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14 DAYS WITH AN IDOL - Episode Twelve


14 days with an idol - Episode Twelve

By Author Jenny

🚫Not edited

Jihook pov
I dont even know what to believe or who is
right ,the first time was shina slapping lin and now spilling hot water on her,shina cant hurt anyone but i dont really get what is happening ,but i know lina is up to no good so am going to pretend to be on her side and catch her red handed

Flash back
Its been three days since i began staying with my dad ,mom is always there but i still hate her
And that night after dinner we all went to our rooms ,i lay down on my bed when the door opened and elena came in with a knife in her hand

I was scared and shivering
She warned me not to shout and i kept begging her to spare me in tears ,she said my mom ruined her ,my mom took everything away from her ,she said my mom betrayed her and am going to pay for her sins
I kept on pleading but she didnt listen she raised the knife up and stabbed me twice

Flash back ends

Shina pov
Being shock is understatement i cant believe jihook took lina side ,i only two days left and i was planning to spend the remaining two days with jihook but everything took a drastic turn ,well it wont stop me from achieving my aims .
It was evening ,i texted jihook and asked him to me me at club 5
Well the club is for rich people and phones are not allowed in there so that some celebrities who want to have fun without it being all over the internet can come
I sat outside the club waiting for jihook,there is every possibility that he might not come but i still have hope ,soon he arrived wearing his face mask and i was happy

"why did you bring me here"he asked

"Dont worry you will find out" i replied and dragged him to the entrance ,we summited our phone to the bouncers and music was booming loudly that could block someone ears

I dragged him to the dance floor and started dancing

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"I cant dance"he yelled

"Watch me " i yelled back and we both began dancing ,i could tell that he was very happy
Soon the loud music stopped and they began playing cool solo music , i placed my hand on jihook shoulders and he held my waist and he began dancing gently to the music ,,i just wish this moment never ends

"So what next "jihook asked as we left the club

"We are going to the cimema"i said happily

"Okay " he replied laughing

"Should i drive "i asked

"What no way ,you are the worst driver ever and i dont plan on dying anytime soon "he replied back and i laughed

we arrived at the cinema bought pop corn and went in to watch a movie ,it was a romantic movie and when they reached a sex scene jihook used his palm to cover my eyes while i chuckled ,i was still see though ,on our way back we bought ice cream and talked about random stuffs

"Good night"jihook said when we reached the house

"Good night"i mummered back ,i wanted to come down but he held my hand back and kissed me deeply ,the kiss was so intensed ,that i had to break it and ran to my room while jihook kept laughing behind me ,,i dont even know why i ran away ,this is what i always wanted and now am running away from it ,i ran to my room and jumped on the bed smiling foolishly to myself
I woke up early hoping to see jihook but i didnt even lina didnt get on my nerve because she didnt even see jihook also ,we searched the whole house but he was no where i tried his number countlessly but still the same ,it was evening a messaged popped in my phone and i saw the alert jihook has paid me seriously so this is how everything is going to end ,i didnt even know when tears began rushing from my eyes ,i went in and began arranging my things

I woke up with heavy eyes due to the way i cried last night i head to the bathroom took my bath ,dressed up and carried my things down stairs ,from my door step i saw red roses everywhere i followed the red rose and went down stairs everywhere was beautifully decorated and i saw a big note



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