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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Eight

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

Opening her eyes, Amarachi discovered that it was morning already; the
pigeons cooing by the window as the curtain danced to the tune of the wanton
She heard indistinct gunshots from afar. The droning gunshots got her
jittery as fear loomed within her taking her mind straight to the bullet she saw
in the brown envelope.
It was then that Amy realised that she was still putting on the same dress
she came back with the previous day.
“How long have I been sleeping?” she murmured rhetorically and got up.
It was morning already but not even one person in the family woke her
up, even to have convinced her to have her dinner of the previous night.
‘What is going on?’ She thought.
It was surprising to Amy that as she fell on the bed with fear the previous
night, she slept off till morning.
Tearful yawns ensued, her eyes red, while sudden weakness and cold feet

set in. As she tried to walk, she discovered that she was feeling numb on her
legs, so she trudged to the bathroom for a shower.
Amy likes using a hot shower but it seemed that the water heater wasn’t
actually in order. Everything about that morning was strange and she couldn’t
understand what was going on; even the ominous sounds that kept rumbling
in her head was scary too.
Wearily, she entered the bathroom and had a hasty cold bath.
Coming out of the bathroom, she realised how wintry the air conditioner
had been, so she took the remote control and switched it off.
Amarachi kept feeling that the day didn’t break well. She wished she
could go back to sleep to have a longer dreamless slumber to regain her

strengths at first light of dawn.
After getting prepared for Akara business of the day, her mind flashed on
the fact that she needed to talk to Dave about the live bullet she saw in her
house, but that would mean revealing that her truck was burnt; an occurrence
she resolved to conceal.
She underwent an endless search of the bullet in her room but didn’t see
it anymore. Something wasn’t just right. Checking her door, Amarachi
discovered it was still locked the way she left it when she returned the
previous evening but couldn’t understand how the bullet disappeared.
There was absolute serenity in the house, but normally, others should
have been awake by that time of the morning, especially Oji Isi that was
always the one to give her the morning compliment; telling her how beautiful
she looks even if she feels so ugly that morning.
Still searching for the bullet, a hard knock at the door startled her. She
knew she needed to find the bullet so that no other person would get a glimpse
of it; at least the bullet would be a shred of evidence for Dave to believe her
“Who’s there?” she asked and opened the door.
Amy was surprised to see her mom enter the house. She saw how Ego
looked curiously, getting her a bit grimaced. When her mom entered, she
locked the door but remained standing like a sentry while waiting to know
what made her look troubled.
“Sit,” Ego Oyibo vexedly said and pulled her forcefully to rest her ass on
the bed beside her.
“Mom, you act strangely,” she said observantly; looking confused.
“Can we pack out of this house and go back to our old life?” she
demanded in a vehement tone.
Amy was more surprised this time as Ego remained encased in total
muddiness. The last time she checked, Ego Oyibo never wanted to wake up
from the luxury she enjoys in GRA. What then could have prompted such

With smiles on her face as she pretended not to take her seriously, Amarachi
said: “Mama, what have you been drinking?”
Amy was stormed that her jokes created no impact but bred an intense
shout from her mom who couldn’t be controlled, even though she didn’t want
anyone to be aware of the family discussion.
“Let us leave from here,” Ego yelled as she gnawed a candy she had in her
“Hia,” Amy exclaimed with dysphoria, “This is funny, mama, to make this
behaviour of yours an open secret. What has come over you, please?”
Ego remained calm but still furious because even though she mothers
over Amy, she sometimes acts like her child around her. “Since we parked into
this house,” she began gloomily, sounding abysmally sad, “I lost that daughter
of mine to busyness, even to the point that we’d stay for some days without
even seeing you,”
It was then that Amarachi understood her point, but she was convinced
that her busyness wasn’t because of the new life of the riches but due to what
had been going on in her life lately that she couldn’t share with her mom due
to ill state of her high blood pressure.
“Mama, you are getting it wrong because since I’d been in this house, I
never used the e-Vogue to go out other than using Keke napep as a means of
transportation,” she said in other to outwit her mom and make her piteous but
Ego was steadfast and stubborn to what she believed.
“You can’t confuse me here, Mkpulumma,” Ego maintained and shook her
head resolutely, “If you don’t use the e...e...what?”
“E-Vogue,” Amy stressed.
“Please, call it Jeep,” she said with firmness of purpose, “stop confusing
your mother with all these foreign names,”
Ego felt the funniness of her mom amid her seriousness in trying to make

