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VAMPIRE - Episode Two


Vampire - Episode Two

Emily's pov
after what happened today I decided to take Josh advice and try out for the girls soccer team I was at the girls locker room until I heard some girls talking.
"Sebastian is so handsome" the girl said
"I know and he's having a pool party this weekend I'm gonna wear my Sexy bikinis and he won't keep his eyes off me" another girl said
"yeah he's inviting the whole school" she said
"I'm gonna go shopping do my hair before the party" the girls said and they both giggled which irritates me what do they see in this Sebastian I didn't bother that is for another time for now is getting into the Soccer team.
Soon the Coach called us out and gave a speech saying something about we are all winners whether we got picked or not.
"now before we get started let's welcome the new assistant coach Mr Martinez" Mr Lonnie said
And behold Sebastian stood in front of us and the Juju started all the girls were screaming I'm sure they blew up my eardrums.
Seriously is this boy following me.
"any questions" Mr Lonnie said
Everyone raised their hands except me and Sebastian called me out.
"yes Emily" he said wait I don't remember telling him my name.
"I didn't raise up my hands" I said
"I know just wanted to make sure you were all right" he said and I could feel angered eyes all over me.
"you go first" he said
"but it's not my turn" said
"but you are here to try out aren't you" he said smiling
I wish I could use my shoe to wash the smile off his face.
"fine" I said putting my hair in a ponytail
"FYI I won't go easy on you" he said
soon I walked to the field and facing the ball and Sebastian soon I started kicking and out of nowhere he rushed me at and took the ball like Flash I don't care if he's fast I'm going to make the Team I ran after him and swiftly collected the ball and kicked it to the net but in the process he hit my Ankle and I fell down.
"Ouch" I said in pain
"are you OK" he said as he tried to help me up
"get away from me" I said as I slapped him.
"but.... " he said
"Stay away from me I don't know what is happening and what you did to everyone and my friend but I'll find your Secrets" I said trying to get up but my Ankle hurts so badly I felt Dizzy and nauseous and everything was falling apart.
"Stay away from me..... " I managed to say as the world closed on me.
I woke up in a room with a flowing white gown and white flower crown on my head and a ring I tried to pull it off but it was stuck I saw everyone and Amy Zombified standing still and then music started playing and Sebastian came with a white suit Smiling.
"Let the blood wedding commence" a voice said and red splatter all over us and soon he came close and kissed me and I kissed him back for no reason and before I knew it, I felt two needles sink in down my neck.
I Woke up feeling pains and Amy Next to me,
"Good Gracious you are alive" Amy said while the Nurse Injected me with something.
"what happened" I asked
"it was a major blood bath" Amy said
"no it wasn't" I heard Josh from the door
"Fine you fainted after that intense game with Sebastian" Amy said
"how did I get here" I asked feeling a slight headache
"Sebastian carried you and I followed" Amy
"he what ,I'm going going to kill him, remind me to burn my clothes and buy Antiseptic" I said and the nurse checked my temperature.
"it wasn't that bad I watched him carried you he's such a Gentleman" she said and I rolled my eyes
"OK you should be fine and try not to do anything drastic again honey" The nurse said
"Thanks Ms Lilly" I said and I left.
"Sorry about what happened earlier" Josh said feeling remorse
"it wasn't your fault" I said
" it was mine for telling you to Join " he said
"don't worry I probably didn't make the team" I said
"hey wanna go to the movies after school maybe I'll pick you up" he said
"yes I... Mean no" I said and Amy slapped her face.
"am I getting a yes or no" Josh asked confused
"instead of picking me up I'll meet you there" I said remembering I don't want anyone to know me as Rodriguez daughter.
"OK it's a date" he said and left
"finally after 8 years on crushing on him you finally get to go on a date with him" Amy said
"I need to fix my hair and wear my best clothes you have to help me Amy" I said
"fine I'll help you don't strangle me" she said and we both laughed, and soon the Devil walked in.
"hey Sebastian" Amy said
"hi Emily" he said ignoring Amy
"what do you want" I asked angered
"I came to see how your leg was faring" he said
"as you can see I can walk and I don't need your pity and one more thing if I fainted just let me die there" I said
"OK I'm sorry all I wanted to tell you is that good luck making the team" he said
"are you kidding after you twisted my ankles look I don't get the game you are playing but it's on and I'll bring you down" I said and left him.
"Emily wait" Amy called but I ignored her.

sebastian's pov
Emily walked out on me I don't understand her almost all the girls fall for me even her friend I'm confused if I don't complete my mission before the blood moon Zarla will kill me I need to think of a plan the blood moon is two months away and I don't have much time.
Soon some random girl walked up to me and asked if I could go to the movies with her I wanted to refuse but I overhear Emily is going to the movies with Someone and this could be a great opportunity.
"Sure I'll pick you up" I said and the girl walked away foolishly I'm low and I'll be having dinner this Night it's a win-win.
I walked down the halls and as expected all the girls eyes are on me until Cleopatra stopped me.
"what are you doing" Mindy asked
"all hail Cleopatra" I said
"Shut up you hybrid just keep in mind I'm way stronger than you" she said
"what do you want sister" I asked
"mother said I should check up on you to make sure you are not messing up her plans" she said
"I got this OK" I said assuring her.
"you better" she said and shoved me off.
I hate it when she does that Always thinking she is better and more powerful than me when she's even adopted.
My only chance of putting her down is getting Emily and failing is not an option.

Emily's pov
The bell rang and I ran fast to get to my car. I swiftly check for my keys and I found it.
"Seriously I can't believe you are turning down Sebastian" Amy said sipping on a smoothie.
"I can turn down Sebastian, one he just newly came to our school, two all the girls are head over heels for him and surprisingly you and lastly why would I want to enter into a relationship with someone I just met" I said
"so you are considering dating him if you knew him" Amy said
"No" I said with my keys and opening the car.
"can you drive me home" she asked
"what happened to your car didn't your dad buy you a new one for starting your seniors" I said already starting the car.
"well I got grounded" Amy said
"what did you do this time" I asked knowing her for her usual tricks
"well I kinda burned down the beach house in Hawaii " she said
"get in, sometimes I wonder why we are still friends" I said as she hopped in the car
"well with out me you would be second Mindy" she said
"I definitely will not" I said and we both laughed.
Soon I started the car and Amy decided to play some of her Hard Rock.
"Keep it down" I said
"oh come on don't be a sour puss you love this song" still cranking up the Volume
"not when I'm driving" I said and we were turning up and lowering the music until I heard people screaming and then I saw a girl running towards the road.
"Turn around" Amy said and I swiftly turned away and we were about to hit a house.
"Stop" I said and the car and everything froze except Amy
"what just happened" she asked as we both came down from the car
"I don't know I said Stop and everything froze" I said
"then unfreeze it" Amy said
"I can't I don't know how" I said confused.
"cool down and breathe slowly and say Unfreeze" she said and I did and everything did unfreeze.
The car got damaged but not the house.
"are you OK" Amy asked
"yeah but my parents are going to kill me if they find out and my phone was in that car all my contacts" I said
"don't worry drama queen we will think of something" Amy assures me.
"I hope so" I said looking at the damaged car
"then let's walk home" she said
"you have to carry me" I said
"why" she asked
"the my house from here is pretty far and my Ankles can take that much stress" I said
"fine I'll carry you" she said and position her back and I jumped on
"giddy up.. " I said hitting her head
"you are enjoying this aren't you" Amy said
"yes" I said and we went we didn't talk about what happened and what I did and I'm glad but I wonder what I'm going to tell my parents.

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