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COLD HEARTS INLOVE - Chapter Thirteen


Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Thirteen
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Selena pov
I knew Donald has eyes for my chocolate so i decided to be nice

He called me to his office,am still beyound shock when he asked how much i needed ,well that is rich people for you they always have ways of getting what they want

I ran to my office picked my bag and walked out meeting Donald already in the car waiting for me
This guy is no gentle man ,others will open the door for the lady but not Donald kings ,i opened the door myself and sat down close to him
"So do you know the place"i asked
"Yes" he replied and focus on his driving
"So why are you helping me "i asked again
"Well apart from being a rude and stubborn P A you are still loyal,and i will do it for anyone in your position"he said
"Is that all "i asked again
"Selena have you ever thought of dying"he asked
"Yes actually but not now"i replied
"Okay so if you dont wana die now you better keep quite and let me focus"he yelled
I turned on the music and this time donald did not turn it off they were playing megatron by niki minaj and i joined singing it and Donald joined in ,soon we were rapping and singing together laughing and we arrived at the hospital and walked the reception
I walked to danny office since i already know there and knocked
"Come in"
i walked in and danny stood up immediately
"Selena "he said hugging me
"Oh i never knew your boyfriend is the doctor"donald said and chuckled while i glared at him
"Sit" he said and we both sat down facing him
"Selena have you considered my request"danny asked me
"No ,actually i came to pay in full" i said proudly
"What do you mean ,were did you get the money from"danny asked suprised

"Were she got the money dosent matter,just tell us when the treatment is starting and and to pay" donald chipped in
"Well am sorry selena but i cant treat you even with your money except you are mine" danny said and i was shocked
"Are you okay danny"i asked
"Danny even if i move in with you even if you show me all the love in this world i will never still love you "i said and tears gathered in my eyes
"You know i thought you were a really nice person but now i know you all are the same ,guys are just assholes and scumbag"i yelled and ran out of the office
i cant believe danny refuse to treat me unless i date him ,i ran outside and sat in the car crying my eyes out am not crying because danny refuse to treat me am crying because i feel i have limited time to live and i cant even leave donald ,i dont know why

Donald pov
Okay everything happened soo fast
From the i cant treat you
Move in with me
I will never love you
Guys are assholes and scumbag
so this guy is not even her boyfriend ,but why cant she just move in with him and get treated ,i mean what there except if she has someone else
"Am i the one" ,,,,,no way selena hate me so much ,beside i dont love her
I went outside and met here in the car sleeping soundly with some tears still on her face i used my hand and cleaned her face ,okay is it just me or my eyes deceiving me ,she looks pretty ,i kept starring at her when my eyes drifted to her plump pink lips
"Kiss them" my inner mind kept yelling
"no dont do it", "she wont know anyway "
I bent close to her and our face were really close when her big eyes popped open
"What are you doing "she asked immediately
"I was fixing your seatbelt"i replied "lier" my inner mind yelled
I buckled her seat belt and she slept of again
Soon i arrived home i carried her in a bridal style inside avoiding kate but kate was sitting majestically on the couch looking at me ,i quickly walked up stairs with selena in my hand to avoid questions
I placed her on my bed and removed her shoes
"This is your chance donald kiss her"
I looked at her and her perfectly shaped lips i quickly bend my head and kissed her

I promise to make sure i go to any extent for you to be cured


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