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BURGUNDY Episode 2


burgundy Episode 2

©Amah's Heart

I drove down to the store and just as I was about to step down from my car I saw the sales attendant walking towards me with a bag in hand.

She greeted me and I nodded absent minded, all my mind was in getting hold of whatever was inside the bag.

It was as if she knew my thought and quickly handed the bag over to me. I first saw two deep brown polish and frown. I started boiling angrily and did not bother to check the next item.

“What is this…what is the meaning of this rubbish? After giving me hope that you will help and get the polish you got this rubbish for me. Does this looks like a burgundy color to you? Were you deaf and dumb or is it that you cannot understand simple English when I was mentioning the exactly color that i needed. What kind of disappointment is this eeh? Tomorrow is the wedding day…
what I’m I supposed to do. This is bulshit menhhh! If you couldn’t get it why not tell me on time so that I will know what to do with my life? Now, what exactly I’m I supposed to do with all this useless stuffs you got?
I waved the bag to her face angrily. I was so angry and boil as I rant.

She was calm and did not even move. She must have been used to aggressive customers because I don’t understand how she can maintain her calmness throughout my anger.

After flinging the bag to her angrily, she caught it. I was about getting into my car when she deep hand inside the bag and brought out the last polish which I didn’t bother to check again after getting out two wrong ones.

She waved it to me and I quickly pause, I blinked just to be certain I wasn’t seeing double.

I grabbed the polish in her hand and checked and it was exactly what I needed, exactly what I was looking for. My mood changed immediately. I became so excited.
“I got those other two first and it took me time before I finally got the exact one you needed. I did not want to disappoint you which was more reason I strive to get it and I’m glad you finally have your Burgundy shoe polish.

She said to me before turning to leave.

I know I must her bruised her with my words. I called her to wait and she did. I took out my wallet and brought out some cash which I handed over to her but she rejected it.

“Thank you sir. The first money you gave me was enough to run around and to also buy the polish…

“No, you must have gone through stress to get the perfect colour that I wanted. This is a token from me…I just want to say thank you.
I said more calmly trying to make her collect the money but she looks like she was not going to bend to it. She thanked me again and walked away leaving me standing with the money I want to give her.

I got back into my car. All that matters now is that I have gotten my shoe polish. Ireti, will all be mine because there is no denying that tomorrow will be a great day. A day to mingle and catch up with my crush.

The following day I dressed up so early, joined other squad and we all drove to church.

My friends admire my shoe and even wanted to know how much I got it and it was to my delight to tell them that my uncle sent it to me from UK.

I was looking like the celebrant, and couldn’t wait to flash my cuteness on Ireti.

Throughout the time while the wedding was going on I was using my eyes to scan through the crowd for one person that matters to me.

I searched left, right and center for the only lady that I have dressed so much for.

It was during the reception I saw her dancing with her friends.
Why haven’t she noticed me all this while, my dressing was top notch and there is no way she won’t notice me.

I have wanted her to melt at my look but here she was acting as if I don’t even exist. I looked at myself and even at my burgundy shoe and everything began to piss me off.

Since it was reception time and everybody were dancing and having fun I decided to walk pass her side maybe she will see me.
I walked slowly and past her but she appears to be enjoying the music which have gotten into her. she still did not notice me.

I walked back again pretending as if I was on phone, I passed exactly where she was shaking her backside to the rhythm, I deliberately push her gently and she fell back, I caught hold of her.
“Watch where you are going please. there are other road to use why must you pass here. You almost push me to the floor.
She said getting irritated that I interrupted her dance.

I swallowed hard and quickly apologies.

“I’m so sorry, it wasn’t deliberate. I was carried away with the phone call and did not see where I was going…I’m so sorry.

She nodded and went back dancing.

Oh my God what is wrong with me, this was my time to make the move. Since she did not notice me let me make a move on her, I may get lucky.

And with that thought I cleared my throat and said to her.

“By the way, you got good dance move. Wow! I must confess you are a great dancer. Your steps are out of this world…I wish I can dance like you. I’m actually a worst dancer and have been looking for who to teach me some skills as this. You are beautiful with a beautiful dance steps.

I knew I caught her right at the main spot because she turned to me with a smile on her face and said.

“Thank you. I love dancing right from when I was a little girl.
I was waiting for her to say more but she didn’t. she went back dancing again.

