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COLD HEARTS INLOVE - Chapter sixteen


Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter sixteen
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Selena pov
"Yea we know each other" i replied and starred at danny

"What are you doing here danny"i asked looking at him

"Well i came to see ella ,we have been really good friends" danny replied

"can i see you privately ella" i asked and i went to the room with ella following me behind

"Ella what going on between you and danny"i asked

"Well i met him ,his a really cool guy and we have a thing for each other "ella replied

"Are you sure because....You know what never mind just be very carefull okay"i said and she smiled
With the looks on ella's face i could tell she inlove with this guy and saying anything right now might ruin her happiness,maybe danny is really sorry and she's the reason why he changed his mind about me

"Danny will be the doctor treating me"i said and ella jumped up exictedly

"He told me he is a doctor,wow so this is how destiny is "ella said smiling

I just hope danny dosent hurt her ,i went back to the sitting room with ella and told danny about the arrangement and when i will be starting treatment me and ella talked about alot of stuffs when danny left
and soon i head back home

"Where are you coming from by this time "donald asked angrily as i entered the house

"Stop acting like a protective boyfriend "i yelled back ,well i went to see my boyfriend"i replied smiling while donald starred at me angrily

"Where is kate " i asked

"She had an emergency so she has to leave "donald replied

"Okay" i replied ,i pulled my shoes and started limping upstairs

"why are you walking that way"donald asked

"Well at my boyfriends place we did alot of stuffs"i said and wink at donald who already turn red
I went into my room laughing out my ass ,gosh that guy is something else ,he believed what i said and he was really upset ,what his problem anyway ,i thought he dosent like me ,i ran into the shower too a quick bath and come out ,i put on my nightie and layed on the bed when i heard moans coming from donalds room .

Are you kidding me kate just left today and he brought a slut already ,i kept tossing about on my bed ,i need to do something
I ran out of my room to the stairs and screamed loudly before i saw donald running to me in his shorts and his whore tying a towel arround her chest

"What happened selena" he asked in a caring tone

"I think i twisted my ankle "i replied while he took my leg and began massaging in and i winked in fake pains

"What are you doing downstairs" he asked

"Well i was hungry"i replied faking tears

Donald carried me in a bridal style and placed me on the couch we went to the kitchen while his slut kept giving me deadly stares ,soon donald came back with food in a tray and gave me while i began eating ,i was hungry but i had to force myself to eat

"So baby can we get back to what we were doing"the lady asked rubbing donald chest with her hands and they began kissing in my present ,gosh what kind of torture is this ,i need another plan before i could think of another plan i felt a sharp pain in my head and this time for real

"My head "i yelled in pain holding my head

"Selena are you okay"donald asked

"Baby" the lady called again
"Get out johanna "Donald yelled angrily at her and she ran upstairs in fear ,donald brought me water and aspirins to take

he sat down of the couch and helped me lay my head on his laps and soon i dose off

I woke up and found donald starring into my eyes ,he flinched as i opened my eyes

"Are you feeling better"he asked as i stood up immediately noticing he was only wearing shorts and we were really close to each other

"am fine "i said and ran upstairs

"Knock knock"

"Selena you dont have to go to work today" donald said
"Well i want you to prepare for the ball tonight ,my credit card is on the table"he said

"Okay" i replied and called ella immediately

"Ella for the last time it is just a ball and not a wedding " i said
"You will thank me later" ella replied

Right now we were at the saloon making my hair ,we bought cloth ,jewellery ,shoe and other stuffs
And soon we were done ,i took ella to the house,took my bath she helped me with the make up and other stuffs and i looked more than beautiful
Soon i was done i took my purse and ella followed behind complimenting me

Donald pov
I stood in the sitting room waiting for selena ,when i saw her walking down the stairs in a blue jumpsuit and her was amazing the makeup and everything was just perfect i kept starring at her like shes from another planet
I walked to her and kissed her deeply


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