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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode12


Edge Of A Knife - Episode12
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

Fall that man there, the thudding of repeated footsteps sound could be heard, as a group of 5 boys, could be seen, chasing after a boy who was a few yards away from them, they had guns and machetes in their hands, as they chased after the boy. They would have shot him, but he was running zig zag, thereby stopping their chance of taking a shot.

Nelson ran for his dear life, as he found his way to the creed’s mansion, he soon initiated a sharp bend, that made the boys lose him, he ran out of their sight breathing heavily, the Fox boys were the once chasing after him, while he went out to get airtime for his phone, he had wanted to return at once, but the appetizing smell of barbecue selling at the junction opposite where he was buying the recharge card hit his nose he had wanted to ignore and just go back to the mansion, but the aroma was just so captivating, that it made him salivate, and at once he crossed over to the other side, after purchasing for himself and josh he made to go, but some group of boys, who were lurking around, monitoring his movement, soon surrounded the suya mallam shop, they round him up, people around who noticed, scampered away for safety, the suya seller almost wee on his body, Nelson knew at once this was the end, but he couldn’t just die without throwing a fight, at least attack was the best form of defense, just as he raised his hands up as commanded by one of the fox boys, he noticed the could be a chance, and like the speed of lightning, he pushed hard on one of the boys, who didn’t see it coming, and at once ran away, the unsuspecting boys seeing that this has happened, started shooting towards him, but nelson was a fast runner, he ran as fast as his legs could carry him, they kept on shooting, while he kept on running, without any of the bullets catching him. So they stop, he soon entered a sharp bent road, the boys lost him, but they didn’t give up on their search, they searched and searched, but they couldn’t find him, meanwhile Nelson hid himself behind one of the ornamental plants (flowers) in front of a big house, in the street, he watched as the boys searched of him, and praised silently in fear that none of the boys found him.
At the mansion

News reached us that there was a shoot out at an area close by, i knew nelson was out but i didn’t knew the exact place he was going to, but he promised not to stay long, so I immediately took my phone to call him to confirm if he was safe, I almost did, when i had a second thought, what if he is fine, if anything was wrong wherever he is he would have given us a call, I reasoned and made to drop the phone, but somehow, I pressed the dial button.

The boys searched for a little while, before they decided to go but then, they heard a sharp ringing noise coming from behind the flowers, Nelson at once knew his cover was blown, so he cursed the caller under his breath, he has lost all hope, as he watched the boys come closer and closer near the flower, just like flash he dashed out of the flower, the boys were startled at the sudden movement, but that didn’t stop them, they shoot sporadically, at whatever it was that ran out of the flower, a bullet caught nelson on his left leg, he gave a yelp, and then a loud scream, he managed to run a few more distance before dropping down, because the pain from the shot was so great that it slowed him down, he dropped to the ground with blood gushing out of his legs, he kept on groaning in pain, the boys came closer to where he was. The brought out their Axe and made to part of his head, but then, something happened a clean shot to the hand that held the axe, made it drop, and the owner scream in pain, following the loud sound of the gun, the Fox boys became alert, they looked up, and saw over 10 creed boys running towards them, including me, and they took to their heels, we shot at them, making sure we brought them all down.

I ran to my friend and squat down, he was unconscious with blood still gushing out from his legs. I felt his pulse, he was still breathing, so i raised him up, and took him away, why the other boys followed.

When I called his line, it rang out at first, but before the second ring, the call was cut shot, and at once I knew all was not well, and just as I thought, I could hear the sound of gunshots from a distant not too far, I arranged some boys, and with rifle, we headed out, I gave an order of a spread out, while some followed an adjoining route, me and nine other boys followed the route to nelson, i saw him on the floor from a distance, and an axe raised above his head ready to split it within seconds, i gave a clean shot to the hand holding the axe from my Kalashnikova-47 rifle.

That evening while we wait for the doctor to perform his magic on Nelson, I went to Samba’s Room, just to have a dialogue with him.
Me: Baba, I hailed as I settled in the room, it was the same room, that D’baba once stayed, i haven’t entered the room ever since he left for the journey he never returned, as I sat on a couch in the room that even, i still felt his aura of authority hovering around the room, I missed the strong man.
Samba: Boy i know the issue of your friend brought you to this abode, he said lighting up a stick, he puff the smoke, and it filled the air, unlike before, i didn’t flinch, I was used to it already, I do weed at times . ‘I am very sorry for you friend Josh’

Me: it’s fine Samba, i am here to make a request.

I said to him.

Samba: it’s ok boy am all ears, he said still smoking.

