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EDGE OF A KNIFE - Episode10


Edge Of A Knife - Episode10
Theme: Cold War

©Cal Empéror

Following the leading of the Fox, Samba was forced to call an impromptu meeting with us, the death of D’baba was already a big slap on our face, following the fact that Oscar was behind the kill, and his men were dropping our men on a daily basis, except for the 8 guys that attacked me in class, none other member of the Fox has been killed, But 15 of our men including D’baba were dead already.

I saw rage in samba’s eyes when he called us, he briefed us on the ground we were standing on, and also stated that Oscar has returned, and with one mission, which is to end the creed forever and permanently. As he said this, it incur some incoherent chatters from the boys, they were already bitter at the rate at which we lose our brothers, and now the news of Oscars arrival, seem to cause confusion.

Samba: No more death in the Creed, he said and the boys yelled gingerly.

Samba: to win this war, we must be very smart, the Foxes are wise, but they can never beat the creed, we have to show them how the game is played, in honour of the memory of the two brothers, Rhico and D’baba, and in honour of our other brothers that have been sent overboard by the foxes.
From this night the game’s changed, we are the Creeds, let everyone tremble at the sound of our name. We all moved out that night, in rage and new orientation, after series of planning.

We know from the mode of attack, and with the recent scores of death, (15-8) with the creed on the losing side, we knew the Foxes will be a little bit relaxed, gallivanting and savouring in the beautiful taste of victory against their greatest rival, the Creed, with this we knew there was gonna be a loosed end, in their midst, so our mission that night was to find that loop hole and strike through there. Two of our boys were sent to take watch, and monitor the atmosphere, in the enemies camp, Samba gave them sound warning, never to die or get caught on the mission, because if they do, either way, it was going to sabotage our plan, and soon they headed out.

There was a Bar close to the Foxes Mansion, most of their boys were majorly gound there, as they ruled that territory, neighbours in that place, leave in fear of the Foxes, as numerous fighting, killing and gunshot, were being heard from there always, including the bar close by, which has now turned a resort to them, any time they came back after a victory match. Rumour has it that only member of the Flame Fox, dine and wine at the bar, because of the recklessness the fox boys always display, at the bar, they injure and kill any of one that tries to prove a point, if he or she unfortunately find himself at the bar. It was that bar that our boys went to spyvon, and they did it tactfully and brought us news that gave us a lead, we soon showed up in the bar, in mass number and started raining bullets upon bullets, on anything that had life in there, including innocent staffs, that were unlucky to be present at that time. Over 25 boys and some few staffs, laid dead in the pool of their blood, we marched back to the mansion gyrating and singing victory songs.

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By morning, the news of the brutal killing has spread like wide fire, the news was on every lips in campus, the police came and took the corpse away, it was so shocking and intense that the school management had to call curfew, students were asked to always stay at their hostels, from around 5pm, till the next day, it was that time that mama called me, she said she heard the news, and was making sure i was safe, she even went further to invite me home, for the time being, i only laughed it off, assuring her it was fine, only if she knew, i was one of the major men behind the war.

After i dropped the call, i noticed two beeps on my phone, it was missed calls from Martha and Kemi, i called martha first, she sounded worried, she asked me to run and away from school, just to be safe for her, i only smiled and told her i will be fine, she made me promised i wasn’t gonna die, which i did, and dropped the call. I went to hang with my guy nelson, when Kemi’s call came in again, i totally forgot she called before, i picked up at once, i apologized for not calling back, which she didn’t mind, she also said she was just making sure i was fine, she told me to run away from school, but i didn’t concur, i told her my mum told me the same thing, and she was like:

Kemi: Your mom?

Me: yea.

Kemi: Is she aware you’re a cul…

Me: No kemi, she’s not, she’s just being over protective about her boy.

Kemi: oh i see, so speaking about her, where does she stay?

Me: she stays at Iwinna, with my dad.

Kemi: Great.

Me: So why?

Kemi: Nothing Josh baby, just wanna know about your mom sweet boy, she said sexily over the phone, and that melted my heart.
We discussed further, before we ended the call.

Nelson: Oga mi na your babe be that?

Me: Lol na one of them, i replied laughing.

Nelson: Make them link me up na, or find one wey you nor dey use again for me.

Me: Arrgh bad man, i dey use all.
Nelson: Ok na, Focus o fine boy wey dem dey rush, i nor wan hear, say dem fall you for this crisis.

Me: You too bro. I said to him.

We the creeds had made plans for the night, on how to strike again. We also resolve that at day time, all member were to remain at the mansion, but always strike at night.


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