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COLD HEARTS INLOVE - Chapter Eighteen


Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Eighteen
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Selena pov
"selena please wait "donald kept yelling but i pushed him aside entered his car and zoomed off
I am the bigest fool that ever existed ,how can i give a guy my virginty without him even telling me he loves me,am not even his girlfriend for goodness sake ,am no difference from his slut and that lady was right about me and donald is a play boy he dosent believe in love ,for the first time he touched me i couldnt even resist it
I arrived at ella 's house and dragged my things in
"Ahemm"i cleared my throat and the both stopped their love making process ,when did this too even met that they are already kissing so well that they didnt even hear me come in
"Selena" both danny and ella called the same time
"whats wrong with you baby girl"ella said as she held my hands to the couch
"Danny i will be starting treatment today "i said and he stared at me
"Errm selena am sorry for all i did,and you dont have to stay with me while you recieve treatment,infact you can be working i just said that out of my own selfish interest so meet me every evening after work " danny said and i starred at him
"Its okay danny i understand" i replied
"I will take my leave now "danny said and kissed ella then left
"so you guys are a thing now"i asked and ella nodded smiling
"So what happened you"ella asked
"I gave him my virginity"i said and began crying again
"Omg you had sex,you should be happy" ella said smiling
"am not his girlfriend ella ,and am sure he dosent love me " i replied
"Who told you,as much as you told me i know he loves you but cant say it and am sure you love him too "ella said and i starred at her
"Stop giving me that look ,so did you enjoy it ella asked
"Omg selena you are blushing you really enjoyed it "she said and i smiled
"Okay fine i enjoyed it"i said and we began laughing
"So what are your plans "ella asked
"Well i will be leaving with you hensefort and i will continue my work in donalds company but it is going to be strictly professional"i said sternly
"Are you sure you can do it "ella asked
"Yes why not " i replied boldly
"This is going to end so bad"ella mummured

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"What did you say" i asked pretending i didnt hear her
"Nothing "she replied and laughed
I sat down watching movie and the couples were making out then i remembered donald the way he touched me the way he kissed me ,he really knows his way ,i really enjoyed it but it was a total mistake which isnt going to repeat itself again ,am i really sure i can work with him after everything that has happened ,well i have no option because to find job that pay well will be very hard and i dont want to depend on ella all through

I took my bath ,applied lotion to my body and searched for my underwears it seems some are still in donald house and i cant leave them there ,i wore a short pensil gown shoes did some other stuffs grabbed my purse and left for work , i went outside and saw donalds car that i brought ,well that is mine now i dont care if its his favourite and if i took it without asking ,i entered it and his perfume filled my nostrils , Gosh this guys is everywhere
I arrived at the company took a deep breath and walked in
I took donald coffee and knocked on him door
"Come in"he said and i walked in
he placed his head on his desk
"What do you want "he asked not looking up
"Your coffee sir "i said and he raised his head immediately
Omg he is a mess his eyes were heavy and red his face looks pale
"Selena "he called and his face lit up immediately ,i dropped his coffee on his table
"Sir kings i will be in my office when you need me "i said and walked out
"Selena please dont leave me am a mess without you"he said and my heart sank immediately
"please selena come back"he said with tears in his eyes
"excuse me sir"i said and ran to my office then let out all the tears i have been holding back
the day ran really fast and soon it was over ,i packed my things and went to donald office ,i knocked and knocked no reply so i decided to go in
I went in and saw him sleeping peacefully ,gosh me looks so pale i touched his forehead and it was burning
"Sir" i tapped him and he opened his eyes gently
"I will be going to your place to pick some things"i said and he nodded sadly
"Lets go "he said took some things and we head out ,He ordered his driver to drive his car i brought behind us while we both entered his car ,the drive was really silent and awkward,soon we arrived at his mansion i came down went straight to the bathroom picked my undies put them in my purse and went downstairs back to meet the shock of my life

Donald pov
I am so much inlove with selena that i didnt realise it until she left ,i was a total mess,i couldnt do anything right ,when she said she was coming to the house i was so happy at least i got an opportunity to make things right ,,i quickly laid on the floor like someone who fainted ,dont blame me it was the only thing i could think of


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