Me: In respect of my friend boss i would love if you grant him immunity against this group, he really wish to denounce the group, and I can tell after today’s incident, he will always regret ever becoming a member of the creed. I said, and I could notice the rage in samba’s eyes, he stopped smoking half way with the cigarette still hanging in the air close to his lips, he looked at me insanely.

Samba: What?? are you out of your mind? He asked very angry at my decision. If not for some reason i would have killed you with my gun, how can you come to my face to spit out this nonsense hann? He asked.

Me: Sorry baba, i nor mean to vex you, I said defeatedly.

Samba: (calming down!) Baba nor utter such nonsense word for my ear again oh, you nor know say for this confra no backing off? You be my man Josh nor let me vex for you, you get sense and skill, wey make me reason you pass Eric oh, with your improvements over the time, i dey very surprised say na you dey spit out this shit, abeg my guy, talk another thing.

Me: Samba, but at least I can take him home, just so he can heal from his wound, he really needs to be far away from this environment, I pleaded further

Samba: Hmm Joshua my guy, you want make you guy run from this war, i can tell that’s what you want, if everyone run away just as you wish your friend do, who will fight the war? He asked looking deep into my eyes, while i looked down dropping my head.

Samba: You know what it’s fine, you can take him home to his parents, but he must come back once he is healed.

This gladdened my heart and in my happy state, I took my brother and friend home. On our way to his house inside Potoki’s car, I drove the car with just the both of us inside, nelson tried to convince me to run away from the group, as this was our only opportunity, we could run away, and very far from the country, he said.

Nelson: Big Josh i am tired of this confra thing, I really wish I could leave it, I regret my actions daily, but sometimes you are my hope, you give me hope, you make me see reason to be a spirit man, but I am tired of the killings bro, why don’t we just run away, you know this is our only opportunity. We could leave this country, we could get to my big brother in spain, or rather go to germany, you know my father left me a lot of money, before he died, we could use it to start up a life, common what do you think Josh?

Me: (Sighing) Nelson, it isn’t wise to run away from battle, you fight back,, i ain’t backing off now, not until this war is over, come to think of it, if we run away, won’t they find us? Won’t they attack our parents who are still living here in this country, i know you love your mom so much that you wouldn’t want anything to happen to her, the same way i love my parents, but you know the creeds for sure, and you know what they are capable of, so let’s just stay and fight, I said, why he sighed.

I soon pull up at his beautiful family mansion, i honk the horn, there was a rattle behind the gate, the gateman came to check us out, before letting us in, i drove in, his mom was already standing hands akimbo, waiting for the occupants of the car to get down, we did, and aided Nelson get out of the car, he limp as he walk, resting his hands on my shoulders, his mom was shocked at first, but managed to comport herself, after narrating a cook up story of how her son was caught by a stray bullet when there was a shootout in the school, between cults group, during a clash, she was alarmed, she thanked me, for bring him home, Mrs Idia was a nice woman, even when i and nelson were still in secondary school, she has always accommodate me, she tagged me as her son’s only friend. I left the mansion that day, with nelson advising me to stay safe, I planted a kiss on his forehead, while his mom smiled, and they took his belonging in from the boot.

I returned to the creed’s mansion that night, all spent and weak from the activities of the day, i made to rest my head when my phone rang, I picked up, it was kemi, she told me she was lonely and needed me to keep her company.

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At Kemi’s Apartment,

A cool music blare from her sound system, it was stereo heart by gym class heroes
My heart’s a stereo
It beats for you so listen
Close, hear my thoughts and
Every note ohh ohh
The music kept blaring on calmly, it was already 8pm that day, when she heard some rattling noise outside, she made to check from her window, but did not see anything or anyone, so she out of the music at once, but that didn’t stop the urging feeling that someone was watching her, she felt so scared, as she felt was been watched, she had almost ran out of the house, canceled the idea, she went to the light switch, and switch on every light, she made to call Oscar, but decided to let it hang, she soon settled for Joshua, as she called him, she mentioned how lonely she was, they only chatted for a while, before she slept off, the next morning, she woke up to the sound of a gentle tap on her door, she went to open the door, and there he was Oscar, standing at the door.

Kemi: oh baby good morning.

Oscar: My queen how was your night? He asked as she let him in.

Kemi: Scary dear.

Oscar: Even with your new boyfriend? He said shocking her.

Kemi: What? Oscar what are you talking about?

Oscar: now common kemi stop the pretence, tell me who is he? He asked getting pissed.

Kemi: baby, i don’t know what you are talking about.

Oscar: Quit the crap kemi, who did you call last night, he said screaming at her.

Kemi: no on….. She made to say when a resounding slap landed on left cheek.


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