover, cruising at it pace so slow, and totally unaware of what awaited it, and as he got close to the designated point where the sniper could take a clean shot, a bullet flew out of the rifle, pierced through the car glass, and drove right into Prix breast, and deeply into his heart, blood gushed out. The boy who handled the wheel of the Rover, became alert at once, he notified the other guys that were in the van at the back by now, Prix Was Dead. Oh no boss please stay with me!!! He cried, but he was long gone, just as the boys came down from their van to meet their boss, Oscar and his boys surfaced, and they engaged Prix boys in a gunfight, the shootout was tensed, but Oscar was having an upper hand, with his boys more in number, to worsen the whole issue, Tiger and the other boys who went to block the other road, soon came to join Oscar and in a matter of seconds, the whole Prix boys were all wiped out, and before the police came, Oscar and his boys has scampered away.

The police only came to meet dead bodies littering the floor, at different strategic places, one of the bodies head was missing, it was Prix head. Oscar wanted to use it to send a message to Samba.
This war had been on the low key, it was cold, now was the time to show to everyone that the creed rules we are sorry you died for our course Old Prix, samba acknowledged, but he was pained, he weep when he laid hold of Prix dismembered head.

He assembled us, we sat and watch him page in rage, every member was present, he talked about betrayal, but then we noticed Eric was absent.

Samba: where is Eric? He noticed he was not in the meeting, and just as he made further enquiries about his way about, the Snitch walked in.

Eric: sorry I missed boss, I went out to buy airtime, he said as he noticed we all stared at him when he came in

Samba: were you around when Prix head was delivered?

Eric: what? Prix what? He said feigning shock

Samba: You heard me Prix, let’s have a look at your phone.

Though I didn’t buy this idea of samba’s approach at first, as it seems like he was suspecting Eric to be the Judas in our midst, but it paid out well when Eric argued.

Eric: No Samba, you can’t check my phone, it’s my privacy, he replied, by now everyone was watching how the drama would unfold. The order came again, but Eric insisted, and Samba asked two boys to hold him down, and get a hold of his phone, which they did, but the phone was locked, they took his index finger while he groaned and yelled, and placed it at the fingerprint sensor, and soon it gave way opening directly to his call log, Samba read out his last dial, it was Oscar! As much as we hated for it not to be the Oscar we all think, unfortunately he was the one, as Samba dial the number, and place the phone on speaker, Oscar voice came to life after a few ring with his fake American accent.

Oscar: Waddup Eric man? But there was silence from our end, he was smart, he coded at once.
Eric got busted, he said over the phone, we done Eric thanks for letting me use you a little bit. The Fox always win, he said hanging up.

Samba: Holyshit!!!!!!!!! He yelled as he smashed the phone on the ground and brought out his gun, before Eric could say a word, the bullets from the gun pierced through his thick melanin skin, and he breathed his last breath.

At Kemi’s Apartment

She sat watching Opera on her HD TV, when she heard a rattle, and before she could say Jack, Oscar stood right behind her.

Kemi: This is no more fun Oscar not after you almost killed me just to get information off me, get out of my house, she screamed into the night, but he didn’t flinch, I said get out, she said again, she it seems he wasn’t moved by her actions.

Oscar: Are u done screaming my love?

Kemi: I am not your love, you almost killed me Oscar, you constrained me, and had me gagged like I was some sort of criminal.

Oscar: Kemisola I am sorry he said, and it had a way with her, she became calm, she just stared at his eyes, forgetting all the shit he’s ever done to her.

Kemi: What did you do to me, as much as I love to hate you for what you did to me that day, I can’t see myself doing that, she said.

Oscar: it’s fine kemi, I had to do what has to be done.

Kemi: I love you Oscar don’t hurt me again please, she pleaded.
Oscar: I won’t My love, I love u too.


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