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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Ten

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

As the little time she bought by hiding in the confessional drew to an end, 
heavy pulsation of the heart crept into Amarachi as she waited to see the end 
of it all.
The pistol she saw the hefty man wave in the air was almost like the one 
that she saw in her dream; even though the user was Uremma and not some 
strange macho man.
It dawned on Amarachi that the nightmare she dreaded finally came.
Reminiscing on the part where her mom pleaded to be allowed to take 
her daughter to the church made the entire dream clearer. She knew that 
she’d still be shot, but this time, it would be in the church.
Amarachi never knew that Uremma could hire assassins to end her life, 
but the revelation in the dream was that she was the user.
With her eyes wild shut, she said her last prayers and then waited to be 
devoured by the marauding beasts breathing threats against her.
The roomy confessional suddenly seemed air-tight, suffocating and 
uncomfortable; against the safe haven that it provided for her a couple of 
minutes earlier.
As she waited for the confessional to be broken by the men in black, she 
was surprised that everywhere suddenly became calm.
Little by little, she opened her eyes. It was surprising that both the priest 
and Ugwunwa were gone, remaining the two hefty guys.
At this time, the real fear set it, so she burst into tears as she waited for 
her death to come.
“Hey, you should come out now quickly,” one of the guys echoed in a 
coarse voice.
“Please, don’t kill me,” Amy pleaded with an untold fear, “Fine, I’ll open 
the door, I promise. But please, don’t use the gun yet,
“You’re wasting much time here,” the voice whispered angrily, “we just 
bought some time for you but you want to implicate us. Or do you want the 
church security to be alerted?”
Suddenly Amy opened the door in total surrender to fate. She was dazzled 
when she saw the priest sitting as if he was in hostage while Ugwunwa’s legs 
and hands were tied.
Amy didn’t just get it but had to obey the instruction as ordered.
She followed one of the macho guys while the other watched the priest 
and Ugwunwa to ensure they didn’t interfere in the abduction.
As Amy and one of the macho guys walked towards the parking lot, the 
guy looked at Amarachi, smiled for the first time and pretended to be a friend, 
and then said: “I think you just have to pretend that we’re friends so that we all 
would quietly leave this church without a hitch,”
In obedience, Amarachi pretended too, smiling at everyone in a way that 
a clever one would understand that she was under duress. Even though she 
played along, she was busy trying to make the people around know that 
something was wrong and kidnapping taking place.
Unfortunately, none of her gestures was fruition until they got to where 
she parked her car.
“What else should I do, sir?” Amarachi asked with uncertianty.
“Unlock,” he ordered in an unfriendly tone and then collected the car key 
from her. He unlocked the car, pushed Amarachi into the vehicle and drove off 
without being stopped or noticed.
Silence flared as the unsmiling man piloted along the road. Amarachi was 
filled with uneasiness and couldn’t even utter a word to avoid being killed. She 
already knew that she was possibly being taken to Uremma wherever she may 
have encamped.
After the prolonged silence, Amarachi summoned the courage and
interrogated him with a touch of boldness: “How much did she pay you to do 
this? I can double it,”
The stout black guy kept driving without a reply.
Amarachi asked him series of questions but he heeded not, not even to 
shush her but allowed her to keep ranting and blabbing.
In a jiffy, she noticed that the other guy was behind them; with the black 
Lexus car as he closed in fast.
“Please, don’t tell me that anything happened to Fr. Augustine,” Amarachi 
said and kept looking back at intervals to know if the black Lexus was still 
following them.
To her greatest surprise, she noticed that the mute driver plied the same 
route leading to Dave’s house.
The entire dream became clearer because she then connected the dots 