a point.
“Mom, there are some things I’m trying to sort out first before...”
“Hey, don’t confuse me,” Ego retorted, “My problem with this place isn’t
that it’s not beautiful but it’s too big that I sometimes get lost trying to find my
way to places. Besides, that river at the back frightens me so much. Whenever I
pass the river or even look at it from the rear balcony, I feel like it’s drawing
me into it. I feel like I’m seeing that ‘Mami water’ (mermaid) that they drew on
your hips,”
Amarachi tried to figure out if there was any river in the compound but
couldn't comprehend at first. She remained thoughtful trying to understand
her mom.
“Oh, you meant the swimming pool,” she said and burst into laughter.
“Whatever you call it,” Ego Oyibo said and tried not to smile but she still
did, “Please, can Dave nwoke oma (handsome man) remove that river?”
“Swimming pool,” she still corrected.
“Leave me, biko,” she voiced in a louder tone, “I’m not here to learn the
name or get formally educated. Once you understood what I meant, I’m okay,”

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“So what exactly is your complaint,” Amy said and held her mom with
love, trying to make her feel that her daughter wasn’t metamorphosing to
another woman just because they had a touch of affluence.
“I wish to go back to our small room where we sleep on the same bed,”

she said regrettably, with her mood shrouded in nostalgia, “I think this place is
too big, and before I come to you, it would be difficult. Must I use a telephone
to call you first?”
“It’s called intercom, mamaaaaa...” Amarachi corrected again, and then
realised she was warned against correcting her English, so she covered her
mouth with her palm, “Oya, continue,”
Ego smiled and stroked her daughter’s hair fondly.
“Mkpulumma, I've missed you a lot that’s the point,” she said jejunely and

pouted like a little child.
Okay, let’s do it this way,” Amarachi suggested while he mom listened,
“I’ll tell Dave to ask Oji Isi ebu mgbo to park out of his room that is next to
mine so that you’d relocate there and...”
“No...noooo,” She intervened,” I like that boy a lot and wouldn’t allow my
selfishness to make him relocate. Besides, I love the way he makes you laugh
even when you’re sad,”
Amarachi never had the intention of to actualising the suggestion she
made to her mom but already knew that her mom would fall for it and accept
to remain at the same room she complained about.
“Okay, then,” Amy said and gestured; signalling that she didn’t know
what else to suggest, “what do you want us to do since you didn’t accept my
“I’ll manage, nwam (my daughter),” she said submissively, “I will, but try
as much as you can to make me see your face every day, no matter the urgency
of your movement. A mother’s morning prayers and good wishes follow her
daughter and bring lots of luck for the day,”
Amy’s eyes got tearful hearing those words. She’d always been so fond of
her mom but the distraction that got her busy of late wouldn’t let her be.
“Mama, from today, you’ll always give me your blessings before I go out
for the day,” Amy said with assurance and gave her a peck.
With happiness, Ego Oyibo left; feeling fulfilled and happy.
Checking on the time, Amarachi realised that she was already about
thirty minutes late for her Akara business, so she got prepared quickly and left
the room.
Surprising for Amarachi, she met Dave on her way going out.
Dave who was usually meant to be sad that Amy didn’t give him her
unalloyed attention the previous night, was smiling as if there was a surprise

on the way as usual.
“What’s the issue?” she asked gleefully and hugged him, “I’m sorry for last
night and didn’t even know when I slept off on my dress without even having
a night shower,”
Dave smiled at the pre-emptive apology from Amy and observed her
beautiful face.
“You don’t need to apologise. Close your eyes let me show you something,”
Dave said and veiled her eyes with a handkerchief, then led her to the garage.
Opening her eyes, she saw her truck parked before her but looking so
refined, neat and upgraded.
This was confusing to her because a burnt truck wouldn’t just come back

to her looking so fine-tuned and sweet.
“How did you know about the incidence, and how did you fix the truck
overnight?” she queried with a high sense of inquisitiveness. “I’m sure you
bought another truck,” she said and jumped on him with appreciation.
Dave carried her like a baby and planted a kiss on her nape, and then
dropped her gently.
“Check it out, babe,” he encouraged.
She entered the truck, ignited the engine without much stress like her old
truck, and then moved a bit forward and reversed. “I love this one,” she said
with mirth, “I love you so much and nothing would ever make me stop loving
you all the days of...”
“You lie!” Uremma shouted and showed up with a stainless golden pistol,
fully loaded, “You can’t take my man away from me and I’ll allow you to be
Dave rushed towards Amy and blocked her from the gun pointed at her
face, “what has come over you, Uremma?” he asked, still feeling uneasy at
gunpoint but had to be strong for Amarachi’s sake.
“When last did we see, and when last did you call or return my numerous
calls to your phone?” Uremma asked with wrath and disgust. With tears of

