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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Five

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

Waking up at the hospital ward, Amarachi couldn’t understand what 
went wrong but suddenly got up with her view blurry.
She saw Dave having a nap by the couch beside him, with his legs 
As she was about to move out incognito she became giddy and began to 
fall but Dave suddenly got up and held her.
“Hey, you just have to take it easy,” He warned and helped her sit back on 
the clinic’s bed.
“What happened?” she asked, still fighting to get her eyes wide opened, 
“how many days have I stayed here?”
“Days?” he asked and smiled, “just a few hours, dear,”
Flashing her mind to the last event that her memory could record before 
blacking out, she jittered. “Please, where is my friend?”
“Still in my house,” he replied.
“If she’s in your house, why am I in a hospital? Where is this place? Still 
in Onitsha?” she asked and drew the curtain closest to her, “Oh, we’re still in 
your compound,”
“Yes, you are,” he replied and tried to make her lay on the bed but Amy
“I need to go, please,” she said sternly and tried to stand again but he 
didn’t allow her.
“You need some rest now because you hit your head on the chair when 
you fainted,” Dave said and still guided her steps to avoid staggering.
“I did?” she asked bewilderedly.
“Yes, but the doctor said you’d be fine,” he assured her.
“You have doctors here too and you pay them?” she asked sounding 
“Of course, we do,” he replied took her back to the bed and sat beside her, 
“they are on shift duties but here isn’t their permanent clinic. They have their 
private places of work too. This is just a family arrangement,”
“Thanks for the explanation but I’ll have to go now,” she said and tried 
standing again but Dave told her to wait for just a few more minutes to be full 
“When I knew about the arrest,” He began, making Amarachi attentive to 
know how the puzzle of her life took place, “I investigated,” he continued as 
she remained ardent, “the outcome of my investigation was positive. I knew 
that your arrest was done by the fake police and it was my girlfriend who 
happens to be the second in command. You can call her the 2ic to Akunna the 
Slay Mama being the leader. The fraternity of the Slay Queens are under my 
care and protection, so they are my subjects,” he mouthed boastfully, “In 
school, Ndi Obodo fraternity calls them ‘our wives’. Being that they’re afraid of 
me and never wanted to get me angered, they didn’t allow the next minute to 
elapse when I demanded for the money they took from you. So they returned 
the entire money to me as I ordered,”

Amy was so perplexed and greatly bewildered as the story continued. As 
Dave talked, she began to follow up through the memory lane; thinking 
through how everything happened as a movie.
“How then did you know that I had some money on me that the Slay 
Queens took?” she asked out of curiosity.
“I knew what Uremma could do, so I decided to confront her, to know 
where they kept you,” he continued, not heeding to the question Amy asked, 
“Even though I’m the Capone of Ndi Obodo group, I still have some conscience 
left in me. I’m not weak but couldn’t understand why I was so concerned 
about your wellbeing,” at this time, he was sober and meditative, “I’ve always 
had a soft spot for you but I felt that being your friend could make me weak; 
hence, the need to keep my distance from you. Okay, let me reveal some mind-blowing secrets as evident,” he said and adjusted himself to be more relaxed 
comfortably on the bed, “my car was among the queue of cars blocked by 
Osisioma’s car when she begged you not to leave the school but you still left. 
When you left to Onitsha with your truck, much pity was drawn from me. I 
was afraid that your truck could stop you on the way. Due to this, I told my 
driver to keep following you to Onitsha to ensure you reached safely,”
“This is surprising,” Amy thought aloud as she kept listening, “continue, 
“I am Dave,” he reminded her and continued, “Getting to your house, I 
was shocked to see the kind of place you live,” he said and held her hand, “I 
couldn’t just take it or help it but kept searching for a way to make your life 
comfortable. I studied your life for long and discovered that you’re not the 
kind of girl that riches entice. That was why I had to become poor too just to 
help you pull through your life challenges,”
The last part was vague to her, so she asked: “How did you become poor 
for my sake and I never noticed?”
With smiles on his face, he said: “wait here, let me shock you,” He went to 
the door and opened the door. Oji isi ebu mgbo and Obinna entered looking so 
kempt and handsome.
“Harry who you call Oji isi is my immediate younger brother and ...”
Amy suddenly burst in tears and began to cry. Dave held her, brought out 
a handkerchief and cleaned her tears.

