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BLOOD BATH - Episode 3


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 3

©Cal Empéror

Mr Henry
Pandemonium ravaged through the city, as the said serial killer struck the axis of the town at noon, I was in my office when the intercom buzzed up I picked the receiver, and the mayor's voice flowed through to my ear.

He told me words has reached him that the stimulant was no longer safe with me, that I should find a way of securing at, as hive were planning on a theft of the stimulant since we weren't bulging at the kill rate going on in the city, and at once I did call my brother, and told him of the happenings, and he suggested I did an implant of the two devices into Cal's body.

I did planted the stimulant in my boys arm deep under his skin, I had placed a skin glue to join the torn skin together, he was in pain at first, but once I did glue the skin, he seem to calm down a bit.

Dad what is the meaning of this, he asked searching my eyes, as his tender eyes, did speak so much innocence.

You will get to find out later.
Why not now dad?

Just be calm pretty boy, I said as he looked up to me, his mother was fond of calling him ‘‘Pretty Boy’’, and over the years, he had grown up with it, I didn't fancy the words, but I just had to say it now, to sooth the little boy, but he still insisted.

Tell me dad, I need to know why you planted the stimulant in my body, he probed further.

I won't bother you with that knowledge my boy, But on no account must you tell anyone about the chip in your body I said.
He only nodded.

Will you? I asked further just to be sure

Yes Dad But why? He asked
Because too many will haunt you and want you dead the moment they know it is in you.

What? So you did planted something of such nature in me? He asked in fear that he might get killed, Dad this is dangerous he said further.

I saw this wasn't making way, he wasn't cool with it.

Cal I called, No matter what happens do not tell anybody about it let it remain within you, not even Paul or anybody else.

Is it that bad he asked still unsure with his words.

Yes Cal!.

Now let's go, I said as we came out of the old house.

As we drove along the road I sent an email to Neil my younger brother, telling him the implantation was successful. He soon texted me back telling me that he was going to channel the GPS of the stimulant outside the city so that Hive won't be able to track it, whatever that meant I don't know, but just as unsure as I was whether the stimulant was safe underneath my son's skin, I was scared that Hive will trace it to him.

I knew whatever the reason might be that made dad did implant a stimulant in my body must really be a serious issue, I had a lot of questions to asked, but the few I asked were been waved of by unsatisfying answers, so I stopped asking.

I unfolded my sleeve while still inside the car on our way home, I looked at the injured part, the injury has healed up and was barely visible, they had healed up at once, the stimulant didn't show either, there was no way anyone will know something was there.
I will keep it safe and keep my mouth shut, I promised inwardly just to honour my dad.

Driving through the streets of China after a thorough workout session that morning, was just fun, the road was clear and free, no honking of trucks, I was headed home, there was a Chinese instrumental music blaring from the car stereo, I swung my head to the melodious rhythm.

I was still nodding my head, when a proximity alarm from my phone interrupted the flowing fun I was enjoying that morning.

Shit!! I cursed under my breath as I check through my phone, the stimulant has been discover.

The next few hours saw me in Vernica city, I boarded a taxi to my elder brother's mansion, when I got into the house it was as silent as hell, I opened the door to see traces of blood on the ground, the wall were all painted with bloody palm prints, fear gripped me at once when I saw Nicko the family's driver lying in the pool of his own blood right at the hall way, I knew at once the worse have happened, my brother and his family was no more, I dropped to the ground, as I wept, buy I later stood up an went further into the house still deep in thoughts of fear and tears filled eyes. When I got in I met Both Husband and wife lying lifeless close to each other in the pool of their own blood, blood traces tricked towards the staircase, I was high in hope hoping that the my little nephew was still alive since I didn't see his corpse anywhere near his parents, I followed the trace leading upstairs.

I was halfway through the stairs, when the proximity alarm that has brought me all the way from China, rang out again.

The boy was still alive, I heaved a sigh of partial relief, I did swiped through my phone and type some codes, and they led me to where the Boy's signal was generating from, I had tracked the stimulant, and I noticed the boy was moving in a top speed, he was probably running or in a car,
The evening was cold in vernica, it was just a few minutes before night falls.

I stepped down from the staircase, Kissed my brother and his wife's corpses and headed out, I made do with his car and started tracing the boy to wherever the signal led, soon I was getting closer and closer, it was very dark already, probably 9pm, I didn't care to check the time.