Words failed me and I don’t want to push my luck buttons too hard. I swallowed my remaining smile and started walking away she said something that made me to quickly turn back and asked her if she was talking to me.

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The Dj was so loud that I couldn’t hear as she repeated herself again. I have to lend my ear close to her mouth and she screamed the word into my ear

“I said I love your shoe. Is beautiful…I love the color and pattern. Is that wine or brown color?

I wanted to exclaim happily. Ireti actually noticed my shoe. But I maintained my smile and acted cool before whispering back into her own ear, using that to inhale her cologne.

“Is Burgundy…is neither wine nor brown…just burgundy color from Uk.

“Oh! Wow…that’s interesting. It looks good. You better don’t expose it too much or you will be surprise to get the fake ones out soon They can pirate anything in this country. Very soon they will start selling the similar fake of this your shoe which is more reason to secure it. The shoe is really nice…
I wanted her to say I look very nice too not just my shoe but as the saying goes, Half bread is better than none. I expressed all my full blushing smile and thanked her. I wanted more of the conversation but she was getting back to her dancing. She quickly grabbed a drink from an usher carrying a tray of Champagne. I also grabbed one glass before turning to leave and I speed down again the moment I heard her say something.

She actually knows how to get me.
“Are you Jedi’s friend or relative?
She asked while gulping down her drink.

“Yes, a friend. We went to the same university.

I was ready to say anything to keep this precious moment going.
And that was how I went running my mouth on how we school and even talked more than she requested, I answered her questions and even more.

I wanted to get her full attention and I wondered why she had not noticed me for long when I have seen her many times. She was related to Jide’s wife and was mostly seeing around during any party or get together and that was when I started eyeing her.
Speaking with her now was a dream come true for me and at the end I summoned courage and requested for her contact directly and she gave it to me with her name and that was how my day was made.

I achieved so much on Jide’s wedding day more than I have achieved in a long time. Ireti gave me her contact and even spoke with me, that was too much of an achievement for me and I will treasure that moment with all my heart.

I went back home after the wedding. We spoke a little during the week and while scrolling down my phone one day I saw the sales attendant whom I saved her name with “burgundy polish” I quickly remembered what Ireti told me about people redoing my shoe.so I sent the sales attendant a message, asking her to delete all the picture of the shoe I sent to her. She read my message and did not reply me immediately so I called her.

“Hello, is very rude to read people's message without replying…

“I’m sorry sir, I was busy with a customer and couldn’t reply immediately.

“Fine. All I wanted to tell you is to delete all the images of the shoe i sent to you. Delete everything because if I see anything similar on any body’s leg I will hold you responsible. Don’t go and show them to your boyfriends and they will take the pics to a cobbler who will make something similar for them. That shoe is very expensive and also rare so delete every picture of it from your phone.

I said and kept repeating myself so that she will get the message.

“I have deleted them even before you asked. I saved more important things on my phone. Since my phone memory is almost filled up I don’t save irreverent things any more. So before you asked I have deleted them all. No need to panic. I have to get back to work sir.

She ended the call and I held that phone on my ear trying to ascertain if that was an insult or what. That sales girl indirectly insulted me. Calling my Uk original shoe “irrelevant and unimportant” she said it with so much attitude and gut.

I wanted to call her back and asked her if all that attitude was for me or was she referring to someone else but I held myself from doing that.

I try to forget the insult or the way she sound but I couldn’t understand why a common sale’s girl that I can pay her salary twice will speak to me in that manner.

So I resulted to sending her messages again. I sent her a message asking her to go and get proper training on customer care since she doesn’t know that customers are always right and should be treated with respect at all time. I told her exactly what was on mine mind and she did not respond again.

It was later in the night she sent “okay, I’m sorry sir for the way I sounded, the pictures are all deleted”.

I felt good and smile like a boss. I don’t want some sales attendant giving me attitude over some little help she rendered to me.

I spoke with Ireti that night who promise to visit me by weekend and I was at peace and felt very happy.

I forgot about the sales attendant and looked forward to how I will make Ireti feel comfortable when she comes.

Getting Ireti’s attention was a dream come true for me. I’m yet to reveal my true feeling for her and with hope that when she comes this time I will let her understand that she occupies a large part of my heart. All thanks to my Burgundy shoe for connecting me and her.

Nothing matters this weekend, except me and my crush, Ireti.


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