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14 DAYS WITH AN IDOL - Last Episode


14 days with an idol - Last Episode

By Author Jenny

🚫Not edited

Jihook pov
I watched as shina walk down the stairs in her flay black gown with her hair styled perfectly and her make up neatly done ,sometimes its so hard to believe shes mine

"You look beautiful mi amore"i said and she blushed

"And you look handsome too"she said and i smiled opening the door for her and she entered

We were going to a musical award that i was nominated

"Do you think lina will let us be"she asked

"Well whatever she is planning am prepared for her"i replied shina and kissed her hands

" I need a favour from you" she asked

"Anything for my heartbeat"i replied

"Forgive your mom"she said and my face dropped instantly

"I...I.. Ok i will forgive her "i said finally ,its been years i think its actually time to let go i picked my phone and called my mom and she picked up immediately and i put it on loud speaker

"Hello son" mom said

"How are you doing"i asked

"Am fine" she said in tears

"Ok take care of your self "i said

"Is shina there with you"she asked

"Yea"i replied and handed the phone over to shina

"Thank you"my mom said

"You are welcome" shina replied smiling

The truth is i have never called my mom ,she dose the calling and i always answer her rudely and today i even asked her how is she doing ,i could feel she was really happy ,well it fells good to let go of everything

Soon we arrived ,i held shina by her waist as we walked in ,fans were all over the place ,paparazzi were taking pictures and reporters were asking questions
The event was big we both greeted other musicians and made our way to the VIP section

Shina excused herself to the bathroom and immediately she stood up the lights went off and people began mummering and the light came back on but shina wasnt close to me ,i guess shes in the bathroom

It been minutes shina left for the bathroom and havent returned ,i turned on the tracking device i put on her cloth and the location was out of the event and that was when it hit me that she has been kidnapped

I quickly called the cops and followed the tracking device

Shina pov
I stood up and wanted to go to the bathroom when the light went off and immediately i felt something covered my nose

Opening my eyes i slowly i found myself in an empty room
"Ohh she up"i heard a familiar voice saying ,i looked up and it was lina and a woman who is older than her

"Is this the best you can do "i asked and she slapped me

"Seriously"i asked again and she got pissed and brought out a gun and pointed it at me

"Do you really think if you kill me jihook will love you"i asked and she smiled

"And thats why i planned to take his life too"lina replied and slapped me again

"Lina please leave her alone i will do anything you want "i heard jihook said as he walked in

"how did you.. "Lina said and jihook cut her off

"It dosent matter" jihook said
Lina walked close to jihook pointing the gun at him

Jihook held her waist and crashed his lips on hers

While i sat down there crying
Before i could blink my eyes jihook pinned lina and collected the gun from her

"Do you think i will ever love you"jihook said and lina starred at him in shock

"Note that was the worst kiss ever"he added and the cops came in handcuffing lina and the other lady

Jihook pov
I knew kissing lina was the only way to pin her down and it worked perfectly ,i quickly ran to shina and untie her immediately i did a hot slap landed on my face

"Dont ever kiss another girl ,your lips are mine"shina said and kissed me
Seriously ladies are something else
I walked out with her happily


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