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BLOOD BATH - Episode 1


BLOOD BATH(the siege)
BLOOD BATH - Episode 1

©Cal Empéror

What more pain than losing a mom, but I had to move on, the funeral was conducted, dad did gave a tributes of how heroic mom was all in sorrow.

Now that the dead has been buried, everyone went to his normal life Cal my friend and Rita stood by me through it all.

There was one thing that did surprise me after mom's death, her death seem to open door to a rise in the death rate in the city, people were been killed at night.
The whole city shook with fear, and the government installed an impromptu curfew.

My school life was still trying to go back to normal, because the vacuum mom's occupied in my life was now vacant, nobody to tell me to do my Homework, nobody to tell me if i was wrong with my decisions, no one can ever replace my mom though people do say the words I never knew what it meant, but now i see the meaning in the words. And to worsen issue dad was barely around I was only lucky to have friends like Cal, and my girlfriend Rita.

At school, Rita and Cal seem to be the major Source of my still intact sanity, if not I would have ran mad, thinking about mom.

Aside Rita been one of the hottest chick in school, she was a sweet girl, unlike most girls of her kind, she was always cool around me, she do come over to watch our team play Soccer at the field, I and Cal were members of the same team.

I loved to see her standing by the field, her presence alone, makes me feel so excited that I perform very well.

She will keep on blowing me kisses anytime I did a skill or score a goal, I loved her.

There was a homecoming match between our school team and Brooklyn High School, home coming was a yearly game between various schools in the cities, this year Empire High School, and Brooklyn High School were Fixed for a duel. The Match was Scheduled for 2:30pm that wednesday on a normal day the match would have hold by 4pm, but with the rising rate of killings in the city, the school authorities decided to let us play at noon.

We did set out to the field, we did put in our best, chuks was giving me smooth passes, but the defenders from Brooklyn's were so good that we couldn't kick a ball pass them, each time our legs click there is always this sound it makes like were kicking against a hard wall.
As the match was coming to an end, we were 1 goal down at 86mins, there was no hope of us winning, the cheers from our school cheerleaders were waning, once Paul's hold of the ball, he did pull a stunt that let the ball roll up high into the air, I saw this as a chance, I leapt high into the sky, and did a back flip, my legs caught the ball, and brought it down to the ground with full force, and the next minutes the whole place was agog. The fans celebrated us
We did equalize the goals, and soon the match came to an end after a penalty shoot out that we won.

Now after the match I was all sweaty same as Paul, we both hauled ourselves inside the washroom, and did a little clean up, we entered Paul's car, he was on the wheel, while I sat at the front seat, watching him maneuver his way.

The road was free, we never thought of the danger lurking, at 4:50pm we were half way through our journey home, when the car CRANKED UP.

Holyshit I said while Paul hit his hands on the steering wheel.
Why now?? he asked rhetorically as we came down from the car to check what was wrong with the car.

The road was clear no vehicle was passing at that time, we tried to fix the car for the next 1hour, but it wasn't coming up, so we did place a road sign that brought out from the boot of the car to notify other road users of the faulty car, once we were done, we left the left the car, and decided to continue our Journey on foot.

I could see the disappointment on Paul's face, I made him wave it off.
I have a date with Lisa tomorrow! I said gingerly.

Whoa you don't mean it, do you?
Sure I do,
Whoa you've been fucking up all the while, now you up to it, he said grinning widely.

Yea, but she's fix the date.

What?? I thought you have grown out of your shy self, common man grow up. He said while I gave him a Jab.

Now are you gonna ask her out tomorrow?

Am not sure Paul.

You are an arsehole! He cursed why we laughed
The truth is that have got a crush on Lisa girl right from my freshman years at Empire High School, infact I did had crushes on most girls at high school, but never for once have I spoke to them, concerning my feelings, but I am always free, and friendly with them.

Now towards the end of my second grade, she's showed up she's becoming friendlier and friendlier, there was a day where I was seated at the old block window, watching Paul and Rita chatter away from a distance the two seem perfect, just as the warming sun of harmattan, I smiled as I watched her pushed Paul and he fell to the ground, Paul dragged her along, and they both ended up falling on each other, and he brought his lips on her's and they both kissed.

So cute right? I heard behind me.
I was startled and turned immediately, it was her standing radiantly with her hands akimbo, she seem so pretty as she twisted her lips.

Yea sure, I concurred.

You know Cal, this could be us. She said further, and my head dropped.

You are shy,
Uhmm yea.. No… No… I stuttered,
Don't worry, I will wait, I like you so much pretty boy, she said pecking me, and walking away, the peck had sent shivers and sparkles of stars down my spine, I did touch the place she had kissed with my hand, and watched sway her bum away.

By now Paul and Rita had come back, paul winked at me, while i did engaged Rita in a conversation after Rita was gone, I had to tell Paul about Lisa, and he had been on my neck to ask her out, but the shy me wouldn't let me do the needful.

Now she's asked me out on a date with her tomorrow, Paul's urging me to do it, we were still walking our way home, by now it was a bit dark, the sun's shift from it's place of radiance to the western coast of Vernica,
We kept on walking on the walk way, the road was lonely, vehicle has since stopped passing.

OH!! the curfew I remember at once, I reminded Paul, and we both increase our steps.

We started running at some point, to avoid coming in contact with the psychopath serial killer that has invaded the town.

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As we were running, I noticed a silhouette ahead of us, I look up to see a figure it was claded in all black, his movement seem to be slow. And his attentions fixed to the ground.

Stop!!! I called out to Paul who stopped running at once.
What is it Cal? He asked anxiously
Look up I said!