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“So these boys that I impress with Akara are from a rich background but 
pretending to be paupers. Gosh...what have I done?” she said with deep 
emotions and continued weeping.
“Aunty utu ocha Chocolate,” Oji Isi called jokingly in a polished English 
and American accent, “you made me realise that the poor seem happier than 
the rich. I enjoyed that life and I’m willing to go back to the same stammerer,
Oji Isi, just for me to linger a bit in this poor role to abate your sufferings, and
to make life bearable for you, “I can’t believe this,” Amy said and pulled him into a hug, “you guys have 
made me feel so loved and cherished. So it had been a staged lowly life all 
these while. Oji Isi, you speak English like Oyibo, why?”
“Well, let me enter here since Oji isi is taking more attention now than 
me,” Obinna said with smiles, “Harry came back from the United States a few 
years back, that’s the reason for the accent, but as he said, I think I like him 
more as the stupid Oji isi that fakes being the stubborn stammerer,”
“Come here,” Amy said and pulled Obinna closer too while Dave watched 
with a drop of tear on his cheek, “Is Obinna your real name too or...”
“Yes it is, but you can call me George,” Obinna replied and stroked her 
hair gently as the three friends remained encircled in each other’s arms.
“Obinna,” Dave entered clearing his throat, “was a childhood friend to 
Harry but being that he lives close to your street and knows much about you, 
he indicated an interest to join us in the plan,”
“Though I was more committed to it because Bro Dave promised to take 
care of my schooling,” Obinna said with smiles, getting his hair brushed by 
Amarachi’s fingernails.
“Now, you guys can now go,” Dave said and watched them go out of the 
clinic’s ward.
Amy looked admirably at the two cute guys as the left. She was surprised 
that they were so neat, handsome and well dressed, unlike the rag they always 
appear in at the market.
Out of Joy and overflowing affection, Amy didn’t know when she 
embraced the same man that she’d always run away from. “You’re so sweet 
and I’m so happy right now for what you had to go through just to make me 
happy and comfortable, even dragging your brother and his friend along,”
“Don’t mention it,” Dave said and implanted a kiss on her forehead. “I 
don’t know what I feel for you yet, but whatever it is, I’m falling in love with 
that feeling,” Amy was speechless and shy, making her remain glued on his shoulders 
as she avoided eye-to-eye contact that could make her cry.
“Thank you...thank you...God bless...”
“Shhhh,” he shushed and made her sit back on the bed. He opened the 
drawer and brought out a methylated spirit, got cotton wool and soaked in it. 

