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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode16


Edge Of A Knife - Episode16
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

We were all rounded up, and stared hopelessly at each other, my mum kept on pleading with Oscar not to hurt her son, but the the boys hushed her down and threatened to waste her if any more words comes out from her mouth, and at once she shut up.
Oscar: The good boy’s gone bad, I warned u not to play smart over the phone but you never listened, you guys planned to take me unaware, but have got everything covered, He said grinning.

Me: Please Oscar let my mom go I begged, as I stared hopelessly, with hands raised up, I looked at Potoki and Samba there was an hopeless look on their face too, my mom’s own was of surprise, she wonder how I got myself to know such people who deal with guns, and I could tell.

Oscar: No I am sorry the poor woman has to die along her son, and they two fools, he said gesturing at Potoki and Samba, Samba made to charge forward, but a force cleared his two legs off the ground, As I was saying before that rude interruption, Oscar continued his speech, I knew that the creed won’t be so stupid to agree to come meet me without a back up plan, but surprisingly you were the back up plan, haha how funny, he laughed. Have got eyes Josh, and I knew you were gonna be up there with a sniper.

Voice: Whoa You’ve got eyes, but I am very sure you didn’t see this coming, the voice said and we were all taken a back. We all turn our heads to see who was talking well it was one cool guy, with long dreadlocks, he came with a lot of company, guys who were real death machine. I didn’t know him, But Potoki and Samba recognized him as Prix
What!!! Prix!!! They both scream in awe!

Prix: Yea boys Same old me he said grinning, now where was I, oh Oscar! Put the gun down and let the woman go! by now, all Oscar’s boys were all surrounded too, and just as he said that, Oscar did put the gun down, Oh F--k!!! He yelled in disappointment.
Now the boys, Prix commanded and Oscar signaled them to drop their gun.
Back off he commanded and they did, walking away dejectedly.

Oscar: This isn’t over Prix, I just hate the fact that this dough bags always get free, anytime I am close to catching them, you might be their rescue today but not next time he boasted, releasing few shot into the air, followed by his boys.

My mom ran to me, and hugged me, but just as she did, she disengaged at once

Mom: Joshua You are a Cultist. She said and I could notice disappointment in her gut

Me: Am sorry mom, I said dejectedly

Mom: But why, she asked, but I couldn’t find the right word, to reply her, she only shook her head, Prix was felicitating with the two, while I was lost in dialogue with my mom, soon we fixed her in a car that was to drop her home, she insisted I followed her but I told her I would see her tomorrow, I told her to call Cathy that the same people attacked dad too and he is critically injured, she broke down in tears weeping for my sake. I hate it when she does.
After she was gone, I mixed up with the guys, still at the victory site, soon we filed into the SUV that brought us, while Prix and his goons, to another Rover, and van, it was a Convoy that led to the mansion.

At the mansion, our outcome was been deliberated among us, some seem to know Prix while others were just numb, but we were asked to regard him, in respect which we did.

Though I had many questions to ask, but I had to wait till the general meeting was over, then the 5 of us, assembled at Samba’s Bunk Me, Eric, Potoki, Prix and Samba.

Samba took the air, he started by thanking Prix for the save once again, before he made and orientation about him, he was a long time buddy, with Rhico and D’baba, but has been on the hide, ever since Rhico’s death. Eric knew about him, because he always came over to visit while D’baba was still alive, I was the only greenhorn among the five, even though I was number 3 there were a lot of things I didn’t know, even in the confra way, they were still very new to me. Prix has done drug deal and many contracts with the Creed there was a deal that almost took his life, and that has sent him hiding for months, even when he heard about Rhico’s death, he couldn’t grace his funeral, because he was still at large, and the Cartel he duped was still looking for him.

Now that he was dead Prix has come out of hiding.
We made plans that night, and went to bed, that night I called to check if mom got home safe, which she attested to, but not without asking about my safety, Cathy called me to tell me mom’s back, I was just thankful.
Kemi my sweet crush and f--k-partner also called me, she said she heard about a duel between the Fox and Creeds, and she was calling to check up on me if I was fine, which I was, we ended the call romantic, with her blowing me kisses, and telling me how much she loved me.
Gosh!!! I love this girl oh F--k that her boyfriend I will date her, I thought.


Oscar: F--k you Eric F--k you man, Prix is around.

Eric: I never knew he would be show up man, the sniper was the only plan the creed had as back up buddy.

Oscar: it’s fine Eric, just alert me on anything new, we need to get that Old Fool outta the picture.

Eric: Prix said Barca was dead, so he had to come out of his hiding place at Somalia.

Oscar: whoa, that’s straight up, catch you later Eric, me and my guys are planning something big for the creed. He said and hang up


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