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COLD HEARTS INLOVE - Chapter seventeen


Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter seventeen
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Donald pov
Wait what am i even thinking
"Kissing selena" ,,,,no way
she will definately slap me
I walked out with her and entered the car

Selena pov
Donald stood there looking at me ,i knew i looked really breathtaking and thats my aim all thanks to ella ,he was also looking really handsome in his black tuxedo ,we walked to the car in silence

He couldnt even open the car for me same old donald ,we drove to the party in silence and i caught me stealing glances at me mutiple times
Soon we arrived at the ball and began gretting some of his business associate and this ball was way better than the last one we both attended

Danny pov
I have fallen deeply inlove with ella more than i ever did with selena ,love is really crazy,

"Hi beautiful"i said immediately ella opened the door

"Hi danny"ella replied smiling as i presented her the flowers ,she sniffed them and smiled

"I love it,come in" she said and opened the door widely for me to come in

"ella we need to talk "i said and sat down beside her

"Ella since the day i met you i have fallen deeply for you,i thought i had a thing for selena but since i met you every thing changed ,you are all i think of ella ,you are beautiful,you are smart and fun to be with ,infact ella you are everything i need in a lady ,selena i love you so much please be my girlfriend" i said and looked at her
"But we just met few days ago"ella said

"I dont need days and month to know you ,ella this few days i have sent with you have been the best days of my life and you are the one my heart wants" i replied holding her hands

"I love you ella"
"I love you too"she replied and i crashed my lips on hers

Selena pov
I sat down waiting for donald because my legs were aching badly

"Can i sit "a young lady asked me and i nodded

"So you are his new slut" she said looking at donald

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"Excuse me"i replied

"Oh! c'mon dont pretend ,i have been there before ,you and i know donald dosent love " she said

"Am his PA,and i dont care what you and donald have in the past" i replied angrily

"PA "she said and gave a mocking laugh ,she sited donald coming towards us and stood up

"Have fun riding his big cork" she whisphered in my ears and left ,she has luck she left immediately else i would have given her the punches of her life

"Let's go" donald said and i stood up then we left

We sat in the car in silence and the began playing a very romatic music which made me wish donald was mine ,i turned and saw donald starring at me but he didnt remove his eyes ,he kept looking at my eyes as if he was looking for something in there and i stared back at him blankly ,soo our body was coming close and now our nose were touching he crashed his lips and mine and i reciprocated immediately,he is a really good kisser unlike me ,i wanted to pull off but i couldnt part of me just want to enjoy the moment

We broke the kiss and said "sorry" the same time ,i looked at him again and we started kissing again and this time it was more intensed

Donald pov
I really tried hard to resist her but i could her body lips and everthing were driving me crazy ,soon we were at home ,i carried her to my room and placed her on my bed ,i pulled her clothes off and she was remained with her panties and bra ,i started tralling soft kisses from her neck to her boobs and she moaned loudly making me wanting her more ,i removed her bra and sucked her left boobs while using my hands to fiddle the other one ,i began kissing her again and using my hands to fiddle her soft boobs ,they were not that big but they were perfect ,soo we were both unclad ,i rubed her clit with my hands in a circular motion while she kept moaning my name ,i began down and began eating her P***sy with my mouth and tongue ,i applied pressure and thrust my d***k into her ,it was so tight and that was when it occured to me that she was a virgin ,i began kissing her lips deeply befor thrusting into her again and she winked in pain she held my back so tight that her nails were pirecing my skin

"Are you okay" i asked and she nodded ,i began thrusting in her gently and soon she was moaning loudly ,i emptied myself in her and collapsed on the bed cuddling her ,,this isnt just sex but it was love making and the best i ever had ,and soon we slept off in each others arms
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I woke up and the bed was empty ,no sign of selena
"Selena "i called and went to the bathroom she isnt there ,i walked to her room and found her crying and packing her clothes

"Selena what going on"i asked but she packed her things and dragged them out leaving in tears


"Selena " i kept yelling


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