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14 DAYS WITH AN IDOL - Episode Thirteen


14 days with an idol - Episode Thirteen

By Author Jenny

🚫Not edited

Shina pov
The room was decorated with red roses and candle lights ,with my name written in colourful red rose and a card board facing me "WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND SHINA"
it was romantic that tears of joy kept gushing out ,and then jihook came from the side wearing a white t-shirt and black pant with his hair falling to his face and a red rose in his hands

"Shina i know we did start off on a good part ,i know i have been an ass all this while ,i know i dont deserve you,but this 14days you spent with me have been the best 14 days of my life ,i was so blinded by my past that i didnt realise how much of an amazing person you are ,you brought me out of my dark and boring life,you showed me happiness even when i push you away you were still there and right now i am ready to scream and shout telling the whole world how much i love you,so shina will you be my girlfriend "jihook asked using his thumb to clean my tears
I cupped his face in my hands a placed my lips on his and he began to suck on them gently
We heard noise and it was lina she dragged her things down and stormed out of the house angrily and we started laughing

"I love you jihook" i said

"I love you more shina "he replied and look my lips again he raised me up and we entered the room and he dropped me on the bed ,we were both burning with desire

He removed his shirt revealing his broad shoulders and abs he took off my shirt too revealing my black bra ,he kissed my neck down to my stomach and i could feel the heat in between my legs he pulled off my skirt and brushed his hand through my bare thigh
I helped him pulled off his pants remaining his boxer ,he removed my bra giving him full access to my firm boobs ,he fiddle them and began sucking on them making me to moan

"Do you want this"he whisphered in my ears and i nodded

He pulled my pant and used his hand to rub my cl*t which made me moan louder ,he began exploring my body again and used the d**k to rub my p***y gently he took some lubricant and applied in then penetrated ,i felt a sharp pain which was later replaced by pleasure he kept pacing in and out and i kept moaning till he releasd into me and we both collapsed on the bed and cuddled each other

"I love you"he whisphered in my ears

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He carried me into the bathroom and dropped me in the bathtub

Jihook pov
After the movie ,club and everything i knew i found the right person for me ,i didnt show up because it might ruin the suprise for her,when she went to bed i called in the people for decoration and they began their work ,i knew she was really suprised,i took my time search and download how to make a lady happy i even searched on how to make her feel good on bed and explore her ,crazy right ,i know but i really love shina and i was happy when lina packed her things and left she saved me the stress

After the love making i prepared a bath for her and changed the bed sheet because it was stained ,i bath her and carried her to the room back

"Am taking you out so get ready" i said and she jumped excitedly

Shina pov
I feel so special with the kind of love jihook is showing me he took me to the mall and we shopped for many things he kept kissing me and showing me off to everyone and he wasnt wearing a face mask ,his fans gathered arround and were happy for him tho we couldnt do it without his guards because he has lots of crazy fans ,I took him home to my parent and they were happy for me even my bestfriend ,Everything is just perfect

Lina pov
I cant believe after all i did jihook choose that poor thing over me can you imagine

Well i cant give up that easily
Hello,yeon i said

Yes ma'am

"Have you gotten him " i asked
Yes ma'am

Hope you did exactly as i said with no traces right "I asked

Yes ma we did a neat job
Alright i will be right there with your balance

Okay ma'am

Shina pov
I got dressed waiting for jihook to come he said he is taking me out and i have been waiting for over one hour which i unlike him
I have dailed his number countless time but he isnt picking
A message popped into my phone i swiped and opened it and it was from an unknown number

My jaw dropped immediately it is a nude picture of jihook and another girl i didnt see the girls face but when i look at the body structure it was lina


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