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Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Five
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Donald pov
I held my cheecks that selena slapped, that girl is just too aggressive and rude ,how can she go to the extent of slapping me ,i never even ment what i said to her,i just wanted to taste her and i earned a slap

I think she has over stayed her welcome in this company ,i stormed out of my office angrily and i was shock to see selena lying lifelessly on the floor ,i quickly rushed to her and shaked her maybe this is one of her pranks but no response i looked at her face she really looks pale and sick ,i carried her in a bridal style and rushed to the car ,the employees kept looking at me like someone who is walking on water ,Same thing when i arrived at the hospital total shock was written on their faces ,well i dont blame them who wont be suprised to see Donald kings carrying a lady by himself to the hospital.

Selena was put on a strecher and rushed to the ward while i sat down in the waiting room

Selena pov
It's been one week since i was discharged from the hospital ,things are not going well between me and donald he has returned back to his cold and arrogant self since we left the hospital

Flash back
I woke in an un familiar room ,i looked arround and saw that i was in the hospital ,i saw donald and the doctor talking
"Oh she awake "the doctor said coming towards me
"I want to go home" i said trying to sit up
"you just recovering selena"donald said
"I just want to go home"i said removing the things that were fixed in my body
"Selena why are you so stubborn"donald almost yelled
"dont worry mr kings this are just symptoms of her sickness"the doctor said while donald looked at him confused
"What do you mean doctor" donald asked
"Well she has a strange and rare sickness which ...
"Enough doctor " i yelled
"All i wanted to say is that she will have mood swings and get upset easily"the doctor concluded and left
"why did you tell him to stop,do you have any idea that i saved your miserable life"donald yelled
"Here we go again ,always rude and proud ,you saved my life so what?" i yelled back
"Are you the first guy that have saved someone's life before " i asked
"Selena is like you still dont get one thing ,i am your boss no matter what you have no right to talk to me that way except you want to spend the rest of your life in jail"donald yelled
"hahaha ,a boss that asked for a night before he could help his PA what kind of boss is that"i fired back
"Oh selena i cant believe you thought i was serious ,you are not my type like i always said it i cant choose you as one of my whores ,so dont let what i said get into your head " donald said
"Selena i am allowing this one pass just because the doctor said it is as a result of your sickness,but if you ever talk to me in such manner ,,trust me you will hate me even more than you already did"
"Meet me in the car else you treck home yourself"he added and stormed out of the ward
Gosh that was scary ,nobody have ever threatened me that way, infact i am the one who normally threaten people and they fear me ,i ran to donald car because i had no money or anything with me execpt i want to sleep here

Right now am done with work for today ,i just have to go tell donald before leaving

I knocked on the door severally but no answer so i twisted the door knob and my jaw dropped at the sight of what i saw

Donald pounding in and out of a blonde hair girl p***y

"Shit" i yelled and the girl pulled up her skirt while donald wore his pants properly

"You may leave jane"he said to the girl while she pecked him on his cheek and she walked out not without giving me deadly stares
"Why didnt you knock miss selena"he said

"I did but you were too busy to hear me "i replied harshly

"What do you want " he asked
"I want to tell you that am leaving"i replied

"Well you cant leave now ,there are still lots of work for you to do "donald said and started bringing out hip of files from his shelve

"You see these files they need to be arranged orderly he said and dropped them on the floor ,i couldnt talk or yell back because it's almost end of month and i will be collecting my salary soon i really need the money so i need to act nice for now

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I sat down of the floor packed my hair in a pony tail and started arranging the file while donald just sat there and kept watching me ."Why is this guy so rude ,he cant even help me arrange the files ,gosh and later he will say am not his type look at the ugly blondie that he brought to the office and was having sex with ,she too ugly just like him she has big lips and her eyes is not even well shaped ,and shes even showing off her fallen boobs while my own are perfectly standing and intact ,she has luck am not his girlfriend else i would have beaten hell out of her today ,why am i even upset ,yes am upset because they just defiled this office i wont be coming into his office again ,only God knows how many girls he have brought here and have sex with ,,ewwww am very sure they are all ugly , You are jealous my inner mind said ,,,oh no way am not jealous am just saying he should find a pretty girl just like me and not those ugly one

it was getting really late and i was almost done so i texted danny to come pick me up my push and start have been having problems recently so i didnt bring it
I know you must be wondering who is danny well his full name is Daniel Hart ,i met him at the mall some days back and since then we have been friends ,he often calls and visit me and danny is also a doctor but i dont really know the hospital that he is working in
Soon i was done danny already texted me that he is outiside ,i stood up and so did donald he followed behind me am sure he is looking at my ass "pervert" i muttered

"I should drop you at home its late already"Donald said

"No thanks" i replied
"You are just...

Before donald could finish his statement rushed to danny and hugged him ,he was shocked at first but later returned the hug ,he opened the door for me and i entered and sat down

Hahaha i almost laughed my ass out when i saw the look on donald face ,i will give out all the money i have saved for my hospital bill just to see the look on his face over and over again


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