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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode15


Edge Of A Knife - Episode15
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

As we reached the mansion, I decided to switch on my phone, and when I did, I saw some text messages and they were all from Cathy, they express distress, she was worried about me especially when I hung up on her and switched my phone off, I decided to clear the air and give her the impression that all was well , so I called her I noticed she heave a sigh of relief she warned me never to hang up on her like that again, owning to the fact of the situation on ground, which I was sorry about, and then she told me Dad just woke up, and he asked after me. I was gladdened by the news. I asked her if she’s got any news from mom and her captors, and then she broke down to tears, it was very much like I opened an old wound.

Me: it will be fine Cathy, stay strong mum will come to us, I assured.

Cathy: are you sure about that Joshua, we have heard any news from them. We don’t know if she is still alive, she said confirming her fear.

Me: Common Cathy stop talking like that, mum is gonna be fine I assure you.

Cathy: OK but I have informed the police already, they said they were going to look into it but I ain’t sure of them. Am scared right now, Josh where are you she finally asked.

Me: Don’t worry about me Cathy I will be fine, I am focusing on getting mom.

Cathy: how will you do that?

Me: I have got some friends, they will help me out. Stay close to dad Cathy, tell him I will come see him tomorrow, and be safe too. I love you, I said to the line, and dropped.

After the call, I noticed a deafening silent lingering in the house, so I head out, the boys has been assembled, as I entered.
Samba: done with your call, he said to me.

Me: yes Samba.

Samba: OK we are very sorry about your parent, Potoki just told me about it and Oscar’s involvement too and also about your little road encounter. As he said all this, I only nodded for an answer.

‘‘Concerning the old rogue road we’ve got a plan, potoki will lead you on it Josh, we must get your mom back to safety, and under protection until all this is over, and for your dad and sister, two boys have been sent to keep eyes on them. So you have nothing to worry about’’. He said as he dismissed the boys, and returned to his bunker.

Potoki came across and we discussed, he told me of the plan they made while I was still on the call with Cathy. After that head made to leave but I called him back.

Me: ain’t you gonna tell me about the old rogue way?

Potoki: hmm Josh, it’s quite an epic. The old rogue way, was were Oscar found his girlfriend, I really have forgotten her name, because it was a long time ago, but all I know is that she was very pretty.

Me: so what does that have to do with us if it’s all about where he found his girl?

Potoki: There was a time when I and samba use to stroll around campus, then he newly blended me to the creeds group, there was this fondness he shared with me, he likes me so much, and always wanted me around him, so on this particular day, we took a stroll round school, samba was exceptionally h---y, he had told me that after the walk, he would branch into one of the w---e’s (prostitute) camp to ease his urge, we joke about it, and just as we were still on the topic, a pretty girl walked past us, we were fascinated by her beauty, and at once Samba went for the kill, he told me he was going to have his way with her, either by hook or crook, just as he did say, he called out to her, and she stopped right on her track, so we had walk up to her, and samba introduced himself to her, and soon the started talking in hush tone, while a took a few step away from them, I could notice some resistance from the girl as I watched, but samba brought out his pistol and threatened her with it, and at once she complied, the Rogue road was empty at that time of the day, because it was dust, so he took her straight to an uncompleted building, with her on the front, and samba walking behind her with a gun pointed at her back close to her hip samba signaled me to be on the look out, which I concurred to, I was on the look out for the rape when my first encounter with Oscar surfaced, he came out from no where, and brushed past me to rescue the girl, I made to interrupt him as he went further into the uncompleted building, but a swift hard punch to my face, knocked me out. He went further to the house, and met samba tearing her clothes apart, and at verge of forcefully inserting Hus d*ck inside her, as she kept on wriggling, a quick push from Oscar took samba unaware, but he stood up immediately, and they both engaged in a duel, while the girl scampered for safety, using her hands and pieces of the torn clothes to cover her nakedness. Samba was having the top hand, he dealt with Oscar real hard, by now I have woken up from the knock out, to go see what was happening inside the house. The fought on real hard, and unknown to us, the girl surprised us by coming out from no where with a plank, which he hit on samba who was gaining the upper hand on her rescuer d--n just at the light of this, Oscar use that as an advantage to run away with the girl, while I made to run pursue them, I heard Samba’s voice, calling out for help as blood was already gushing out from his nose. I helped him up and we came back to the mansion. It was then Samba told me that that was Oscar of the Fox, when we reported to D’baba, he was so pissed at our action, but it didn’t last Long, he forgive us, so that was my little history with the Fox king letter news went on that Oscar was dating a girl he rescued from a rape scene, but it died after Oscar traveled.