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“Pull up your top let me see the tattoo,” he demanded caringly.
Amarachi obeyed and raised her top gently, revealing the imprinted 
tattoo of the mermaid.
Diligently, Dave began to clean it until the last ink disappeared from her 
skin. He arched, and blew some air on it to make it dry, and then kissed it 
gently. “I think we’re now good,” he said and helped her pull down her shirt.
Amy was lost in that kind and tender feeling but Dave didn’t wallow in it 
but took her out from the ward to the lounge where Akunna was still waiting.
Seeing Akunna, Amy was both surprised and disappointed. She couldn’t 
control the tears that stifled her words. She couldn’t say anything to Akunna 
but kept looking at her and crying out her eyes.
“I’m sorry for betraying my friendship with you,” Akunna said tearfully 
and knelt but Dave suddenly aroused the suppressed dark part of him and 
went straight to whip her with a belt but Amy rushed at him and stopped him.
“Don't you dare...?” Amy warned, “She offended me and not you,” she said 
and took the belt from him, “don’t fight for me. I got this. You’ve done a lot 
already,” Moving closer to Akunna, she helped her get up and made her sit.
“I am so sorry for all that happened,” Akunna reaffirmed, “even though I’d 
done worse things as the queen mother than you could imagine, hurting you is 
one of the life regrets I can never get over,”
Amy crossed Akunna’s lips with her finger to make her to stop aplogising. 
“I don’t need the details, please,”
“You’d been helpful to all of us in economics department but because of 
material things and cash promises that Uremma made me, I fell for her trap 
and betrayed my best friend,”
Tears took better part of her speech but she fought through it as she 
remained apologetic.
“How will Osisioma take this if she hears that the same girl that came 
with her to the government house to rescue me is the culprit that carried out 
the treachery?”
Akunna could imagine how ugly it’d be for Osisioma, her best friend, to 
discover that she was the one behind all that happened. “I’d rather drop out of 
school than see her reaction,” she said and covered her face in shame.
“Croc tears,” Dave said disgustedly, “I’ll be the first to report this to 
Osisioma and let her know the wolf she’d been feeding all these while in...”
“No,” Amarachi retorted abruptly, “Let’s this remain a secret to the trio,”
“Why?” Dave queried, “I guess you don’t know the weight of what this 
girl had done to you.”
“I do,” Amy said, “but please, don’t remind me of the patronage the Slay 
Queens fraternity enjoyed in your care that made you angrier than the victim,” 
she added pre-emptively.
Akunna kept gazing absently and gnashing her teeth in emotional torture.
“If that’s the case, I’ll respect you,” Dave concurred.
“That's good. Thank you, "she appreciated him with a grateful heart.”But, 
wait, how did you drop the 150k and the 20k respectively?” she curiously 
asked because he was yet to tell her more about the money part.
“I used the same guy in keke that talked to you when you were being 
confused about how the money came to be hidden under the tray,” he replied, 
“He works for me too. His name is Taiwo, a Yoruba friend that I met at the 
gym. It was still the same Taiwo that kept the 150k back to your house when I 
recovered it,”
“Fast guy,” Amy said and smiled, “but can you now allow Akunna to go 
without being hurt? I love her so much and can’t wait to make her smile 
again. Babe, smile nah,” she said and tickled her fancy.
Akunna smiled faintly but was conscious of Dave’s reaction if she smiled 
a bit further, so she became calm again.
“Leave my house at once!” Dave ordered Akunna.
“Another thing,” Amy added, “Two of you now happen to be the leaders of 

your different fraternities but I want you to denounce the nefarious groups if 
we must remain friends.
“That won’t be possible!” they both chorused.
Akunna became uncomfortable with that plea and left immediately to 
avoid being influenced by Amy’s quest for her denouncement.
Amarachi was surprised that Dave and Akunna couldn’t denounce their 
loyalties to Ndi Obodo brotherhood and Slay Queen's sisterhood respectively, 
but that created another mystery that she couldn’t understand, even though 
she was bent on finding out their reasons later or have a background check to 
find out no matter how long it takes her.
Looking at her wristwatch, Amarachi discovered that it was already late 
and her phone had been in her truck, meaning that her mom could have 
called her severally on the phone.
“Can I go now?” She asked, in a bid to take permission from Dave, "My
mom would be worried too,"
“After you,” he said and showed her the way as he gestured with his hand.
They both left the lounge.
Amy was surprised that her truck wasn’t there anymore.
“What happened, please,” she asked knitting her brow into a frown as she 
looked searchingly for her truck.
She was surprised to see a black tinted e-Vogue SUV parked by the gate, 
with the same girl that laughed at her together with her friends the first day 
she came to drop some goods for Oga Okoyeocha standing beside the car. The 
girl stood elegantly beside the SUV in a glamorous stone-designed J-lo evening 
Seeing the girl, Amy frowned and looked away but the beauty queen 
came closer to her and said: “Sorry for the other day,” she thrust her hand for a 
handshake but Amarachi remained uncertain, feeling offended.
“Go on,” Dave encouraged her. “Ujunwa is my younger sister, but she 
could be annoying sometimes with sarcasm,”
Dave and Ujunwa chorused a burst of laughter that lured Amarachi into 
the contagious laughing mood.
Amy smiled back at Ujunwa and spread her arms for an embrace. 
“At least we can do better than just a handshake,” Amy said and pulled 
her closer.
They both embraced and patted each other’s back.
“Let me have the pleasure to take you home,” Ujunwa said but Amarachi 
refused to go with her.
“I came here with my truck,” Amy maintained, “and with the same truck, 
I’d go back,”
“The truck is already at home,” Ego Oyibo said when she opened the rear 
door of the e-Vogue and beckoned her daughter forward to join her.
“Amarachi remained speechless seeing her mom looking fresh and happy, 
even though Ego Oyibo looked a bit confused as if she wasn’t part of the entire 
plan that’d been going on around Amy, her daughter.

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