and realised that the shooting that would end Dave’s life was close.
“Please, instead of killing Dave, kill me,” she pleaded with tears blurring 
her vision, “I know how the story ends. I know I’d still die but don’t kill Dave,”
The only reply Amarachi got from the macho man was silence.
In an exceedingly short time, the guy got to the gate and engaged the 
horns with a blare.
Being that the e-Vogue was tinted, no one could have suspected that it 
wasn’t Amarachi that was the driver, so the gatekeeper opened the gate and 
they drove in.
The other guy in the Lexus saloon car drove in sharply too to avoid being 
locked outside the gate.
The entrance of the second vehicle became suspicious to the gatekeeper, 
that was when he went closer to see who was there but no one was seen since 
the tints of the glasses were heavy.
As Amarachi looked straight ahead, she saw Dave, Ujunwa and Ego Oyibo 
coming to welcome her.
She started shouting but her mouth was shut by Mr. Macho that held her 
closely with a firm grip.
Please, stop this madness,” the hefty guy barked, breaking his long 
silence. “Wait!” he said to her in a husky tone, got down from the SUV, and 
then opened the car for Amarachi.
Seeing Dave coming, Amy rushed and held him. “Baby, please rush back 
inside because I saw all these in my dream. You’d die...I mean it,” she yelled as 
she groped for her car keys but remembered that the macho man was with it.
Amarachi was surprised that Dave wasn’t perturbed as she expected, 
instead he calmed her down and welcomed the guys with smiles.
“I hope my girl wasn’t hurt,” Dave asked and held Amy closely.
“No, sir,” The macho guy said, but the priest would have caused some 
troubles for us but we had it under control,"
“Under control?” Dave queried with a frown and went closer to him 
looking fiercely into his eyes, “I hope a priest of God wasn’t harmed,”
“We’re not killers, sir, especially bearing in mind that you have warned us 
to keep away from the clergy” the guy said with a deep respect for his boss, 
“but we have a victim of circumstance in the car,”
The other car opened immediately. Ugwunwa was seen struggling for her 
freedom but got none except a reprimand from the rugged guy.
The macho guy came down and opened the car for Uguwnwa, and then 
said: “You see. I told you that you won’t be hurt if you complied,”
“Who’s she?” Dave asked looking surprised.
“She’s an impostor.” Amarachi snarled swiftly, “this impostor wants to end 
her fiancé’s life with the intention of stealing a treasure from him,”
“I did what I had to do to keep myself alive,” Ugwunwa yelled with regrets 
and tears.
Out of anger for the unrepentant reply from her, Amarachi raised her 
hand to hit her for making such statement but on second thought, took a deep 
breath and said to her: “Chike loves you so much but what he gets for his love 
is betrayal,”
Ugwunwa looked bedraggled with sweat but looking so guilty and 
“I’m yet to understand this,” Dave said and took the two hefty guys at a 
corner, got a briefing from them and then handed over some cash to them in 
They left immediately while Amarachi remained dazzled and confused.
“Can someone start talking?” Amy said and went to Dave looking angrily 
at him, “who’re those men and why were they following me around?”
Dave’s soft nature seemed buried that very moment, so he held Ugwunwa 
by the neck and said: “I’m yet to get...”
Amarachi rushed at him and pushed him away to avoid hurting 
Ugwunwa that was already choking and coughing, “I thought you’ve changed 
from this roughness and disrespect for a lady but you’re just acting like a 
“But why defending the same girl you condemned a couple of minutes 
ago?” Dave asked looking dazed.
Amarachi didn’t reply to him but dragged Ugwunwa by the hand to the 
poolside to avoid the manly hands of Dave Handsome. “You’re safe here and 
nothing will...”
“Why are you doing this?” Ugwunwa asked; looking so melancholic and 
befuddled, “my gang members burnt your car, even sent a threatening bullet to 
you, and further planned on assassinating you but you still saved me. Why?”
Amarachi was speechless at this point. She was overtaken by 
uncontrollable eagerness to help reconnect Ugwunwa and Chike but flashes of 
the details of the confession that the impostor revealed got her mind worked 
up. But notwithstanding all odds, she still knew that love conquers everything.
“If you have ten enemies and later with love, made eight among them 
your friends, how many enemies have you killed?” Amy asked in parable.
Ugwunwa was a bit lost but still interested in the question and was keen 
for an answer. “You’ve not killed any of them yet, so you’ve killed no enemy,” 
she answered.
“Failed,” Amarachi said and looked into her eyes, “If I turn eight enemies 
to be my friends, I have succeeded killing eight enemies and now have an 
additional eight friends,” 
“That’s paradoxical and sounded wise,” Ugwunwa said but still not 
relaxed because she wasn’t sure of her fate yet.
“I don’t need to defend you because you’d be handed over to the police for 
conspiracy, impersonation and attempted murder,” she assured her, “I wish to 
free you but it would be dangerous to Chike...”
“Do you love him?” Ugwunwa broke in abruptly, looking saddened about 
her involvement in trying to bring down Chike that almost offered the entire 
world to her.
“No, I don’t,” Amarachi replied bluntly without mincing words.
“Why then was he...”
“Don’t go there, Nne,” Amy replied interruptedly, “the day you met Chike 
proposing to me, it wasn’t real but a rehearsal...” she lied.
Ugwunwa didn’t get that part, “Rehearsal for what occasion?” she asked 