Me: That was pathetic, I said to Potoki, so he wants you guys to come there tomorrow to end it!?
Potoki: yea I think, but we must be very careful with our plans and execute it perfectly, Oscar is not to be joked with, he is very deadly at least you can attest to that, with what he has done to you parents, and the little road escapade we encountered, I had many other encounters with him, but he was just took quick to escape, but not this time Josh we will finish him up.

The next day at 9am I went to the hospital to visit dad, he was a bit better now, but still miserable, we had a little chat he asked about school, oops was I even a student? With all that’s happened I can’t tell if I was a student anymore or a full time confra man. I can’t even remember that last time I attended class. But not to raise suspicion I told the old man that school was fine, as I stayed a bit in the ward, Cathy had gone home to make some food for Dad, and all of a sudden, dad surprised me with a question.

Dad: Where is my wife? I haven’t seen her around since. D--n! This was a critical position I was in, I really have to cook up something to tell him, just to calm him, I couldn’t afford to tell him that his wife was been kidnapped, by the same people that were after his life, all because of me. Just as fast as I could, the smart me woke up, and I told him that she was shocked at the news of him been shot, and developed a high blood pressure so we took her to another hospital, I said all tensed. I heaved a sigh when he assimilated the news, and shook his head In pity.

Dad: oh my dear Imade, you have suffered enough, he said calling his wife’s name, while my heart pricked, consumed with guilt but I stayed low. ‘‘ I have wronged no one to deserve this’’, the innocent man lamented. While the guilt in my heart continued telling on me, Cathy soon came back, and I told her I had to go, I also told her what I told dad about mom, and she only said I was smart. As I left the hospital, I sighted the two creed boys, I noticed them at once, even when they looked so unfamiliar, but the way they carried their selves was so noticeable to just me, it was the Creed’s trade mark.

By dusk the mission to rescue mom, left the three of us filing into the SUV that led to the old rogue way, Oscar had called before hand, to remind me that either The guys honoured the invite, my mum had been dead the next morning, so our plan was to take them on aware, just me Potoki and samba, Eric was assigned to take over the house. Just some meters away from the designated building, I came out of the car with a sniper rifle, and climb another uncompleted tall building, adjacent the one where the rape had occurred with some few meters, one of the reason why the road was called old rogue, was because of the array of Uncompleted buildings that lined up the area, and those buildings served as a consolation for almost every bad and heinous crime, that every thrived in that vicinity.
Just as I coupled my rifle together, I survey every nooks of the with a binocular, before alerting them to go on, and they set the car on motion, till they got to the building, before honking the horn, I watched through the lens, and when I noticed a movement from the building, I alerted them through the transmitting bud, and they stayed alert, while stepping out of the SUV.

Oscar came out with my mom and two boys behind him, and a gun was pointed to my mum’s head from the back, she looked weak, it was 6pm so I could still see clearly, no one was passing at that time, not like anyone would pass, they were scared of the way.

They came closer.

Oscar: Whoa look who we have here, Samba and Potoki, Long time my friends, he said to them as I listened to their conversation through the transmitter.

Samba: Oscar we are not here to play games, Free the woman and let her go, we can settle what every you want after that. He said with all air of seriousness.

Oscar: I would have done that Samba, but not when you have a sniper, over my head. He said grinning.

WTF!!! how the hell did he know, I could see surprise on the guys face, we have been betrayed, I wanted to pull the trigger at once, But then I felt a heavy metal on my head at the roof top where I was, and fear gripped me.and then came a voice.

Voice: Don’t move just follow me, he said, and I obeyed, till we descended the tall building, and we came down, by now Samba and Potoki were already surrounded by a group of boys with them Oscar and my mom at the middle, we kept moving with the gun on my head, and my hands raised up, as we got closer I could see the rage on both Samba and Potoki’s eyes, and my mom too she was freaking out, shivering in fear the moment she saw me she screamed.

Mom: JOSHUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and I Looked up, I made to go over to her, but a strong hand pulled me down.

Mom: Please don’t hurt my son please, she pleaded to Oscar.


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