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BLOOD BATH - Episode 4


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 4

©Cal Empéror

I was fighting so hard on losing the ghost cars that were now tailing behind us at a very top speed, they were furious in the wheel, while I did speed hard on the accelerator of the car and toppled the gear.

I made Cal fasten his seat belt, it was a rough ride, but even at that I didn't stop looking at the innocent little boy.

He was so lost in thought, I hadn't got a chance to ask him what happened, but I knew he was brooding over the death of his parents, traces of tears could be seen running down his eyes circle.
I shook my head in pity.

I was glad to see my uncle come rescue me from the killer's hand.
Uncle Neil was dad's younger brother, I haven't seen him for quite a long time now, but dad has told me he was staying in China.

Well I must commend, his stay in China did pay off, at least he learnt some skills that he did use to rescue me.

As he made me jump the high wall, we ran to dad's car, and he set the car on motion, but when I looked at the back the killer's were trailing us in a hot chase, Uncle Neil had calm me down and made me fasten my seat belt,
But as I sat in silence the smell in the car did penetrated my nose, it smelled like my parents, they were dead for real, but why did they not kill me? Was it all about the stimulant under my skin?

Is it all about this I asked Uncle Neil as I reach out my hand to show him the stimulant, dad told me not to show anybody, but something in me was just telling me my uncle knew all about it.

Well the answer I got as he shook his head in uncertainty, left me wondering if I did the right thing,
You know Cal you ain't supposed to be showing anyone, he said and just then, one of the killer's car overtook our fast moving vehicle.
Shit Uncle cursed under his breathe, while my heart jumped to my mouth.

Cal was trying to engage me in a talk when one of the ghost cars over took our vehicle, I was paying so much attention to the boy, that I didn't know when the car did show up.

Now that was a problem, and the car seem to be slowing down, I step on the break slightly to slow down the motion.

There was no weapon in Henry's car so I was left defenseless but there is always a way out.

Henry was a clean man, he was the best brother in the world, even when I was reckless with out father's worth and will, he still did managed and control my flaws, I never lacked he made sure I had anything I wanted, as I looked up the car had stopped and the ghost were coming out one by one, targeting there different weapon at our car, another of their vehicle was still tailing at the back.

Hold your breath. I said to the little boy who bears so much resemblance of my elder brother, no doubt he was his seed.

As we drove further not minding how much of weapons and armour being display at our front, the first bullet struck the front windscreen followed by unending rounds of shot, I swerved my way through trying to dodge the bullets, till I got closer and step very hard on the accelerator.

Zooooooommmm I zoomed past them and the car did catch one of the men, and grind him hard against the tarred road.

Yupppppyyy I rejoiced in relief as we succeeded in passing them, the was a bright smile in Cal's face, but our rejoicing was cut short, buy the resounding noise of another round of gunshots, they hadn't relented, the kept on shooting from the back while I made Cal bend down his head, they kept on following and shooting.

Arrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I screamed as a bullet caught me hand, I did lost control of the wheel, and the car rolled into a ditch.

Watch outtttttttttttt!!!!!!! Cal screamed but it was too late, we were deep inside the ditch already, and just as our car did crash, I heard a very loud BANG!!, it seems as if the ghost had collided with something, and just to confirm my suspension, there was the loud honking of a truck, I managed to pull Cal out of the car, he had a deep cut on his fore head, and he seem to be unconscious, blood trickle down the cut to his face, while I did sustain little bruises and scratch but the pain from the bullet wound, didn't stop, neither was it helping, I was losing strength as blood gushed out from the wound.
I pulled Cal up, the ditch wasn't that deep, I managed to find my way out, and just as I climbed out I saw the rest members of the ghost watching the ravaging fire that have engulfed the other of their car, along side a petrol truck that has come to an abrupt stop, with part of it engluf in fire too, their attention seems to have deviated from us, and this was a Chance, I scampered off, and to my father's house I went, that place will be safe for us to pass the night I thought.

I have just woken up in a room, the room looked familiar, as I tried to adjust my eyes to the obscure scenery, my brain did picked at once that this was my father's room in my grandpa's mansion.

We were here again, the last time we came here which was not even up to 12hrs ago, I lost my parents, and now I am here again, I knew my Uncle must have brought me here, but I wasn't feeling safe at all, we could be dead in the next minute, I thought.

The last thing I remembered before I saw myself in this room was that Uncle Neil got shot and we fell into a ditch, and at once I rushed to go see how he was fairing, I could see him nursing his wound, as he placed his hand close to a reading lamp, the house was dark, only the lamp generated luminosity, I walked over, and saw pieces of bandaged wrapped over the wounded arm and blood stained cotton wool littered the table.

You are up already, he said looking up to me.

Yea how you holding up with your arm?

I should be better in no time he replied.

Ok, does it hurts?

Yes but not much!

So how did you know I was in danger? I asked inquisitively.
I had tracked the stimulant under your skin, and when it did give a beep, I knew at once that all was not well.

Oh thank uncle I leaned forward in embrace while he fondled my blonde hair with his hard palm.

We will stay over tonight, and tomorrow we set out to China, you come live with me, uncle said and my spirit dropped at once.

I was still in mourning, I can't just brush my parents death aside, and flew out of Vernica, at least I should be available at their burial, and also say good bye to my friends, especially Paul and Lisa.
I made my uncle see reasons, but he told me another day at Vernica might not be safe, he promised to see to my parents been kept at the morgue till we were ready for their burial.

And when will that be? I asked.
Just when all this is over He said while I cursed under my breath.


There was a lot going on that I needed to know about, but following my uncle to China will keep me safe from the dangers that was lurking at Vernica, in a night I lost both parents, what does the killers need the stimulant for?


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