anger in her eyes, she said: “I never knew that it was this gold digger that had been enjoying this strange romance with you; a butterfly thinking itself a bird.
That’s what she is,”
Amarachi was so tensed and shivering convulsively at the sight of the
gun, thinking about the grief of death but that didn’t help because Uremma
finally engaged the pistol, with her hand well placed at the trigger, ready to
fire at a slightest provocation.
Amy kept hiding behind the Capone whom she believed could have some
Odeshi (charms) as someone in the critically position as the leader of Ndi
Obodo fraternity.
“Stop this madness now!” Dave screamed, stretched his hand out and
demanded she hands over the gun, “you don’t have to do this, please,” he
pleaded, “give me the gun then we can talk,”
“You lie,” she wailed with excruciating tears of sorrow, and then shot
Dave ten times all over him.
Dave fell, even though he tried to be manly and withstand the warheads
that pierced through his entire body, especially the ones that got embedded in
his heart.
When the tall handsome Dave fell, he began to breathe faster and
pulsating with a fight to stay alive, making Amarachi to be filled with both
rage and fear.
The deafening sound of the gunshot threw everyone in the compound in
turmoil, making the entire people take to hiding, except for Ego who couldn’t

withstand seeing her daughter killed.
Amarachi held Dave as he panted heavily and about to give up. She was
bathed in the pool of his blood, with tears rolling down uncontrollably down
on her cheek and raining down on Dave’s lifeless body for he’d already died.
She shook his lifeless but that had gone cold, but he didn’t wake or move.
Uremma wasn’t even moved to sympathy but came closer to Amarachi to
give her a close-range shot, but Ego rushed and blocked her.
“You must have to kill me before you kill her,” Ego said to Uremma and
held Amarachi and Dave in her arms. “Since you’re now a killer, kill us all, but
I need a favour from you if you’d...,”
Uremma didn’t even heed to her request, and then shot in the air twice to
make Ego Oyibo and every other person who’d want to be a hero to know that
she wasn’t going back with her resolution.
“Now, you have to die too,” Uremma said and fired the first shot at Ego
but missed the heart; even though she was hit on the left hand.
Amy couldn’t take it anymore, so she rushed towards Uremma and
started struggling with her over the possession of the gun.
As the fight went on, every other person couldn’t help. Oji Isi who could
have found a way to use Dave’s private gun wasn’t around at the moment.
Uremma got the slightest advantage, used it, and pulled the trigger. She
sprayed grains of bullets on Amarachi.
Amy fell on the pull of her blood and remained there, breathing hard and
about to pass out.
Ego rushed at her daughter notwithstanding that she had a bullet wound
with blood gushing forth. She placed Amy’s head on her laps as Amy’s eyes
started going dim as she was about to die. Ego Oyibo with a loud cry and tears
blurring her view kept slapping Amarachi to wake up but she was almost

crossing the line into the land of the dead.
“Can I take my daughter to the church, please?” The loving mom begged
the enraged shooter and cuddled her Amy closely.
Uremma laughed and said: “This isn’t a matter of the church anymore
because she’d die here and I’ll die too, so that three of us will continue our
fight in either heaven or hell if any of these exists. But the fight must continue
Uremma shot Amarachi four times in the heart to ensure that she stayed
dead, and then put a bullet through her own head and died on the spot,

splashing her blood everywhere.
Suddenly, Amarachi got up from the bed and began to pant heavily with
sweat profusely all over her.
“Jesus! That was close,” She wailed with a quivery tone, “This was so close,
or am I awake in afterlife or in the land of the undead?” she touched her body
without any wound let alone blood, “what a nightmare,” she added,
accompanied by a dead sigh of relief.
In that tensed state and fidget, she got up and realised that she was still
putting on the same dress she came back the previous night with. With the
feeling of a metal that was enclosed in her palm, she opened her clenched fist
and saw the live bullet that fell off from the brown envelope the previous
night. The door remained locked as she left it.
With grave fear, Amarachi dropped the bullet like it was hot and it
clanked on the floor thrice before rolling to the wardrobe side but her shoes
that were lying casually on the floor stopped it.
Taking a deep breath as she kept panting with fear, she raised her eyes
with uncontrollable tears of gratefulness to her creator, knelt on the floor, and

began to pray fervently against the nightmare that she just woke up from.


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