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Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Two
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Selena pov
"Omg,am late on my first day ,,arrh i broke my alarm ,i quickly rushed into the bathroom took my bath and run out ,i wore my matching undies and the coperate dress i bought ,i dont do make up after that i carried my heels in my hand and some other things i needed in my handbag and rushed out barefoot ,i pushed my car and it started i threw my things in the car and drove to the company

On reaching there all the workers and employees were running about as if they were being chased ,"shit" i forgot to wear my shoe i ran back to my car and wear my heels and went to mr alberto office

"Good day sir "i said

"You came late,but i will handle you later the office opposite the boss own is yours "he said and tossed me the keys

"Get ready board meeting starts in 10 minutes "he said and hurried out

"wow this new boss is something else ,he is not even here but see the way everyone is behaving"
I hurried and went to my own office,,ahh this place look rich ,i started work immediately and arranged some stuffs,it was 10 mins already i adjusted my skirt and hair ,,i need to make a good impression which the new boss ,i walked into the board room and was everybody standing i went and stand close to mr alberto ,,soon the door opened and some people came in and then another entered in and my eyes almost popped out

"I just got fired on my first day at work"i muttered ,,but how am i sure he is the boss,i quickly stand behind mr alberto so he cant see me and then the rude guy i smached his car went and sat down in the sit, the boss was suppose to sit down ,,ohh my life is over ,,he is the boss,and i smached my boss car and now i will be fired or even worse ,
"Sit" he said coldly and they all sat down except for mr alberto and i ,,after a long meeting of hours my legs were aching badly ,due to the heels i wore

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"Mr alberto thanks for employing smart people but where is the other pA isnt she suppose to be here "The boss said

"oh she is here" Mr alberto said shifting so that evryone can see ,i looked up and met the boss gaze on me filled with suprises

"Ohh so she is the pA "he said and smiled evily while i stood there looking like someone who they poured cold water on
"So am mr Donald kings and the new boss,i dont keep room for laziness or lateness ,anyone who do such will be fired immedaitely he said and left

"He is really cold" i whisphered to mr alberto and he nodded ,everybody left the board room so did i ,i went back to my office thinking of what to do because am very he might sack me ,i check my duty roll and first thing was to serve him coffee ,i mixed the coffee and too it to his office and knocked

"come in"i heard and entered
"Your coffee sir"i said acting professional ,he looked at me and started laughing loudly ,okay i know he is trying to mock me

"Oh so the great tigress is working in my company "he said

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"Dont worry i wont fire you" he said and sipped the coffee and spit it out immediately

"Too hot ,get me another one "he said and i left and brought another one

"Too sugary,get me another one "and i did

"Too watery,get me another one "and i did

"Too cold ,get me another one he said and i was already fuming in anger,,he want another coffee right ,i went i brought another one and poured good amount of my siliva in it and took it to him

"Perfect"he said and i smiled inwardly ,this guy thinks his smart ,i turned arround to leave

"I havent dismissed you miss selena" he said and i stopped ,damn i swear in my life i wont wear heels again ,i stood there like a statu and water began dropping from my eyes,,,I quickly pulled my shoe and held it in my hand

"Okay i have had enough of this nonsese,you are not going to boss and order me arround like you slave "i yelled at him

"I am boss miss selena and you must do what ever i say "he fired back

"Selena too hot
Selena too cold
Selena do this
Slenena do that "i mimicked him
"I am done with all this nonsense ,you can fire me i dont care ,but never your order me arround because of the chicken change you call money ,,and if u ever try make a single tears drop from my eyes in your life again ,,first i will cath you ,tie you to a pole ,starve you of food and water then beat you,,you see this your ugly face i will designed it more that nobody will recognise you i said and walked out of his office

Donald pov

Who is this girl and what kind of human being is she,,first she smached my car and now this ,,this worst part is she isnt even scared of me ,gosh she threatened me and even called me ugly ,,i quickly i picked the mirror and looked at myself,,how can she say am ugly ,she even want to beat me and ruin my face,,well we shall see,,she come back on her kneed begging and she must call me handsome


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