as she observed Amarachi’s face furtively to know if she was lying or being 
Dave was seen coming towards the poolside but Amarachi waved at him 
to move away to avoid getting Ugwunwa pain-stricken.
Ego Oyibo who was most confused by the entire event hid behind the 
curtain in her room and kept peeping at Amy and Ugwunwa to understand 
what was going on but the more she tried to eavesdrop, the more confused she 
became behind the curtain. Everything was simply shadowy and confusing for 
Clearing her throat, Amy said: “Chike was my childhood friend and we 
had nothing with each other,”
That never answered my...”
“He told me about the breakup, so I came to reconcile you guys,” Amy 
continued to avoid interruptive questions from Ugwunwa, “You must have 
seen some calls from a strange number the same day you met Chike and me in 
his office. I was the one. I wanted to meet you woman-to-woman but you 
didn’t take my calls. Your number later became off, so I went to Chike to...”
“But the proposal...?”
“Can you shut up and listen?” Amarachi hollered, getting the girl startled 
and compliant.
“I apologise, sorry,” she said and remained attentive, “Continue...please,” 
she pleaded.
“When I visited Chike,” Amy carried on as she kept her brain busy 
thinking of the best way to fabricate it so that Ugwunwa wouldn’t think that 
Chike never loved her so much to have decided to propose to another woman. 
“In a nutshell, Chike bribed me with a cheque of hundred and eighty thousand 
Naira just to bring you back to him,”
Mentioning that part got Ugwunwa’s eyes bathed in tears as she 
remembered the signed cheque she saw on the table thinking that Chike 
bribed Amy to marry him.
“I need to find Chike now, please!” Ugwunwa said in a tensed state, 
flapping her hands with impatience.
“Why do you need to see him?” Amarachi asked looking surprised at 
Ugwunwa’s sudden quest to find Chike.
“His life is in great danger because, as I’m talking to you now, the 
kidnappers are already on their way to his office, and there is nothing I can do 
to stop them”
“Relax,” she said and patted her back, “we must find a way to stop them 
immediately but not with the way you’re acting and making me find it hard to 
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Be fast, please!” she said in utter restiveness to show the urgency of the 
need to act fast.
Ugwunwa stood up to rush out but Amarachi held her back.
“Let me talk to Dave,” she promised and left immediately to meet him.
On getting to the garage, she saw Dave playing a game with his phone.
“Hey, babe,” Dave said with a dimpled grin and dropped the phone to 
have her attention, “why looking so agitated?”
“We don’t have time now but someone needs to communicate to Chike to 
know that his life is in danger,” Amy said and kept tapping her feet restlessly 
on the floor.
“Who is Chike?” Dave asked still looking unserious as he tried to 
understand what Amarachi was trying to communicate.
“Chike the son of Obi Ajali of Onitsha,” Amarachi said angrily to lure him 
into action.
Mentioning Obi-Ajali got Dave so much interested in the case.
“Chike was my childhood friend,” he said and dropped the phone 
immediately, “what did you just say?”
“His life is in danger,” Amy iterated.
“Wait! Please,” Dave said and began to dial Chike’s number, “he should be 
at the showroom now. We were even together some days back but he never 
told me he had issues,”
Amarachi was in stunned silence when he said that. She never knew that 
Dave and Chike were so close to the extent he claimed.
“A small world,” Amarachi croaked absently. “Go on, make the call,” she 
urged and looked towards the fretful fiancée and waved to her to calm her 
nerves because Dave was already on the verge of a solution.
Dave moved a bit further away from Amy and made some calls 
indistinctly, and then came back to Amy and said: “Done...Chike is safe now,
but the plans for the treasure still perpetuates because this is family 
battle...History is a bitch,”
The last time Amarachi checked, she didn’t tell Dave anything about 
Ugwunwa’s confession concerning the alleged treasure. She was so suspicious 
at this time because it seemed she didn’t know much about Dave, and there 
were some pieces of information about the conspiracy that she wasn’t privy to.
Amy was sure that there was something fishy that Dave wasn’t revealing 
and was determined to grill him until she gets a satisfactory answer.
“You’re yet to tell me why you sent some men after me for monitoring,” 
Amy said looking uncertain about who she was standing next to, “I don’t know 
you anymore,” she said with deep reservation about the entire happenings.
“You never knew me at all,” Dave assuredly said and smiled, making the 
entire thug-like nature evident in him at the moment to disappear like a 

