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Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Four
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Donald pov
I dont know why felt bad when she called me ugly,am not ugly besides she's the first girl talk back at me and even insult me ,some dont even have the guts to look at face ,yet this girl looks at me bodly ,i dont talk to people but here am i talking to her ,i think i need to go back to my old self

we drove to her house silently ,she came down and muttered " thank you" which is totally unlike her but i didnt reply i kept a straight face and asked the driver to drive ,i reached my boring manson ,took my bath

I really need to calm my nerves ,i took my phone and called johanna my personal slut,she always available when i need her and i pay her very well
Soon johanna arrived wearing bum short and singlet without bra ,i quickly grabbed her eat her up

Selena pov
I really felt bad for Donald ,the way i talked to him was really rude ,but that guy is just to proud besides his not ugly, i just said that to piss him off , i will apologise to him tomorrow

I kept rolling on my bed sweating profusely ,my body was burning ,my sickness is increasing day by day and the day of my appointment with the doctor is tomorrow ,i just hope he has found the cure ,finally i slept off
I woke up and prepared for work ,i have planned on apologising to donald today

D.Kings company
I walked to my office ,arranged and took Donald's coffee to him ,dont worry i didnt add siliva to it
" Good morning mr donald"

I said smiling at him

"Drop it" he said without even looking at me

"Sir can i talk to you"i said politely
"Cant you see am busy " He yelled angrily

"Sorry "i replied and left his office sad

I think i really crossed my boundries last night,I sat in my office and began going the files there

Today is the most boring day since i started working ,mr kings left the company since and i have been feeling differently today ,it was closing time already i picked my things and head to the hospital

"Good day Dr lucas "i said

"Selena how are you"He asked
"Am okay sir"i replied smiling
"sit" he said and i sat down
"Have you been feeling differently lately"he asked

"Yes doctor"i replied

"That because your body system is getting weak and you cant be taking those injection frequently else you might go into coma "he said and i felt my heart sink

"But lucky you ,i have found a doctor that will be able to treat you parmanently but it will cost you alot of money"he said

"How much are we talking about "i asked

and he handed me a note i looked thought it and my eyes popped out when i saw the amount

"omg this is alot of money doctor,i cant afford even half of it or even qutar " i almost yelled

"Well that is the doctor number and hospital address"he said

"Thank you doctor"i muttered and stood up i went home and wept bitterly ,ella called and she told me shes on her way

My parent are very rich ,they tried to find the cure but they couldnt so they abandoned me because they were tired ,even when i left no body cared to find me am sure they think am dead by now,i had no option than to leave until i met doctor lucas who gave me the injections to control my sickness till we can find a parmanent cure
"ohh my sweet baby "ella said walking in ,she saw me crying and started crying too,well that is my best friend for you,when and crying she is crying and when am laughing she is laughing

"Tell me about it"she said
I told her about donald and she began laughing and crying
"Dont worry i will try my best and work hard "ella said

"thanks bestie"i said am slept off

"Wake up lena or you will be late for work"Ella yelled

I quickly stood up and rushed to the bathroom took my bath and prepared fir work, ella made breakfast for us ,i hurridely eat mine and went out ,i stopped by the mall and bought somethings i need to make sure donald forgive him and maybe i can ask him to pay me in advance so that i can pay my bills

I quickly parked in the company and saw Donald cars wast there yet ,good ,i ran to his office because i have a spare key ,i began writing everything down in the cardboard and pasting it ,everthing is ready the door opened and donald walked in

Donald pov
I walked to my office door and saw it was unlock ,i opened it and saw cardboard pasted everywhere
I was extremely happy inside me but i didnt show it ,i maintained myself
"You are forgiven"i said to her and she hugged me immediately ,i felt so warm but i held my self from hugging her back
"Take them off and get me my coffee "i said camly and she removed them and left
Well that dosent mean i wont deal with her

Selena pov
I was happy donald forgive me its now time to ask him of the money,i took a deep breath before waking back to his office was a cup of coffee in my hand i dopped it on the table and stood there
"Are you not leaving again "donald asked
"I will but i want to talk to you about something "i replied
"Am all ears "he said focusing on his laptop
"Well i was thinking maybe you could give me my salary in advance for this month and next i really need it urgently"i said while he closed his laptop and faced me and smiled
"so how much do you need entirely"he asked i was really not comfortable saying the money out so i tool a piece of paper and write it down then showed him
"wow that 's a lot of money but am willing to give your more but on one condition "he said and i almost screamed out exictedly ,he stood up and walked close to me and tucked my hair behind my ears
"What condition"i finally asked
"one night with you,that all"he said and my job dropped immediately
"What do you take me for" i yelled
pushing him and landed a very hot slap on his face

"Do i look like a whore to you?look at me very well i am selena you can go to hell with your money"i spat and walked out angrily ,My eye began spinning ,my vision were getting blurly ......


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