I was bent on getting my nephew, just as I was getting closer and closer, different thought had come through my mind,
•what if I wasn't chasing after the little boy,
•what if hive's got the stimulant?
•No no no, I tried to erase my thoughts and focus on the journey ahead.

Soon I noticed the signal stopped moving, and the beep cursor was in a static point.

I toppled my speed as I scanned through the axis of the signal cursor, the map on my phone showed Hive Mall.

Damn they had captured the little boy.

I was mad with rage and in that rage I stepped harder on the accelerator, the next few mins saw me at the very large gate of the mall, there was no time for me to go through the gate, I scaled the fence, and landed right inside the mall,
It was night already, the bright fancy lights that filled the shopping mall, was enticing an captivating, I didn't allow that distract me, any other day, I would have spent hours watching the glow of the lights, I love fancy lights but not today, my nephew's life was at stack, I surge further to the main building, if there was one thing I hated about this night, it was that I was going to rescue someone from a building I knew nothing about, not even where the exit or entry was, talkmore of the building structure, but I had to find a way, my nephew was worth rescuing.

When we got home that evening, I heard mom right in the kitchen making dinner, I went to my room to have a rest from the road trip, the impromptu visit to grand pa's house did had it way it drained me, So I had to rest my head.
Moments later, I felt a gentle tap, it was mom she had come to wake me up for dinner, I only meant to rest my head and it generated to a sleep nevertheless, I followed her to the dinning table, while she asked.

Where you been all day?

Oh I followed dad somewhere I said.

Whoa you had fun?

Uhmm… Yea, I replied I had wanted to talk about the chip, but I remembered dad said I shouldn't tell anyone about it, so I just resolved to saying yes, why she smiled, like she knew I was hiding something, maybe she knew maybe she didn't, but either way it was better that way.

We did ate dinner in silence, rather unusual, I had tried to bring up a few topics, but those topics were brushed aside by the awkward silence that lingered, I noticed the eye contact the couple shared, I just didn't bother about it, it could just be some marital tension so I thought. We were almost done with the meal, when a strong force pulled at the door, and the door did give way, dad stood up like he was expecting the unwelcomed visitor, while mom shivered I did shiver too, my only throught was that the serial killer in town must have located us.

True to my words, I saw men in black clothes, they did had skeletal skull mask, just like the one that attacked me and Paul the other day.

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Omg I said in fear, a sharp cold surged through my bone, as my adrenaline rushed through my veins, the expression on my parents faces were not different from the one I had on my face, and at once dad did fell on his kneel, and started pleading.

Not mindidng dad's plea, the brought a device, it was a mini drone, like the size of a mathematical set compass, it had a bright red light beeping from its body, as the object buzz up to life, a blue light showed as it flew towards my direction, as it got closer to me it stopped, I could tell what it was, I had closed my eyes in fear, expecting to be dead in the next minute, but while the drone stopped the mean did gave themselves knuckle and nodded at themselves, as if to say mission accomplished, they hadn't uttered a single word.

Just as they came to where I was one of them pulled me up, and dragged me along with them, while the other one took the drone, and pocketed it.

As we made through the house, the one dragging me, did turned back to my parents, he shot at my DAD,
ohh noooooooooo!!!!!!!!! I yelled is I wiggled to get free from his hand and rushed over to dad.

That's for stressing us Henry, he said and turned to shoot my mom too,
And That's for been a wife to our enemy.

He released the shot at her, I was dumbed in my very eyes my whole world has crumbled, this was a nightmare, I pricked myself with my free hand so I could wake up from this terrible night made but it was real, they kept on dragging me.

The Mayor and his family is the next he said increasing his pace.
Leave me alone, I screamed but hell the had muffled my mouth with a gag, because my wailing became too loud.

Just through the exit, Nicko had rushed in, to see what was going on, but he was shot right there, and he too dropped dead.

They took me in their car and Zoom off. The agony of loosing both parents in my eyes, never allowed me to concentration on the journey they I had unconsciously embarked on with the psychopaths.

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I kept on shedding tears, as bright and sweet memories of my parents flooded my head, noooooooooooo!!!! I cried through the gag, and one of them did gave me a punch.