“Please, I want to know you,” Amy said and looked ahead and saw 
Ugwunwa still looking worried. She waved at her to come forward.
Without delay, Ugwunwa came looking tensed and unsure.
“You can call your fiancé on the phone now,” Dave said to Ugwunwa and 
placed his hand over her shoulder to give her comfort, but that made Amy a 
bit uncomfortable.
“Come,” Amy said to Ugwunwa and dragged her to a corner just to move 
her away from Dave. “You should be very careful with your accomplices 
because they may hurt the man you claim that you love,”
Ugwunwa still looking uncertain about Chike’s safety, said: “You don’t 
know the dreaded Agwanti at all and how determined and dangerous he is,” 
she said trying to give a note of warning to them.
“If Dave is involved, I’m sure,” Amy assured her, “but what is this blah 
blah blah of a treasure all about?” She asked; demanding a detailed 
Ugwunwa knew about her mission and the role she was meant to play 
but knew nothing about the details, so she remained ignorant of everything 
about the document or the treasure. She was simply being used as Delilah to 
source the information needed; in other words, she was just part of a bigger 
plan and a means to an end.
“I don’t know anything about it,” She said, depicting innocence. “I was 
simply told to find a way to convince Chike to tell me the exact location of the 
treasure or just give me a clue, but unfortunately, Chike isn’t the man that can 
easily be used. He was always one step ahead of me; hence the length of time 
I’ve spent on the mission without a fruitful result,”
Amarachi knew Chike as a stubborn guy but never knew him as clever as 
Ugwunwa claimed he was.
“I doubt your claim that you know nothing about the details,” Amarachi 
said doubtfully but didn’t have to dig deep into answers but accept the 
situation the way it was.
“Can I go now?” Ugwunwa said courteously, seeking for permission to 
leave so that she could sort herself out.
“Sure, you can go but you need to be more careful,” Amy advised and 
escorted her to the gate.
“One more thing,” Ugwunwa said and pulled Amy closer into a hug in 
appreciation, and then whispered to her: “Please, don’t tell Chike anything 
about my role so that the engagement wouldn’t be called off. I love him and he 
rocks my world,”
Amarachi found it hard to make such promise but being that all she 
wanted was to create a peaceful environment and help the lovebirds have a 
marriage devoid of trust issues, she nodded in agreement.
“You have my word,” Amy said and watched her walk out of the 

compound feeling a bit relieved.
Turning back, Amy saw Dave watching at a distance. She went to him 
angrily because she still had many questions. Getting to Dave, she knitted her 
brow into a frown and kept looking intently at him.
“Why the looks?” Dave asked and thrust his hand to hold her but she 
pushed him aside and continued walking away. “I know about the burnt 
truck,” Dave said abruptly in a bid to get her attention. He really succeeded.
Amarachi suddenly stopped and looked back with surprise. “How did you 
know?” she queried and came back to him.
“My informants told me,” he said and pulled her closer, and then 
whispered: “Don’t keep secrets from me anymore because I’d always know. 
You are safer and more protected when you hide nothing from me,”
“That’s not an answer to my question,” Amy said, insisting on getting 
answers, “how did you know about the treasure and the document at Chike’s 
Dave smiled and shook his head with pride as he wondered the kind of 
obstinate girl that entered into his life lately.
“I was meant to be part of the operation but I refused because Chike is my 
good friend and I wouldn’t want to hurt him,” Dave handsome hinted.
Amarachi couldn’t imagine the kind of guy Dave was, with his life 
characterised by treachery and mischief.
“What’s the contents of the treasure and the details of the document?” 
Amarachi asked in determination to know everything that Dave knew about it.
“You can’t stop asking. Can you?” Dave said and smiled.
“I’m stubborn, and you should have realised by now,” Amarachi said to let 
him know how unyielding she could be while seeking for answers.
“Chike came from the lineage of the Obi-Ajali of Onitsha,” Dave said and 
paused as if he was trying to get the details collated in thoughts before 
continuing with the historical explanation.
“I know Obi of Onitsha for sure but that of Obi-Ajali I know not,” 
Amarachi said looking thoughtfully at his soft red lips, “Continue, dear,” Her interest and keenness was heightened at this point because she foresaw some 
revelations coming forth from Dave.
“Many years back,” Dave dug into history in full, “The Obi couldn’t 
produce a male Child but had just female children. According to the tradition, 
royalty continues to thrive in his lineage only when there is a male child still 
left in the family. Notwithstanding seven wives that the Obi married, no male 
issue was produced. It became as if he was cursed by the gods. Due to this 
anomaly,” Dave said and admired Amy’s cute eyes, “One of the Obi’s 
daughters, Ifenkili by name became so eager and desperate for the 
immortalization of the dynasty and perpetuation of the lineage of her dad to 
remain Ahamefula (retained family name and title). Ifenkili knew that if she 

