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BLOOD BATH - Episode 2


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 2

©Cal Empéror


I had waited hours unending at the rendezvous point, but Lisa hadn't show up, I was mad as hell, I waited for half an hour more, before storming out of the place, Nicko tried his best to calm me down, but I didn't gave him the time I was just silent as he spoke.
Halfway through my journey, Lisa had called expressing how sorry she was, she told me something came up that made her to cancel the date.

You'd cancel the date without informing me? I said over the phone.

No Cal things came up and they were so unprecedented that I didn't got a chance to say, she said in the most soothing voice I have ever heard, and bit by bit, my rage wane down.

It's ok Lisa we go out another day.
Yea sure she said blowing a kiss over her end, and the line went dead.

Having a dad as Humphrey was fun, he was the best when it comes to everything I lost my mom while I was still tender I never knew her for long, dad had said she died at my birth.

I had a wonderful childhood with dad and I loved him so much, I had been free with him, I had told him the boy I had a crush on at school, I had told him the boy I kissed, it was fun sharing my experience with dad, and at some points he had advice me on what to do. His actions today was highly unprecedented, I was surprised he had asked me to cancel a date I so much anticipated.

I went out the way to the sitting room, I saw dad with a pair of glasses seated on his pointed nose, as he perused the papers, there was a page he was concentrating on, it was the page that contained the numerous attacks on the citizens of vernica by a psychopath serial killer.

Hey dad wanna talk
Yea sure, he replied.

You know you acted off today, I mean real bad.

Nop Lisa, I am doing what is best for my daughter, my princess come over here, he said and I stood up to go over to him, I did sat next to him, why he did cuddle me and stroke my hair with his palm.

I don't want you to get hurt or heart broken, he said further.

Why is that? I asked staring at his finely cut mouth as it moved.

Because the rich takes every one as a pieces of trash, they might end up breaking your heart and dumping you.

You know that? But dad we ain't poor either, I said soothingly he only smiled and shook his head.
Will you obey me?

Yes daddy, I said, gaving him a peck and went upstairs to my room.

As I got upstairs, I logged on my computer, and did a chat with Cal, I opened my mouth in awe as I saw the new display picture in his profile.

Shit this boy is damn cute!!.

Fuck you dad, am gonna date him, I said inwardly.

DEATH HIVE is the organisation I work for, the organisation is been controlled by some top class men of the world society, they all come from the 7 continents of the world, ranging from Africa, To Asia, Europe, America and the others, years ago they had bump into the city of Vernica.

They did have a meeting with the Elites of the city, the Mayor of the city was present at the meeting, and Mr Henry was present too and other stakeholders that controlled powers in the city, I was present too, the Hive had made a deliberation on offering the city a huge sum of money, and also erect some infrastructure, but the city was to provide them a place where they will set up their own organization and also offer the hive a bio stimulant Mr Henry's company owned the bio stimulant.

At first, they were happy to embrace the development, but at the end of time, the city failed to keep it's own end of the bargain, the land was leased out to Death Hive, they had erected a massive mall, which had an underground structure.

The top of the building to everyone in Vernica city was just a mall, but underneath was a whole operations going on, the place was filled with spies, and field agents, the entrance to the underground was very secretive to none members of the organisation, I was been placed incharge of the affairs conducted down there, but on a yearly basis, the 7elites of death hive do come to see how our operation was fairing, I wasn't relenting a bit, I did put in my best to come out with the best results.
Aside the 7 been from different continents, and owners of the Hive, they were as deadly as hell, they were all trained men trained in different martial skills, and were very good ad manufacturing and using deadly weapons, the most deadliest of them all was the African man, he hailed from the Nigerian Community he was the most revered among the 7.

Three years after the hive had erected the business mall for the city, this was also a boost in the city's economy, as they generated enough revenue from it. We had requested that the city provided us with the stimulant,
But Mr Henry was adamant to it, we tried to resolve the issue as soothing as it could be with the stakeholders, but they were adamant on releasing it, we kept on persuading for a year, but the refused to take our words.

And now we are out on a tour, of taking peoples life to compel them to release the stimulant to us, the stimulant was meant for the completion of a Nuclear weapon was already built half way, it was meant to destroy the whole earth, I guess the stakeholders of Vernica city got to know about our plans and they decided to hold on to the stimulant.

Well my boys are doing a good job, taking out people of the city every night till the leaders succumb to our decision, one thing that the people of Vernica does not know is that the attack from hive is not a single person's effort, every night a new agent is assigned for the night mission.

I had manage to keep my work life from my family, Lisa was my only family, I told her I work at the mall as a sales rep, she had believed, because each time she comes to the mall she's always see me.