I kept and moaned in silence, sniffing at interval, soon we approached Hive Mall.

I could see the beautiful mall clearly, and I wondered who were the next family, the hive were gonna kill inside the mall, as the car pulled up at the mall gate.

I had round the building the fourth time now, I was getting pissed at my foolishness of going round the mall, the boy could be dead in the next minute, I have to find a way of getting in, if the people that took my nephew were really hear, I looked around, and did sighted a window slightly opened I leapt up and held on to the window, and swing into the room that owned the window, and from there I could see inside the mall, I soon climb down from the window, and got to the floor, I saw an exit, leading to a staircase, a swiped through my phone and tried to get an access into the building layout and structures, and in a couple of seconds, I was granted access to every structure to mall.

The map led me through the staircase, as I descended down the staircase there was a four Corner wall that had another exit and a staircase. According to the building layout on my phone, it showed a door at the right hand side of the wall, but when I looked at the place, it was just a smooth wall.

I only smiled when I realized what is been done, the door was an invisible door customized to the wall, to be just exactly as the wall and painted the same colour as the wall, I did ran my hands through the length of the wall, I slide my fingers a little bit to the right, and there it was a tiny pin, I pulled on the pin, and a bright blue light appeared from the wall, this was my field, and speciality, I ran my fingers through a small remote like device installed in the door, and in a matter of seconds I have hacked the door, it cracked and slide sideways giving way for me to enter.

Whoa, the sight I saw next was a fascinating one, I saw a large room covered with sky blue lights, and a lot of computers, it was just like my control room in China, I didn't spend much time fancying the room, I headed out to search for the boy, he was close by, because the signal was now beeping faster.

I walked a few step and made to turn towards where the map was leading me, when I felt a cold object at the back of my head.
Smart one, I heard over my head the metal was still placed at the back of my skull, I made to turn but I was stopped.

No no no! Remain as you are till I ask you to turn, the cold husky voice commanded.

Raise you hands up, he commanded further, and I did obey.

Shit!!! I was raged and just as he wasn't expecting it, i flipped the gun at the back of my head and it did fell of the holders hand, I turned at once and gave him a hard punch to the jaw, he staggered and made to fall, but he's stamina had aided him, I didn't relented, a sharp jab to his rigid chest, sent him of to the ground, he made to get up but his sight was dazed, this was my chance a flying kick to his shoulder blade, knocked him off entirely, and I surged further continuing my journey with the map on my phone, soon I was close enough, I look up to see him been dragged by the ghost, I leapt forward with my light body skill, and as silent as a grave yard I landed behind the man holding my nephew, I gentle tap at the back of the ghost, made him stopped, he seem to be in shock as I tapped him.

He turned at once and that was a blow to his face, and he let go off Cal, and landed on the floor, I Pounced on him like a hungry lion, and I heard the mutters from Cal's mouth.

Good gracious uncle, he called.
I kept on pounding and serving the ghost severe blows till he was knocked out, by now the alarm in the building has been tripped, it started ringing to alert the ghost spies of an intruder, I took me nephew and started running towards where I came from, and at the same time trying my best to avoid the security cameras, in a matter of seconds I was at the spirit door, I gave I hard kick, it didn't break, but rather, it rolled opened.

Ran thorough towards the window I came in, as I got there I had placed the teenage boy on my back, and jumped down, soon we were at the ground level, I ran towards the gate it was locked I seem to have forgotten I didn't come through the gate, so I resolved to scaling the wall, but cal was with me now I can jump over the wall with him on my back, and the Ghosts of Death Hive were closing in on us.
The teen boy watched as I stared at the wall in my confused state.
We gonna make it my boy I said he only nodded.

Can you jump? I asked further, and rather foolishly how was I expecting a young teenage boy of 17 to jump a wall as high as that.
No he said but I can try,
What I said,
Yes Uncle Neil let's be fast they are coming, I admired the Boy's courage, and I aided him up, he got to the edge an leapt over, I followed suit, and added a little force on my body so I could get down before him and catch him.
Just as I landed, I reach out my arm to catch him to avoid him breaking a limb.

Go go go go!!! I screamed, as he entered his father's car and I entered too and set the car on motion, Hive soon came out from their gate and followed suit in a hot pursuit.


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