did nothing, the royalty would leave their lineage and they would be stripped 
of that title that had been with them for centuries,”
“I think I love this part,” Amarachi said with chuckled.
Dave smiled and continued: “With the thought of this, Ifenkili went as far 
as Ajali village still in Anambra and convinced her friend who was the prince 
of Ajali to have a drink with her. The prince was oblivious of her mission, so 
he obliged her. She got the prince drunk and forced herself on him because he 
was of royal blood and the right person for the role. Few weeks later, she 
discovered she was with child and became so happy about that. She concealed 
the pregnancy from the public knowledge until she delivered the baby boy. 
She gave the child secretly to her mom who kept faking being pregnant all the 
while that her daughter was pregnant...”
“What a history,” Amarachi said wondering how a rascal like Dave would 
be abreast of such history, “go on,” she encouraged and listened with ardency, 
“but my legs hurt from this long stand. Try and be a gentleman, bro.” She 
jeered at him,”
“Sorry, madam,” Dave jested in compliance, “Can we have a seat, please?”
He took her to the deckchair by the lounge and made her sit while he sat 
beside her; juxtaposed.
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The great secret remained only between the daughter (Ifenkili), and her 
mom (Ugbana),” Dave continued as Amy’s attention became more rapt, “Even 
the dying king never knew about this because he was already too weak to 
observe. Other wives never knew too. Only Ifenkili and her mother (Ugbana) 
knew about the secret. In the end, the baby was born and it was a male child 
just as I’ve hinted earlier. It was then that Ugbana pretended to have been 
delivered by the native nurse called Asa Amamighe (the beauty of wisdom), 
though she bribed the nurse to keep her mouth shut and play along with her. 
Shortly after then, Ifenkili who never consulted her mom this time went 
secretly and poisoned Asa Amamighe with the juice of Chelekwu leaf (a 
poisonous potion). She killed the nurse just to keep the secret eternally buried,”
“People are mean oo,” Amarachi said bemusedly and shook her head in 
dismay, “This seems like in the movies and I’m enjoying the ‘gist’,”
Dave was glad that Amarachi who hadn’t given him her attention was 
pinned by history. It was at least an advantage to get her closer to him.
“The king later died, and an heir born,” Dave continued, “Out of deep 
happiness and gratitude to Chukwu-Ani (God of the soil), seven kingdoms that 

