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COLD HEARTS INLOVE - Chapter Fiveteen


Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Fiveteen
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Selena pov
Gosh am so clumsy
"Selena who did you kiss"donald asked

"Dont tell me you havent heard the song "i didnt kiss you by Rihana" i said

" ohh okay" donald said looking at me ,damn am a good lier
I sat down in the dining and began eating ,Am soo happy kate is here she has really being of help and i will surely miss her if she goes
"Danny has agreed to treat me"i said looking at donald
"without dating him" donald asked
"Yes"i replied
"So are you going to move in with him"he asked
"I dont really know yet,he said i need a lot

of care and attention" i replied
"But i can take care of you"kate said
"You are going to leave soon kate and besided i dont want to stress you"i replied
"Well even if i leave donald is always here and i can employ someone too"kate said and i starred at donald who ate his meal quietly
soon we were done eating ,i walked behind donald as we step outside when i saw a basket of flowers and big box of chocolate in the porch and a note attached to it
"From Donald"i read and he smiled at me
"Wow the flowers are much "i said and sniffed them ,I dropped them at the side of the door and carried the box of chocolate to the car
"Thanks for the flowers and chocolate" i said to donald
"You wellcome,that is how a true boyfriend behaves not the one who buys small flowers and small chocolate"he said in a mockery tone
"So why did you drop the flowers at home" he asked
"Do you want me to carry the basket of flowers about"i replied looking at him
"Well yes,you carried the one sent to you yesterday about "he answered and i starred at him mouth open
Is this guy being serious right now ,he want me to carry a basket of flowers about because he bought them for me and because i took the one danny sent to me to work ,he is sounding jealous

Donald pov
First selena was acting werid this morning and now she can just carry the basket of flowers i bought for her can you imagine but she carried the one sent to her yesterday ,Shes so rude and ungreatful
I watched her as she shoved the chocolate into her mouth and eat them ,i am still wondering who she kissed "is it danny or her boyfriend" because i have searched all over the internet and i didnt see any new song by rihanna tittled"i didnt kiss you"
"I wish i was the one she kissed "my inner voice yelled
yea i really wish it too,i know it sounds crazy but her lips are soo sweet and i really wish to kiss them again
Soon we arrived at the company and i parked
"Selena" i called as she was about to come down
"Yes"she answered facing me and she starred at my face actually my lips which i find really weird
"selena is something on my face"i asked and she closed her eyes immediately i looked at her lips too and removed my eyes immediately
"Selena "i called again and she opened her eyes
"Are you okay"i asked
"Am fine ,i was just thinking"she replied
"Oh okay" i said
"So why did you call me"she asked
"Well there is a ball tomorrow and you are coming with me"i said and she nodded
"One more thing the people coming there are of high class and you need to dress expensive ,anyways kate will handle that" i said and she stormed out of the car angrily ,what did i say to upset her now ,this girls is really difficult and she even went with all the chocolate soo stingy

Selena pov
I stormed out of donald's car angrily what is he trying say "you need to dress expensive " but am going to shock him tomorrow
i sat down in my office and began working ,and soon it was closing time i quickly board a cab and went to ella's house since i know today is her off day
When i arrived there i saw danny's car packed outside my just someone else with the same car as his
I knocked on ella's door and she opened jumping on me
"What happened you did show up"
"Are you okay"
"You are getting slim why"
"one questions at a time ella i said she looks so excited
"Perfect timing i want you to meet someone" she said dragging me in
We both called at the same time

"So you guys know each other" ella asked and we nooded the same time


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