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Cold Hearts Inlove - Chapter Eight
(Shes a psycho part )

By Author Jenny

Gerne:Romance /comedy

Selena pov
I finshed one chicken but i wasnt able to finish the second one
"Dont worry sir am sure they have heard your prayers now,i cant eat anymore"i said

"Okay "he said and faced the tv
soon i felt a sharp pain in my stomach i stood up immediately and ran to the bathroom ,gosh i think i ate to much

"Selena am hungry"donald yelled
I walked out of the bathroom holding my stomach which was paining me badly and entered the kitchen then began preparing food for donald

It up to five times i have ran to the bathroom and donald kept looking at me without uttering a word and i think he is up to something ,i served him his food and went upstairs ,i opened donald room and search if i could see anything but i didnt then i remembered ella one gave me drugs for running stomach ,i quickly ran to my room and found it there then i took it and lay down

I know donald is responsible for this ,i strongly believe he is but how did he find out i thought he was really scared yesterday ,so he thinks this is the best way to revenge right ,,i ones heard that donald is afraid of rats ,well mr alberto once told me

i quickly ran down stairs and peeped and donald was still eating ,i took the rat cage to his room and released it both on his bed too ,i ran back to my room and waited already laughing out my ass
I heard the loudest scream in my entire life and my room door opened immediately

"Selena how could you "donald yelled and i pretended i was waking up from sleep

"What did i do sir"i said yawning

"You put rats in my room right"he asked

"Huh " i pit my hands on my chest in pretense

"Omg sir this is very dispicable of you how can you accuse me of such illegal and heartbreaking crime"i said in a mocking tone
"Oh selena you dont know who you are dealing with" donald yelled

"I am so sorry but i am not guilty of the crime i said i a serious tone "i replied and he left my room immediately and i bursted out laughing

"Selena you dont know who you are dealing with"i mimicked and continued laughing

A message popped in my screen and it was ella she wanted us to hangout

I quickly took my bath dressed and head out

"You mean he yelled that way "ella asked in between her laugh and i nodded

"So what about danny"ella asked

"His fine he called me last night"i replied

"You know you dont have to keep lying to him,just tell him the truth he is a nice guy"ella said and i reasoned with her

" I will tell him when i get home "i replied her

"I have to go home now ,i need to prepare dinner"i said while ella hugged me and we went our separate ways

I opened the door and donald was in the sitting room

"Were are you coming from selena"he asked

"I went out "i replied and head upstairs

"You dont walk out when am talking to you selena "he said and i stopped

"Who did you go out with "he added

"A friend "i answered

"Male or female"he asked

"Male "i replied and his face changed immediately

Before he could talk again i quickly placed my phone on my ear like someone answering call
"Oh honey am home "

"Awwn i miss you more,i had a great time"

"I love you too baby "

"Kisses" muah

I brought down my phone from the fake call and looked at donald he was already red in anger but why is he upset ,i thought he said am ugly

"what were you saying sir" i asked

" Next time you take permission before leaving this house"he yelled and i ran to my room laughing

I changed my clothes and went to prepare dinner ,i served donald his meal

" selena "he yelled and i went to the dining

"Sit" he said and i dragged a chair out and sat down

"eat"he said and i took the spoon ,i cant believe he thinks i added something in the food

I took the first spoon and that was when i realised i did a great job in the cooking ,i took another spoon and began eating his food when he quickly dragged the food from me and began eating

"Sir i thought you asked me to eat the food"i said

"no i said taste it"he added

"So selena is your boyfriend handsome"he asked

"Yes very handsome "i replied smiling

"So is he handsome than me"he asked

"Hahahaha ,i cant compare you to him ,you are not even close ,he is the most handsome guy i have ever seen "i said and donald faced his food

Soon the door bell rang ,and i went to open it ,a girl cat walked in and ran to donald ,he stood up and started kissing her immediately ,,which was soo gross
He lifted her up and placed he on the dining and began squeezing her boobs

This guy is such a jerk how can he bring his slut to make love infront of me ,i went upstairs immediately so i wont hear those two moans


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