were descendants of Onitsha presented gifts of Gold to Obi of Onitsha, the 
little baby with Ajali blood. The gold was in a commercial quantity that they 
had to dig a very deep pit and hid them there. There was peace then, so no one 
could locate where the blocks of Gold were hidden except people of the royal 
“What a historian,” Amy said and applauded Dave for his knowledge, 
“this part of you is alien to me but I love it,”
“Is that a compliment or mockery,” Dave asked smilingly.
“Of course you know I’m showering compliments on you,” Amarachi said 
feeling so fond of him.
“Many years passed and generations after generations,” Dave went on, “so 
no one could locate the particular land where the gold was hidden,
Amarachi, at the point, was already barefooted as she enjoyed the story 
from Dave, the storyteller.
“Treasures indeed,” She muttered and held Dave’s fingers and started 
caressing him gently as the history became bare between them.
“It was surprising that the old Native nurse came from the descendants of 
Ndi-Oke-Amamighe (lineage of wisdom) that was why she was named asa￾amamighe (the beauty of wisdom). The secret which Ifenkili and Ugbana 
thought remained dead with the demise of the native nurse was passed to her 
elder son. Due to that wisdom embedded in the family, they kept passing the 
secret from the first son to the first son of each generation and from one age to 
age until this day,”
Amarachi couldn’t disguise her glee and admiration, so she started 
clapping for Dave. “I’m so proud of you, baby,”
Dave was wowed that he was addressed as ‘Baby’ for the first time. No 
wonder a wise saying has it that women are enticed by what they hear.
Dave didn’t want to act surprised with the pet name but continued with 
the story.
“Meanwhile, in this current age,” Dave clued, “why Chike’s father isn’t the 
real Obi of Onitsha but Obi-Ajali of Onitsha is because the heir that was 
brought into the family by intercourse between Ifenkili and the prince of Ajali 
wasn’t the real heir,”
“How then did they know about this?” Amy asked.
“Through the descendants of Ndi-Oke-Amamighe (lineage of wisdom), 
the secret information licked, that was about three centuries in the past,” he 
replied and continued, “The then real and recognised Obi who was in the 
lineage of the same heir that had Ajali blood was stripped of his title and 
handed over to entirely another family. Obi-Ajali family didn’t give up the 
royalty without a fight. This caused a war that wiped out almost the entire 
warriors from both parties. The resolution to this was that any king from the lineage of the prince of Ajali then took a new title being Obi-Ajali of Onitsha, 
while any king from the new royal home was known to be the Obi of Onitsha,”
“A bit confusing but I’m playing catch-up,” Amarachi said with chuckles

and gave him a warm peck, “you’re intelligent but you allowed yourself to be 
involved in cult activities that seems to have taken the better part of you,”
Dave remained impervious to that statement but continued with the story 
to avoid talking about his personal life. “Agwanti (Ugwunwa’s boyfriend) who 
happens to be from the descendant of the native nurse of old (Ndi-Oke￾Amamighe) now claims that their ancestor being the nurse wasn’t
compensated for her role but suffered humiliation and death from Ifenkili who 
was an ancestor to Chike,”
“I now get it all,” Amarachi said with a nod, “the fight for the treasure is 
just about seeking compensation with gold,”
“Exactly,” Dave said and continued, “With science in this new age, it was 
discovered that there were lots of Gold deposited deep down the earth where 
Chike’s house is currently located. So, Agwanti who happens to be a renowned 
bad guy and a loafer now decides to steal the treasure even if it warrants 
pulling down the building for his share of the gold,”
It was then that Amarachi realised where the entire plot to steal the 
treasure emanated from.
“But since Chike and his family know about the treasure in the soil, why 
didn’t they start mining the gold but chose to keep it hidden without tapping 
it?” Amy asked intelligently with so much interest to know more.
Dave already knew that he was in trouble because being around such 
stubborn guru; a man needs to step up his knowledge and wisdom to be able 
to provide satisfying answers to Amarachi.
As Dave was about to reply to Amy’s intelligent question, some men came 
in large numbers and pushed the gate open and entered.
Amarachi was afraid but Dave wasn’t because he was already expecting 
“Amarachi!” Dave called out and took a deep breath as he was about to 
submit himself to the group of men that came with Akunna (the queen mother 
of the Slay Queens fraternity), “No matter what happens, Just know that I love 
Amarachi was surprised that Akunna was dressed in an all-red overall 

robe, even though she wasn’t looking happy about that.
Dave also gave himself willingly and accepted the red robe that was 
forced on him too.
Amarachi was dumbfounded. A drop of tear was a luxury she couldn’t 
afford even though she needed it most that particular time. It was confusing 
but she remained calm to avoid taking an action that she’d regret later.
Ujunwa almost hurt herself as she cried and struggled to have her 
brother back but the group of men didn’t even act as if they heard the 
sorrowful tears of the young girl.
The strange group made Akunna and Dave mount those two white 
horses. They all left to an unknown destination.
Amarachi and Ujunwa would have followed but they were prevented 
from leaving the compound, let alone coming after the group.
Oji Isi wasn’t even around when this happened just as he wasn't present 
in the nightmare of the previous night.
It was then that Amarachi remembered when Dave and Akunna were 
adamant when she urged them to denounce their loyalties to their fraternities. 
It all began to make sense even though she wasn’t aware of where they were 
taken to, dressed in such ungodly attire.

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