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Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Six
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Donald pov
I watched them as they drove out of sight.

So she even has a boyfriend ,he is not even handsome than me and later she will say i have flat nose and big ears ,did she see that guys nose talk more off his ears they are way bigger than mine ,i angrily entered my car and drove home ,i entered everywhere was quite as usual ,i feel so hungry i went straight to the kitchen no food and it was empty,I wanted to shout when i remembered i fired the maids i had to sleep on an empty stomach

Selena pov
I was done preparing for work ,When i heard a car horn ,i knew it was danny ,i quickly checked myself one again in the mirror before heading out ,danny droped he off at the hospital while i rushed into the hospital because i was two minutes late and i knew donald will complain even if it is one minute ,i rushed to my office when a mail popped in my screen and it was from donald he asked me to see him in his office
i walked to his office and knocked and waited for his reply before entering because i dont want to watch another life pron today

"Good morning sir "i greeted

"You came two minutes late today selena"he said strictly

"Am sorry sir" i replied politely ,this guys has luck that i really need money i thought

"So selena i wanted to ask do you know where i can find a good cook "he asked

"Yes sir ,but how much are you willing to pay"i asked

"Fifty ,hundred ,she should just name her price i really need a good cook ,its being long i ate good food "he replied

"Wow so you are willing to pay such money to the cook "i asked in disbelief

"Yes ,so who is the cook and when can i meet her"he asked

"Well i am the cook"i replied while he stared at me in shock

"Selena do you have any idea that to be a cook you must move into my house and stay with me "donald asked

"Yes " i replied
"Okay so i will take you home now pack your things and take you to my house "he said and i nodded while he kept looking at me i shock,well i know he will be shocked but the money is all i need ,i just want to be free from this sickness and i have to work hard and pay the bills myself
Soon we arrived at my house i went in and donald followed he sat down in the sitting room while i went in and began packing my stuffs,i quickly texted ella and told her about the new develoment and she was happy while i texted danny not to l
pick me up that i will be going on a trip and would be back
Soon we arrived at donald house the gate was opened and he drove in ,some maids quickly rushed and carried my things while i followed him quietly the house is magnificent and it made me remembered my family ,we entered the sitting room and my jaw dropped ,it was all white the wallpapers,couch and tiles everything white which made it look like a mimi heaven

"Lucia take her to the room close to mine "he ordered one of the maid

"Quick question will i be weating this uniform"i asked pointing to lucia

"No "he replied and i followed her upstairs ,she gave me the key to the room and left immediately before i could say a word

i opened the door and entered the room is beautiful with king size bed and well furnished room better than the one i live in,i quickly arranged my clothes in the closet and began un dressing when the door opened and i quickly covered my boobs with my hands even though i was still wearing bra while donald faced another direction immediately
"Am sorry "he said,wow donald said his sorry ,wonderful

"its okay " i replied

"I wanted to know if you like the room and am really hungry " he said

"I love the room and i will cook something immediately "i replied and he left ,i quickly locked the door undress and went to the sitting room the kitchen was easy to locate i checked where he kept food stuffs and everything was there so i began cooking


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