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Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Twelve
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Donald pov
I starred at her as she sleep peacefully on my bed,i wonder what will make her cry because the selena i know is a strong and troblesome girl,hope that her ugly boyfriend did not harm her.
I lay beside her thinking if what kate told me is true "that i have feelings for selena" i mean who love her selena the troublesome girl beside she has a boyfriend whom she thinks is more handsome than me.

Selena pov
I never knew a day will come that i will choose between two people,i mean why is it so hard to just follow danny or is kate right about me having feelings for donald,the guy is very rude to me how can i fall in love with him,but i have to make my decision is either i follow danny or donald.

I dn't have feelings for danny and i'm not sure i will ever even if i move in with him,should i tell kate my problem because i know she will give me any amount of money i want ,am really confused

Donald pov
I woke up early and selena was already out of bed ,i entered the bathroom took a shower and head out ,i dressed in my black tuxedo and brushed my hair ,i went and saw selena already dressed and was eating breakfast

"Were is my mom" i asked

"she's upstairs "she replied with a mouth full

"What happened to you yesterday "i asked and she choked on her food i quickly took water and handed it to her in the process i silled the water on her ,i ran to her and held her from the back placed my hands arround her stomach and jerked her then she spat out the food

"Thanks for pouring water on me"she said and went upstairs
This girl is crazy i just saved her life in stead of thanking me she said otherwise i would have left her to choke to death
Soon she came down wearing a blue short grown which brought out her shape

"Selena are you going to seduce all my employee"i asked and she starred at me angrily without replying
I was done eating i took my brief case and came out with selena following behind ,i saw bunch of red roses laying on the floor with a box of chocolate and a note saying "TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL SELENA" i threw the note angrily

Selena picked the flower and chocolate happily she ran and sat down in my car immediately i opened it

"selena were are you going "i asked

"Am going to work" she replied

"There is no way you are going with me so please come down"i said

"Sir we are getting late and remember you have a meeting with the investor from canada"she said and i quickly entered
Selena began un rapping the chocolate and throwing them into her mouth and it made my mouth watery i dont remember when last i ate chocolate

"Stop looking at my chocolate before your eyes fall off "she said and chuckled

"Me ,your chocolate ,no way,i think the chocolate are too cheap and the flowers too ,i cant believe you are still with it" i replied
"well i think he is the best "she said

I arrived at the office stepped down and went straight to the board room

After some hours i went back to my office and saw some chocolates there and a note there"i dont want your eyes to fall off"
I read it and chuckled ,this girls is insane , i quickly unrapped the chocolate and chew them
i quickly sent her a message to see me in my office and soon i heard her knock

"sit "i said and she sat down ,i know even if i dont tell her to sit she will

"How much do you need for your treatment"i said and her jaw dropped

" Ermm,,,,arr,,mmm"she kept shuttering

"Selena what happened to your voice "i asked

"How did you know"she finally asked

"Am Donald kings " i replied her

"What do you want in return "she asked

"That you keep being my cook and pA "i said

"Really that's all"she asked exictedly

"But the doctor says i will have to stop working for five months and i will need someone to look after me "she said

"Dont worry about that it is all sorted out"i replied

"So if you are ready now i can take you to the hospital go get your things" i added and she ran out immediately

So she thinks i wont find out ,she has really under estimated me ,i have fame and wealth and anything i need will be done immediately ,it took them less than an hour to find out everything i need ,i dont know why am begining to care about her ,maybe it's the chocolate she gave me


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