I never wanted her to get involved with the Henry's family, I knew it was just a matter of time before hive wipes out the whole Henry family, so I couldn't watch my daughter go into a relationship with Henry's boy, and later suffer heartbreak and emotional trauma.
For everything I have done in this life both good and bad, I do it for my daughter to protect my her, the protection I couldn't give to her mother that got her killed. I had always told Lisa that her mother died at her birth but it wasn't the truth.

Mr Henry
The problem facing the city, was caused by some foreign invaders, they had brought a very enticing proposal to us the stakeholders of the city, at first it was very soothing, we agreed to terms even when they requested for the bio stimulant that Powered and supply electricity to my family's company, I had concurred, the company had two bio stimulants, so leasing out one to this foreigners, for the well being and development of the city wouldn't be a problem.

The company was built by my father, I had the bigger share of the company and my younger brother did have 40percent share too, but he seem not to be interested in the company, he had abandoned everything for me including his shares, as willed to us, he was just busy with his martial art career somewhere in China, that he barely cared if the company existed, I did proper management for the company, and fed him of every latest development and all he needed to know, and he was satisfied with that.

I had told him about the bio stimulant but he wasn't move he only said if it was fine by me that I should lease it.

But two year after the coming of the foreigners, words reached us that they were terrorist, and fear did pricked our hearts, we were also informed about their plan of building a Nuclear weapon that was capable of destroying the whole world, so we resolved within ourselves never to give them the stimulant again.

But now Hive was taking it too far, they had wanted to resolve the issue with us, but not anymore.
Humphrey had made it clear and known to me that, if the stimulant was not handed over, Vernica city will lose it's citizens every night.

Ever since the night we encountered the serial killer, the city has lost more people than it usual, people were been killed every night, and this employed the rich men of the city to increased the numbers of their guards, the poor and the middle class in the city, had done some improvement in their door locks just to ensure they were safe in their home, but this didn't stop the killer from attacking, as it graduated from killing just people he found on the road at night, to bursting into peoples house, and killing them like he had a to kill list.


It had been so intense that every morning in Vernica city neighbours always rolled out in mourning and loud wails to express concerns on the loss of their dearly neighbours, any house the killer strucked, every member of the family present would be killed.

After school that day I sat on a couch in the living room to watch some program, I was just chilling with one of my favorite Televista show when the show was interrupted by a news flash, I saw mobs of the city, raising placards, and filing through the streets of Vernica, some of the placards read:
# Govt Please Secure our lives, # SOS, # Threat to the peace of Vernica city, # Serial killer strikes at day time.

And so on, soon the reporter came to view, as the camera focused in her, she reported to the hearing of those of us watching the news at that to me of the day, on how the city face more threats from said serial killer, and that the serial killer has advanced to attacking citizen at day time.

As the news commenced, I heard a ring from the door bell, I went for it, scared it might be the serial killer, I looked through the door hole, to see dad standing and shivering at the door step.

I opened for him and he came panting.

Son we have to go now!!! He said half way through to the main house!

What? Why??

No time for questions, follow me, he said and dragged me along.
What about mom?? I asked as we run towards the garage.
She going to be fine, just follow my lead, he replied.

As he stepped in the car, and ignited the engine, I sat at the front sit and kept staring at the side of his face, he seem to be in such great panic, never for once in my life have I seen my dad with such anxiety, whatever it is that is making him act like this must be terribly bad.

Is it about the serial killer? I asked, and he stepped on the break at once, and stared at me for a while, before continuing the journey topping the gear and left my question hanging.

We soon got to an old house, I know the house, it was my grand father's house, but what were we doing here? I made to ask, but there was no use, I knew dad was never going to ask me, we soon got to the main house, and dad yanked the door opened with such great force I have never seen before, and rushed inside, leaving me bewildered.

Will you come inside now Cal, he yelled, and at once I went in to see him ransacking the whole place, soon he brought out a small golden box. From the bookshelf, it was grandpa's library, I use to visit him while he was still alive, and he do study close to the bookshelf, so all the run and not answering my questions, were because of a box? Henry must have gone but, I thought I'll of my father.

The little box looked like a computerized device, Dad inputed some codes and the box gave a beep, and sprang opened, I saw two little box like objects, they look like microchips too.

What are they? I asked dad.

They are bio-stimulants, he finally answered.

What are they for? I asked inquisitively as he raised them up to examine them.

Not now Cal, he replied
Lift up your sleeve he said and I did, and at once he produce a sharp tiny object that looked like a surgical blade, and pricked it directly on my skin, he tore through, and blood did gush out, I let out a loud scream and wiggled in pained!!!

What are you doing dad? I screamed, you are a psycho!
He didn't flinch he only held strong on my hand, and applied a liquid lotion to the bleeding hand, before Inserting the two objects into my skin.


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