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COLD HEARTS INLOVE - Chapter Fourteen


Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Fourteen
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Donald pov
Wait did i just say i will go to any extent to cure her
Naaa no way
"What if she dies or go stay with danny" my inner mind yelled
"She can go i dont care"
"Are you sure,look at how peacefully she is sleeping on your bed " my inner mind yelled
It hit my fore head twice like someone who has gone totally crazy
"okay fine i will help her "
I brought out my laptop and began searching

Danny pov
I sat down in a bar drinking away my sorrow
I cant just forgive myself of what i said to selena ,i really love selen and am ready to do anything to make her mine ,what i said earlier didnt came out right ,i was really jealous when i saw her with Donald Kings am a sure he is the one who wants to pay his bills
I picked my phone and called selena countless times but she isnt picking ,i quickly texted her that am ready to start treatment tomorrow and she should come to my office tomorrow ,at least seeing her everyday wont be a crime maybe i will prove my love for her then ,shower her with love care and attention.
Then a pretty girl came and sat down beside me

Ella pov
I went to the club were me and selena normally come and sat down close to a cute guy drinking himself he must be really sad
I kept calling selena but she isnt picking were suppose to meet here today ,i ordered some shot and began operating my phone
"Hi " the guys said
"Hi" i replied and faced my phone but inside me i was dying to hear his sweet voice again
"Am Daniel Hart,but my friends call me danny"he said streching his hands
"Am ella john "i replied collecting his handshake
Daniel hart that name really sounds familiar ,its like i heard it from some where before but i cant place

"Beautiful name for a beautiful lady"he said and i smiled
"So are you here with someone or waiting for someone "he asked
"Actually am waiting for someone"i replied
"Sorry to ask male or female"he asked
"Female" i replied and he smiled
"What about you" i asked
"I came alone " he replied and i smiled within me
Me and danny kept chatting till it was getting late,this guy is really fun to be with
"I think i should be on my way"i said standing up
" yea your friend didnt show up"he said and i nodded
"Can i drop you off" he asked
" no need "
"Okay fine "i said and his face lit up immediately
The drive to my house was really lively danny and i kept chatting about random stuffs and we exchanged number and soon we arrived at my house and danny walked me to my porch
"Good night "he said
"Good night "i whisphered
I opened the door and was about to enter when he held my hand back and crashed his lips on mine ,it was a quick kiss ,i disengaged entered my house and closed the door ,i leaned on the door smiling widely
I cant wait to tell lena everything that happened i said to my self and jumped on the bed happily

Selena pov
I Woke up and found myself in donald's room and on his bed ,i looked at the other side and found him sitting of the bed but he was sleeping and his laptop was on his laps ,i stood up removed the laptop ,lay him properly and used the duvet to cover him ,i dont know why i did that ,i starred at his face and then his lips
"Selena remove you eyes from his lips"my inner mind yelled
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
i quickly bent and kissed me and ran out of the room
I entered my room and banged the door like someone who is being chased ,i kept touching my lips and jumped on my bed .
Oh lord forgive me but his lips is soo soft and sweet too ,Arrh selena you have gone mad ,i cant believe i kissed him
"kissed who"i heard and turned and it was kate ,when did she enter my room
"Huh" arrrm...
"Selena stop stammering,who did you kiss this morning "she said smiling
"Nobody" i yelled and ran into the bathroom
I heard her laugh and the door opened and close and i knew she went out , i quickly took my bath and came out ,i saw my bag on the bed ,i wonder who brought it in,i quickly checked for my phone and saw tons of miss call some from danny and some from ella ,i checked the message and saw danny's own saying he has finally accepted to treat me ,i jumped up exictedly and went down stairs to meet donald already dressed and seated in the dining ,I wanted to run into the kitichen but he already caught me
"Selena"he yelled angrily

"I didnt kiss you" i blurted out foolishly before using my hands to cover my mouth


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