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14 DAYS WITH AN IDOL - Episode Eleven


14 days with an idol - Episode Eleven

By Author Jenny

🚫Not edited

Jihook pov
The ride back home was really really awkward ,i told shina i love her and even kissed her when am not even sure of how i really feel about her i know she pretty ,fun to be with and a nice person too but am not sure if i mean all those things i said to her and i dont want to hurt her

Love is so complicated ,she has two more days before she goes back ,i mean her 14 days will be over

I arrived home and we entered and went to our separate rooms ,i kept looking at her and she looks really sad maybe she was expecting me to say something and i didnt,the truth is i dont know what to say i really need someone to talk to that was when i remembered my mom ,as much as i pretend to hate her i really love her ,she use to be there for me before the incident and anytime i had girls issues i normally talk to her

Flash back
"mom why am i always nervous anytime am close to lina "i asked and my mom smiled

"That means you like like her"my mom said and i stared at her

"Go get prepared we are going to meet your dad today "mom said

"Wow you mean finally am going to see my father "i asked exictedly
Since i was born i have never seen my father anytime i asked mom she said dad i on a business trip and will be back soon and finally am going to meet him

I ran exictedly to my room and got prepared then followed my mom,we got to a very big building that was beautifully built and the gate was opened ,we were directed in and were told to sit down in the sitting room soon a good looking man came down and stared at my mom i shock

"That is your father jihook "mom said and pointed at the man ,the man ran to with teary eyes and hugged me deeply

"I really have a son"the man said crying
Soon a woman who dressed classy came down with anger written all over her face and slapped my mom

"How dare you show your face her after all you have done" the woman shouted at my mom

"Who's son is this" she added pointing at me

"His mine " my dad said

"So were pregnant for him" the woman asked crying
my dad called one of the maid and asked her to take me upstairs ,i was takem to a room that was neatly furnished and was way better than the one me and my mom lived in ,but who is that woman ,i quickly came out of the room and follwed the same root me and the maid took and soon i was at the stairs i decided to listen to their discussion

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"i cant hide him anymore ,he kept asking for his father"my mom said

"You slut,you scattered my home at first,you druged my husband and slept with him then ran away with my money and now you are back claming to have a son for him" the woman shouted

"Elena am sorry ,i didnt mean it,i was just selfish" my mom said crying

So now i understand all that is happening the woman name is elena, my mom druged elena husband(my dad) and have sex with him ,then ran away with elena money and she got pregnant and gave birth to me ,my mom is a wicked person how can she sleep with another persons husband and stole her money ,,that was when the hatered for my mom began

Flash back ends

Lina pov

i opened my phone and saw pictures of shina and jihook kissing all over the internet ,i thought their relationship was fake how come did they end up kissing ,,i have been fooled its time to step up ,i waited patientely till it was morning
I dressed and went downstairs and met shina looking moody am sure she and jihook are not in good terms ,perfect time

"After all you did ,you still cant get him "i said in a mockery tone while shina stared at me in anger
"Am not ready to exchange words with you lina "shina said

"You better carry the money and take them to your poor and miserable family before its too late "i said and a hot slap landed on my face while i yelled in pain as jihook walked in

"You slapped me shina "i yelled crying with jihook stared at the both of us without uttering a word and went to the dining and we all sat down

"Can you please pass me the hot water "i said to shina in a polite tone

She carried the water and when she was close to me i quickly use my legs and hit her under the table causing the hot water to spill on my body

"Omg shina how can you be this heartless"jihook said angrily
" the first time you slapped her and now spilling hot water over her "he yelled angrily helping lina clean up while lina looked at me happily as jihook was taking her side ,she is really turning him against me

"I dont really know what is wrong with you shina but you better fix yourself up,you were never a bad person before "jihook said and left with lina


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