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COLD HEARTS INLOVE - Chapter Nineteen


Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Nineteen
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Selena pov
I picked a towel dipped it into water and started cleaning his face with it,i took my time and starred at him,i have never really checked him out that much else i will end up drolling and embarrassing my self anytime i see him
I looked at his perfectly shaped lips and bent foward to kiss him and he opened his eyes immediately "bursted"
"selena"he called softly
"Huh"i replied with my heart beating fastly almost popping out of chest
"Is there something on my face"he asked weakly
"Yes "i blurted out immediately
"Thanks for caring for me"he said and i nooded ,i stood up and went to the kitchen and prepared soup for him ,soon the soup was ready i took it back to him
"You need to eat this so your drugs can worked"i said
"Am so weak i cant do anything "he replied
"Sit up"i said in a commanding tone and he did immediately
"open up "i said and he opened his mouth and i shoved the spoon into his mouth ,i know its kinda weird but i cant believe am feeding the almight Donald Kings right now
"Am okay"he said laying back on the couch
"you need to go upstairs"I said ,He removed the duvet and tried to stand up but he was really weak i placed his hands arround my shoulders and helped him upstairs
I took my phone and texted ella am at donalds place and wont be coming back that day and soon a message popped in my phone
"Make sure you use condom" it was from ella
"Not happening again ella"i texted her back
"Says the girl who enjoyed it the last time"she texted back and i dropped my phone immediately ,ella is crazy ,i used the duvet to cover donald properly and went to my room to sleep

Donald pov
I woke up feeling more healthy and strong ,i was really sick last night but i added a little pretence to me selena stay with me and it really walked she dose care about me to the extent of feeding me ,i stood up from the bed and went into the bathroom ,took my bath and came out,i picked a red handless and short that stopped on my knees and wore them ,,when approaching the kitchen i was welcome with a sweet aroma ,i leaned on the kitchen door and watched her cook
"Good morning pretty"i said and hugged her from behind but she flinched away immediately
"Selena i really love you am sorry i didnt admit it earlier "i said
"Am not ready to have that conversation"she replied and continued cooking
"No work" she asked
" NO" i replied
"Thanks for taking care of me last night, i wonder what would have happened if you were not here "i said
"Nothing would have happened besides you have alot of people to take care of you"she said sternly
"Selena "i called taking her hands
"I love you and you are the first lady am telling that to ,i promise hense i will be faithful , No more whores ,i promise to treat you right selena ,i want us to start afresh and i promise to be the best "i said and she starred at me
"Fine we can start afresh but we will start by being friends first " she said and i nodded in agreement ,i will try and abstain from sex for selena am ready to do anything to make things right with selena ,because her leaving me made me realise how much am addited to her and how crazly inlove i am with her
"So will you move back "i asked
"No i will be starting treatment today and i will be staying with ella but i will stay work in the company and visit sometimes too"she replied
"I need to take my bath" she said and went upstairs
I went to my room and picked one of my tshirts and placed in on her bed for her
Soon she came back down stairs wearing my shirt that didnt even reach her knee,she looked really sexy in them and i tried so hard to control myself

Two month later
These past two month have been the best of my life with selena arround me,we still kept it on the friendship level but am dead sure we were more than just friends,we cuddle and kiss but it never went beyound that and i have tried my best to be faithful and show her love and care
Right now am on my way taking her to danny hospital ,well that has been our daily routine ,every evening after work i take her to hospital and drop her at ella's place
"Stop the car"she yelled immediately and i did she ran out and throw up at the side of the road while i gave her water to rinse her mouth
"Are you okay" i asked and she nodded
"Selena are you sure you are okay ,you have been throwing up for the past one week now" i asked again
"Am fine ,its just the sickness"she replied and i looked at her
"We will tell danny when we get there "i said
"No" she yelled immediately and i looked at her suspiciously


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