What?? Holyshit he said clutching to me, we silently made to turn back to where we were coming from, but it seem the figure had already noticed us, it turned towards us in one swift motion, and we started running again while he started chasing after us.
We were on the lead, all thanks to the numerous training sessions we had from our football training. But the figure was closing in on us, I kept on looking back and running and this did hindered my running pace, Paul was a few step ahead, he wasn't looking back like I was doing, soon enough, I tripped and fell to the ground over an object protruding out of the ground.

My body hit the hard floor, and I was stalk to it lying motionless for a while, Paul had noticed this and he came to help me up, by now the figure was already close, I looked at his face, and saw it masked with a skeletal skull mask.

I managed to get up, and started limping, Paul aided me, but I was slowing him down with my weight.

Go go go, go get the police I will be fine, I said to him.

No Cal, we will make it out, try to limp faster he said.

I can't I yelled go Paul, if I end up dying tonight you'd tell my parents what happened, I said giving him a reassuring look.
And he did run far away.

I kept on running at a slow pace, just as fast as my leg could go, and just a step away, a hand pulled me down with a very strong force.
Let me go!!! Let me go!!!! I scream, but it pulled me up, and carried me back to where he was coming from.

Just in the nick of time he did gave me a Hard punch that knocked me out.

After Cal fell down I had rush over to help him, but he had asked me to go, I needed no soothsayer to tell me that we were been chased by the serial killer that has strucked town, but why didn't he shoot us, because according to the records on ground, the serial killer shoots all his victim at the head, so why not us, why did he decided to chase us?

I kept on running, as different thoughts ran through my mind.
I was still deep in thought when something crossed my mind, and that minutes I looked back to see the psycho dragging Cal, and I Immediately pulled my loafers (shoe) and started retracing my steps back.

I was fast in keeping my pace, but did carefully choose my step in order not to attract the killer's attention, I got to a place, and an object that protruded out of the floor, stopped me, it must be the cause of Cal's fall, I picked it up at once, it was a plank I was happy, this was my weapon, I continued my chase and soon I sighted a car at the fore, I knew the killer was taking Cal to the car, and I hasten up, just in the nick of time I got closer to the man and as he made to enter the car, I hit him so hard with the stick!!!, the force was great, he fell to the ground, dropping cal along, I did continuously hit him non-stop till he was knocked out of consciousness.

I noticed cal was groaning and I rushed over to him, he had regain consciousness as a result of the fall, I aided him and we hurried us as fast as our legs could carry us.

Mrs Henry
My boy had gone to school that morning, he had notify me on staying over for the homecoming games, and he promised to be home by 5pm,I had advised him on taking the car or let the chauffeur do his work, but he told me that Paul was coming along with his, and that morning Paul did came, and they drove to school, at 5 in the evening I had given him a call, after coming back from the office, but his cell was off, I did call Paul and his too was off, I tried to be calm at first, but now it's past 7pm they ain't back already, I was pensive, I had let my husband in on this, and at once he took the car key, and off he went.

I tried to talk him out of going, as he might be defying the curfew rule, but he waved it off saying his kid can't be out there and he sits at home,
Not quite long I heard the honking of Henry's car, I was a bit relieved, but not in whole, because I wasn't sure if they were the one, but soon there was a knock at the door, I did answer, and I saw him limping and aided by Paul my jaw dropped in shock.

Mr Henry
I had took to the road, the moment my wife told me about the situation on ground, I did drove along for a while, when I sighted two figures walking abnormally on the road, so I did dim the head lamp of the car to see clearly in the night, I noticed Paul's brown hair, and the blonde boy being aided was Cal, I stopped the car at once, I came down and assisted them in, cal couldn't say a world, Paul had narrated everything that happened to me, Mr heart sank.
Humphrey's threats were true, I was scared sunken.

That night I was taken home in dad's car, I listened quietly as Paul did explain to dad about the road escapade, when we got home mom was shocked beyond words, but she did nursed my little bruises, while dad explained to her exactly what Paul has told him. I noticed an air of uncertainty in dad's tone, but wave it off
Mom was sad, but she had nursed me well.

Heal quick pretty boy she said placing her palm on my dedicated head.

I heard Paul tuning the TV, he wasn't going home tonight, he was staying over it's late already, his dad was away on business.
By the morning the next day I was hale and hearty, I did set out for school, as I bath, mom had come around, she had advised I stay home to be fully fit, but I declined assuring her I was fit.

Paul sat at the back seat with me, we chattered away, like nothing's happened the previous day, Nicko the driver did join in our conversation, he was a good guy, I loved him so much. We all sang along the stereo as it blares familiar tunes.

At school, students including a few lecturer who had heard about the little drama at night, they filed up to tell how sorry they were, and after that we did settle for the activities of the day.

I still remembered my date with Lisa, after school, I had gone home, it date was fixed to be 3pm when I got home I did a shower, and put on some good clothes and drove off as Nicko took me to Vernican Palace, it was the place she picked.

As I prepared for the date, I had put on some nice clothes to match the evening occasions.
I was putting a finishing touch to my facial decoration when dad came him.

Going for a date?

Yes dad, I said as I turned to watch him put his hands inside his pants pocket.

Who is he? He asked
Cal Henry I said!

Hmm Rich boy he replied.

You know him? I asked quizzically
Uhmm! You know Lisa, Do not hang out with rich boys at schools! He said firmly and my spirit dropped at once.

What dad? Why?? I asked searching his eyes for an answer.
You should not he said and walked away,
But I fixed that date. I called after him.

Then Cancel it.


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