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Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Eleven
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Selena pov
"Danny" i yelled

"Selena what are you doing here"he asked in shock

"I have an appointment with the doctor" i replied

"Well when did you come back from your urgent journey "he asked

" Lets talk about that later ,how come you are here" i asked

"I thought i told you am a doctor and this is one of my hospitals"he said smiling

"What " i yelled in shock
If this is one of danny hospitals that means he must be very rich too

"Soo you are the lady with the rare disease "he asked and my face went down immediately

"Hey you dont have to feel bad ,am here for you"he said holding my hands which was kinda really awkward

"So i have some money with me which i can give you to start the treatment and then later i will run arround and get the rest" i said and he stared at me

"Oh come on selena ,i dont need a dine to save the life of someone i love "he said and my eyes nearly popped out

"selena since the day i saw you ,i already loved you and i think nature is trying to bring us together "danny said tucking my hair behind my ears

"Please accept me and i will treat you free and for this five months of your treatments i promise to be by your side "he said

"Wait i dont get you five months for what?i asked
"Well your disease take five month to be treated out and within that five months you are not suppose to do any hard work else it will lead to constant fainting and some other minor complications "he said and i felt tears gathered in my eyes

"Selena just be mine ,move in with me and i promise to treat you well
"he said

"i want to go home "i said finally

"I dont stay there anymore"i said and he stared at me

"Well you will direct me to where you stay now "he said and dragged my hands and we head everywhere was so dark ,i never knew it was this late already ,i checked my phone and saw 20 miss calls form donald am sure he must be really pissed by now
After all the directions i gave to danny ,we soon arrived at donald's house and danny drove in which am thinking is a bad idea
he opened the door for me and i came down

"selena what ever decision you make please be fast about it ,you dont have much time left "he said and kissed my forehead

Donald pov
Arrh i dont know why am even bothered about her

"Calm down son she will be okay"kate said

"Mom you dont understand,she is suppose to make dinner"i yelled

"But i already did"kate said

"Well that is not your duty that is why i employed her"i replied

"Are you sure it is the dinner that you are upset about or something else"kate said smiling

"Mom shes under my care what if some guy takes her out they got drunk and so some other stuff" i said and kate started laughing

"You are jealous "she said inbetween her laughs

"No am not "i said in a serious tone

"Son do you love her"kate said and the question threw me off balance

"What ,me ,naa ,noway,,,,,selena is not my type

And she is too rude for my liking and a very big talkative"i said and kate nodded smiling

"Why are you smiling mom"i asked

"Well you just told me you love her "she said

"Me did i say that? when "I asked trying to think when i said that
I heard the gate opened and i rushed and peeped it was that selena ugly boyfriend that drove in ,he opened the door and selena came out ,he said some things to her and kissed her forehead
Anger consumed me immeditely ,so this is the hospital appiontment that she lied she was going to right ,she went to see her boyfriend and made kate cook and now he even has the guts to bring him into my house ,what did she even see in that ugly guy

selena pov
I stepped into the house and saw donald standing in anger and kate sat down on the couch

"Where are you coming from" donald yelled

"hospital "i replied in a low tone
I walked to where kate was ignoring danalds questions and hugged her amd hugged me back ,i really need a shoulder to cry on and kate is like the caring mother i never had ,she hugged me tight and i let all the tears i have been holding out

"Omg selena you are burning"kate yelled but i was too weak to speak

"Quick donald carry her to your room"kate said

"What my room,why cant she stay in her room" donald replied faking anger but i knew he was happy within him and i wonder why

"Donald"kate yelled and he carried me in a bridal style to his room avoiding eye contact with each other ,he placed me on his bed and left the room

Soon he came back with kate ,he was holding a bowl of soup while kate was holding a bowl of water and towel in her hand

"Feed her "kate said to donald he wanted to talk but kate gave him a deadly glare and he kept mute immediately

After feeding me kate gave him the bowl of water to clean me

" Mom why am i doing all this"donald finally asked

"i want you to learn son"kate said and patted his back then left

Donald looked and me then quickly removed his gaze ,he picked the wet towel and began cleaning me avoiding touching some parts of my body


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