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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode11


Edge Of A Knife - Episode11
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

Back at Joshua Hometown

Mr Ehi could be seen pacing up and down, he has just watched the news of another massive kill spree at the school where his son studies.

Mrs Imade Ehi: Honey calm down, its going to be fine. She assured her husband.

Mr Ehi: how can you say that it’s going to be fine, when the killing rate is increasing everyday, and my boy is right there in the said school.

Mrs Imade: Common honey, i called him yesterday, he assured me he was going to be fine.

Mr Ehi: why didn’t you ask him to come home? What if they start killing innocent people, i don’t want anything to happen to my boy oh. He stated his fear. Only if he knew, his boy was one of the hitmen, terrorizing the school.

Mrs Imade: if you are so concerned about his safety, why don’t you call him.

Mr Ehi: Yea i think that’s the best thing to do, let him come home. He picked up his phone, and called his boy!

My phone rang out loud, interrupting the sweet atmosphere i was savouring through the cold bath i was having that morning, at the mansion, I quickly round off my bathing section, and tied my towel, and went for the call, by now the phone has stopped ringing, i swiped through, to see the caller, it was Dad! What? I called back instantly, but he hang up and called again.

Dad: My boy! He said, and i could notice some excitement in his voice.

Me: Dad! how are you?

Dad: Am good son, How are you too?

Me: I am fine sir.

Dad: Are you sure? Because this issue of incessant killings in your school, is really getting on my old nerves.

Me: Common dad, i will be fine. I am sticking to the curfew rule install by the school authorities. I said calmly

Dad: Don’t give me those craps boy, I want you to come home at once considering the fact that you did not come home during holiday.

Me: What?? No dad, I can’t home now, I still attend classes, there might be an impromptu test, i don’t want any drop on my GPA.

Dad: Hmm be careful boy, i really don’t know how to convince you home now, be safe. We love you, he said and dropped the call, while i heaved i sigh of relief. This man been on my neck na trouble oh.

I finished wearing my clothes and went to hang out with the boys.

Nelson: Baba, mumsi called oh, she too dey worried for the crisis oh, i tell her say make she nor worry, say i dey alright.

Me: hmm this one so, even my old man call me oh, the guy say make i come hux o but i convince the guy say me dey fine.

Nelson: we need to dey safe brother, i dey even dey feel say make we comot, because of all this killing escapades don tire me. He said, and i could notice trembling in his voice.

Me: Bro nor be now we go give up, make we dey solid for ground. If you back down now, dem go haunt you, so make we just push, we nor go die for this one, I said patting him.

At Kemi’s House.

Kemi could be seen, try to open the door to her apartment, she noticed the door lock has been tampered with, and at once she knew all was not well, only one person had the key to her apartment, and she knew for sure, he wasn’t the one that has opened the door, it was her boyfriend she hasn’t seen him for long a long time now, and coupled with the fact that if he was around, he would have let her know on time.
No no, it can’t be him, she reasoned and became alert at once, she opened the door slightly, and notice a slight movement behind the door and she began to tiptoe quietly.

Voice: Kemisola Olarenwaju, the ex senator’s daughter, why not come inside in peace, and stop walking like a toad, come to meet your lord baby, the voice said cheerfully and came to view! She looked up, and scream.

Kemi: Oh my God!!!!! Oscar!!!!! She scream and ran into his waiting arms. The Love of my life, she said so happily, jumping on him.

Oscar: The queen of my heart, i have missed you so much. He said beaming with smile in his awesomely cute face.

Kemi: Oh baby, you can say that again and again, i missed you more, so when did you come from exile!?

Oscar: Not for long dear, what did i miss? I mean you looking gorgeous and radiant as ever love.

Kemi: Hmm and you didn’t bother to inform me you were coming.

Oscar: Common bae i had to comeout of hiding, after taking care of the old rogue D’baba, He said.

Kemi: so this is it Oscar? Why don’t you leave the confra way and have a life?

Oscar: Hey bae quit those crap, how many d*ck did you F--k while i was away? He said beaming with smile, likewise Kemi.

Kemi: common darling not much, but none was as good as you! She said.

Oscar: Hmm that’s fine baby, So are you seeing someone else?

Kemi: not yet my king.

Oscar: that’s great i wasn’t expecting to hear that, he said calmly.

Kemi: i have missed you greatly my king.

Oscar: me too.

Kemi: then show me you do dear. And he took her off guard, time saw them kissing and devouring each other’s lips, caressing in hot romance, they kept on sexing and sexing, till they were both spent and tired.

O-s-c-a-r!!, kemi called sonorously and sexily drawing her breath, after the rounds of sex.

Oscar: Yes my kemisola. The way he called her name, always have a way of erupting a tingling sensation in her head. But not now, she wanted to say something to him.

Kemi: Can’t all this stop?

Oscar: what dear?

Kemi: give up the confra way, end the war, and come belong to me dear, she said as she twitched and turned on the bed, and rested her head on his bare chest.

Oscar: Not now babe, not ever, i can’t give up the way of the black man’s liberation. Confra made me kemi, they gave me hope when i was fragile and weak, i have lived all my life, trusting on them, living in it, because it’s what i am.

Kemi: then why the bloodshed? Why killing your fellow confra men, if you say you guys are all fighting for the liberation of black men? Ain’t they black me too? The creed you sought to fight against? Ain’t they our black brothers of africa, or have seen a white man in their midst?

Oscar: No kemi not so, the battle of supremacy, is has always been the thriving force behinds the wrath of men, we don’t fight the creeds only, we also fight against any group that thinks they are smart enough to outshine ust from the race. And kemi! He called, when she wasn’t suspecting it, and she listened up! Why are you now concerned about the creed? You’ve always hated them, after what Samba did to you long ago so why now? He asked. Her reaction was quite strange and he knew at once she was hiding something.

Kemi: No i am not interested in them or their activities, it’s just that i am concerned about the continuous bloodshed, i am really freaking out at it baby, she said convincingly, even at that, oscar knew she was hiding something, but he did well in hiding his expression, he acted as if nothing happened. experience has taught him a lot, and he knew he gotta keep an eye on her.


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