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Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Nine
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Donald pov
I woke up took my breakfast and left for work not without calling animal control

I stepped into my office and saw someone sitting there comfortable
"Mom"i yelled

"Son "she replied and hugged me back

"Okay what is going on son,you have never gone to work late "my mom said

"I had to take care of some issues"i replied and she stared at me suspiciously

"Well am going to your house tell your cook to prepare something for me" she said

And i quickly called selena and my mom kept looking at me suspiciously

"Mom spill it"i said looking at her and she laughed

"Who did you just speak with"she asked

"My cook"i replied and she nodded

"Do you have a girlfriend "mom asked

"mom can we talk about that at home "i replied

"By the way how is dad and you didnt tell me you were coming "i asked

"Well your dad is fine ,i missed you so i decided to come spend some days with you"mom replied
"Were are your laugages"i asked

"In my car " she replied

"I have called my driver and he will be here to pick you up,i will try my best to finish things up here and meet you at home " i said and she smiled

For all i know my mom has plans ,she is a really busy and classic woman who dosent joke with business and all of a sudden she came here all in the name of she miss me

Selena pov
Donald called me and asked me not to come to work that his mom will be coming over and i should prepare something really delicious for her ,,the door bell rang when i was done cooking i removed my hair net apron and gloves then head to the door
I opened the door and saw a good looking woman in her 50's she was wearing an expensive designed outfit with shining earing and her makeup neatly done ,i must say she is expensive and beautiful

"Good day ma,come in"i said politely and she smiled and walked in while the maids carried her bag

"You must be selena"she asked and i nodded

"You are really pretty"she said touching my hair and i blushed

"Why dont you take a shower ma then i will sever your food "i said and she went upstairs

Well shes friendly i thought she will be those strict mom ,since donald is strict himself
Soon she came down and sat down in the dining and began eating

"Eat with me"she said and i just sat down and joined her

"So you are donald cook"she asked for the third time

"Actually ma am his cook and PA "i replied and her eyes nearly popped out

"Wow" she said "And stop calling me ma it makes me feel old call me kate "she added

"Ok ma....Sorry kate"

"So selena do you like my son"she asked and i chocked on the food i was eating and then she handed me water

"So kate tell me about work"i said changing the topic

"Dont change the topic selena "she said

"No offence ma but donald is a complete jerk ,he is so rude and proud and he is even scared of rats"i blurted out then use my palm to cover my mouth

"Oops sorry" i said and kate stared at me in awe

"Oh selena you love donald"she said

"No way, of all people is donald ,naa impossible ,he is a huge flirt "i said and kate smiled

"Thanks for the meal selena i really enjoyed it"kate said

"my pleasure kate " i said
Me and kate sat down in the sitting room talking and laughing about random stuffs before donald came in while i went to the dining and served dinner and we all sat down eating

"She really beautiful you know"kate said to donald

"Who "donald asked

"Selena of course "his mom replied and donald began laughing sarcastically

i picked one of the meatballs in my food and stoned donald with it while his mom stared at us in shock ,Donald also picked from his food and stoned me back with it and his mom began laughing
I angrily picked the cake close to me and smached it on donald face and he picked his too and smached it on my hair and face ,i left the dining immediately and donald followed behind me ,we kept pushing each other on who to reach his or her room first , i entered my room and slammed the door loudly while donald did the same but his own was more louder ,i opened my door and slammed him more loudly and he did the same too until we were tired and stopped

When i was door cleaning ,someone knocked my door and it was kate she held my hand and dragged me out ,i was only wearing my nighties without bra or pant she opened donald room and pushed me inside and locked the door immeditely

"This house has a lot of pest i need to put insecticide so sleep there tonight "kate yelled and let

Omg am finished


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