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BLOOD BATH - Prologue


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Prologue

©Cal Empéror

Empire High School
Hey Paul, I called out to my buddy, as I fixed my books in my locker, he looked up from his desk, he seem so cute as he put his head down copying the teacher's sum written on the board.

I quickly did a switch over, and walked to his seat, he was just rounding off the note. It was the last subject for the day.

What you gonna do after school today? I asked eagerly I had wanted him to come over to my house so we could game on Soccer, and just as lucky as I was he said he would be free. I was glad.

We both walk down the hallway, till we were out of the school block, I could hear my name from a distance, I turned back it was Lisa.

Hey I called out to her, she waved and I gave a smile in return.
‘‘You know she is cool, Paul commended.

Yeah she is I agreed.

You should be seeing her, Paul cited but I blushed, common you like her he said to me why the red lines on my cheek grew bigger.

What say you about Rita? I said, and he stopped right dead in his tracks like I just pressed a pause in a remote control. And before I could say Jack, he was on his heel, he headed back to the direction of the class. While I smiled at his gesture before taking a step further, and just outside the school gate, my chauffeur was already waiting for me.

I entered the Car and did greeted Nicko my driver,
Hey Nicko! greeted,
Hi Cal he retorted.

You good? He asked yeah I replied as I settled on the front seat of the car while he set the car in motion, and filed out of the school premises.

The ride home was cool and hitch free, there was no traffic.

At Home

I was just waking up from an hour nap, when I heard the doorbell, I had rushed to answer it, and just as I expected Paul was standing at the
Door, I did give way for him to come in, and after the pleasantries, we set to the business of the day, which was to game.

As the game became intense with no winner, I decided to strike a conversation with him.

Where did you run off to at school today?

Oh Jerk you did remember, I had prayed so hard for you not to, but would you mind a guess?

Yea, you know I am not good at guesses, I replied to him.

Ok I went to see Rita, you know she asked me to wait behind after the last bell, I had forgot totally if you hadn't said a word concerning her. He said smiling awkwardly, that kind of smile that had something hideous behind it.

Is there something you ain't telling me?
Uhmm. She gave me a kiss, he said.

Whoa, does that mean you had been getting laid anytime soon.
Fool!!!, Your mind is as corrupt as hell!!,
he lashed out on me while the both of us erupted in laughter, by now our concentration was no longer on the game.

We were just having gist about school, and the girls at school.
Over the years, I have grown so fond of Paul, I did come across him when his dad came to visit us with him one summer holiday, when I was still 10, his dad was a friend of my dad, from that day a bond grew between us, he had withdrawn from his school at Westfield to start Empire High School, we had both grown to become the hottest boys in school, we knew the heads we turn anytime we pass, and we enjoyed the fun of it.

I Just finished a game session with Cal, and I was headed home, I smiled at some of the remarkable moments of fun we had together, being with that nigga was something else, it was always fun, he was like the brother I never had, just the same way I was to him, we bother were the only child of our parents.

I got home it was late, Mom wasn't at home neither was dad, so I did some homework and went off to be, as I lay on my luxury bed, my head reflected the activities of the day.

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Rita did actual kissed me today, she was one of the hottest chicks in campus, and this is making us a perfect match because I am a hot boy too, as I lay silently on my bed, I kept on rubbing my lips with my index finger.

Soon the doorbell rang, and I made to go answer it, but the maid did before I could even get off my bed, I heard dad's whistle, He was whistling a familiar line, of an old poem, it was dad's favorite, I went out to welcome him.

Hey dad,
Paul, you still up? He asked

Well that is an obvious fact that your mom isn't back, which was very correct, if mom was back is should have been sleeping by now, it was 9:33pm

Dad took out his cell, while he was undoing the lace from his shoes, he made to call mom, but the line was dead, so we had to resolve to waiting for her return. An hour later saw us still waiting, and this got me panicking, but dad assured she would be back.

I was scared never in the history of time has mom ever spent up this late, and to make matter was her cell was not going through, I was scared stiff, I paced up and down, while dad look out through the window blind, soon it started raining at a not too Intense pace.
I looked at dad, he looked down to me from his towering height, and drawer me closer to feel his warmth.

You momma is fine, and she's going to be back soon. This was the umpteenth time he was saying that, I wanted to go out in the rain, but dad hold me back.

At 11:49pm a knock came to the door, I leapt up in joy but just as I did, my high spirits dropped back, it wasn't mom, I knew for sure, mom never knocks, she always uses the doorbell, dad went to answer the door, why u followed sheepishly from behind.

And right at the door were two Police officers, they gave dad a pieces of paper, I could hear what they were saying, as they spoke in hushed tone, but I was able to pick a little word like

Shot… gone when we arrived… A bullet… on… her… skull… we are very sorry….

With those heart sunken words, I ran straight to my room, and burst out in a loud sob!

Mom is gone!

Throughout the night dad tried his best to console me, while he shared a little drop of tears,.

By morning, it was all over the papers and the news, it made head line, I saw one of the headlines delivered by the vendor reads:
WIFE OF BILLIONAIRE MARCUS SHOT DEAD IN HER CAR WHILE DRIVING THROUGH THE ALLEY IN THE GLADES!!! It was so heartbreaking, the morning before, I remembered mom promising to host a watch party for me, she's been the best thing in my life but now she is no more .
My cell rang it was Cal. He must have seen the news, he too felt bad, but not as bad as I am, he promised to come over later.

Now there is a ghost killer in the city of Vernica, The killer's killed Paul's mom, will he strike other victim? What will happen to the people of Vernica if the killers keep taking its citizens??

This is an action filled West Indies story and a Calempire Fantasy Production©
Disclaimer: This pieces of literary work should not be reproduced in any media, or stored in any retrieval system without prior consent of the writer, Do not copy and paste!


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