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Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Seven
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

After eating and serving donald his own food ,we both went to our seperate rooms without a word ,i heard the door bell but i just ingroned and layed on my bed ,starring at nothing,i wonder how my life just changed in few days before i use to be this fun filled girl who loves pranks and looks for trouble and now am a PA and a cook to the world most arrogant jerk

I was about to dose off when i heard loud moans coming from the room close to mine and i knew donald is at it again with one of his slut that guy will never change he didnt even care if i was in this house ,i used my pillow to cover my ears trying to sleep

I felt really cold ,my eyes were heavy and red ,my body was burning and i was weak ,i turned and looked at my time it was midnight ,i quickly crawled on the floor and went to the place i kept my injection and injected my self and slept off on the cold floor
I woke up due to the sound of my alarm and i felt so much better ,last night i felt like i would die any minute am tired of going through constant pain i just need to be free soon ,i stood up from the floor my body ache badly ,i quickly took a shower and went downstairs to prepare breakfast ,after preparing the breakfast i hurridely ate mine and kept donalds own on the dining and went to prepare for work , it have only 15 minutes remaining to be at work ,i grabbed my things and went downstairs ,i havent seen donald ,i check the food on the dining and saw that he has already eating it i peeped through the window and saw that his car is no more there and that was when i realised he left already,that guy is just wicked he couldnt even give me a lift , i stormed out angrily and took a cab

I need to really teach donald and his slut a lesson

After work ,i left immediately to the mall and got some things i will need and even got tiny rats,they were packed in a cage for me ,i have special plans for them
I took my phone and downloaded scary sounds like those ones used in horror movies ,i quickly connected my phone to a small speaker and hid it in donald room
And went back to the kitchen to prepare dinner

Later donald came back he head upstairs and came back wearing a casual outfit that fits him properly ,we sat down in the dining and ate in silence as usual and both head upstairs after that ,i waited for an hour first before striking ,i cut some wires that led to donald room light and layed on my bed innocently

Donald pov
I lay on my bed thinking when suddenly the lights in my room goes of and on ,but i ignored it ,the same thing repeated and at the same time i started hearing sounds like the house was being hunted by ghost ,fear gripped me and i held my pillow tightly ,it contined and soon heavy rain started falling with lightenings and the sound increased ,all my life i have never been so scared , i ran out of the bed and kocked on selena's door

"What are you doing here sir "she asked

Before i could reply the door of my room slammed loudly scaring the hell out of me,i quickly pushed selena out of the way and jumped on her bed using the duvet to cover my self properly

"Sir you know you cant sleep here"she said

"Selena this house is hunted "i said
"What" she replied shocked
"Am sure you have something to do with it,it has never happened before and you showed up everything changed "i said
"Oh sir ,i know why just happened ,it means you have sinned against nature "selena said

"What do you mean"i asked
"Sir i read it in a nigerian novel that when you sinned against nature you will be hunted and killed except you please the gods"selena answered ,and fear gripped me when she mentioned death i really dont want to die now

"how do i please them"i asked her
"Well i read you will buy two big chickens that are well prepared and give it to someone who stays with you "she replied

"selena are you sure this is going to work,hope is not some fetish story"i asked

"That is all i know ,except you want to wake up and find out you are a ghost tomorrow"she said and fear gripped me the more
"Selena i give you a free day tomorrow ,i am going to buy the chicken and you will eat it just to and beg nature for me "i said and she nodded

Selena pov
i woke up this morning and donald was not on the bed anymore,i really scarec him last night ,and the rain that fell really helped me make things perfect ,i took my bath and went down stairs to meet a well garnished and well cooked chicken on the dining waiting for me ,my throat was wattery already
"selena those are the chickens please tell them to forgive me "donald said in a pleading tone and went to the sitting room
,I took the chicken to the sitting room dropped them on the floor together with a chilled drink,i washed my hands in a bowl and began devoring the chicken
"Eat on selena ,beg them "donald kept telling me

Donald pov
This selena i a funny girl and a psycho part ,putting speaker in my room , Dis able the lights and playing scary records,she thought i will fall for that ,she thinks she can scare me ,she has really forgotten that am Donald kings,i laughed inside me when she mentioned two chickens ,she should have just said she wants to eat chicken ,i had to play along just to see what shes up to,i cant even stop laughing

She want to play a game that she cant finish,well let the best gamer wins,,if only she knew what is in the chicken that shes eating

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