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14 DAYS WITH AN IDOL - Episode Fourteen


14 days with an idol - Episode Fourteen

By Author Jenny

🚫Not edited

Jihook pov
I woke up and found myself in a room and i was naked ,i quickly picked up my clothes and wore them, was phone was close to me i picked it and saw 30 miss calls and messages from shina ,All i could remember was when i entered the mall to buy chocoletes for shina ,i remembered i asked my guards to wait outside and when i went it someone asked me to sign an autograph thats all

I quickly ran out of the room and texted shina the address of where i am and before i could blink she is already here ,damn this girl is such a crazy driver

"shina"i called but she didnt reply me

We arrived at my house and sat down watching tv not looking at me or even ask me what happened

"Shina can you stop this silent treatment" i said but she still didnt answer

"Okay ,i was on my way to your place when i decided to stop by the mall and get you something ,then someone asked me to sign his autograph and i did the next time i woke up in an hotel room naked " i said

She picked her phone after scrolling through it she gave me ,i collected it from her hand and saw myself naked with a lady lying beside me ,i looked closer and i can bet it was lina

"Shina am sorry ,i didnt know how she did it ,i wont cheat on you"i said and kissed her

"Am sorry "i whisphered in between the kiss ,I kissed her again and soon we landed on the bed

I cant believe lina will go to this extent just to hurt someone ,not just anybody but shina i would have sue her but i dont have any evidence again her

Shina pov
Lina thinks am a fool,she thinks sending that picture of jihook will make me love his less well instead she made me love him more and and also earned one round of hot love making

When i saw the pictures i knew jihook was not his normal self and am going to surprise lina beyound her expectation

"hey get dress" i said to jihook and pecked him

"Were are you taking me to"he asked

"its a surprise" i said to him and he smiled

I picked my clothes and jihook own and soon we were done dressing in matching outfit ,i drive jihook to and open spot and began kissing him while his fans kept cheering and taking pictures ,i showed off to the whole world so that every body will know that his mine and they should back off i did that for lina to see ,in few seconds our pics were all over the place

Lina pov
"What " i yelled at stoned my phone to the wall
how can this be happening after all i did to them ,they are still together ,how can their love be these strong in just few days of their relationship
I need another plan as long as am alive those two cant be together in peace

Jihook pov

Flash back

After elena stabbed me and ran out of the room i passed out
Later i woke up and found myself in the hospital with my mom and dad beside me

"Oh thank goodness you are awake"mom said and held my hands and i removed them
"Son you cant keep hating your mother ,people make mistakes you have to forgive and let it go" dad said

"Were is elena" i asked

"She ran away "my mom answered

Flash back ends

And that was how the nightmare of elena stabbing me kept on coming not until i met shina

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