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VAMPIRE - Episode Three


Vampire - Episode Three

i got home to get ready for that date, and Mindy barged in rudely.
"Mother wants to see you now" Mindy said
"oh thank you next time break the door" I said sarcastically
"I'll break you if you get on my nerves" she said and left.
I did so, to go and meet Mother and she stood on a high chair in the middle of a room filled with ancient artifacts filled with human bones, skulls and parts, on noticing my presence she smiled, first time on seeing her smile at me.
"yes Mother you called" I said bowing
"Sebastian, Sebastian, Sebastian, how many times did I call you? " she asked
"three times" I said
"good you heard me, now let me make this clear to you Hybrid I'm not your mother unlike your human Mother if not for her I wouldn't be stuck with you" she said coldly and walked towards me.
"do you know why I've called you" she asked
"no" I said
"well I heard you are throwing a pool party, so you are busy throwing parties and goofing off instead on focusing on your mission" she said
"it was to draw Emily in" I said
"or to get her for your self, how am I sure you've not develop any feelings for her" she said
"I've not develop such and would never" I said
"how long till the blood moon" she asked
"less than Two months" I said
"you have exactly two months to get her to trust you before the blood moon if your plan fail I'll send Mindy and you know what's she's capable of" she said
"yes Zarla" I said
"now leave my sight" she said and I left and the doors closed.
"wow you just got sent on a mission and you already failed miserably on your first day, I should have known, you are a hybrid after all not a Vampire and did you heard what she said if you fail she'll send me good luck hybrid" she said
"I don't need luck" i said.

"Mom help me out here" I said
"I can't sweet heart" she said getting back to baking her cookies
"it wasn't my fault a girl came out of nowhere and I had to turn away" I said
"that doesn't explain why you would try out for the soccer team and be late for school" Dad said
"wait how did you guys know" I asked not remembering telling them anything.
"we are one of the biggest donators of the school and it's our job to sense these things" Mom said
"Ms Lola called you guys right" I asked
"yes" dad said
"and you are going to apologize to that Sebastian" Mom said
"what why" I asked
"he deserves an apology after you treated him so bad and he's new to this neighborhood" mom said
"and you are going to apologize to him this evening" Dad said
"what do you mean" I asked
"they invited us for dinner tonight and you are coming with us" Dad said
"but I have a date tonight" I said
"a date, who is it" mom asked
"Josh Evans" I said excitedly
"oh my baby is all grown up we have to do your hair and get you something nice to wear and.... " she said but dad gave her the death glare and she stopped.
"dad please ground me for life let me just go on this date with Josh" I pleaded
You are going to that dinner and that's final go to your room" he said and I went to my room angry.
On getting to the room I saw Amy
"how did you get up here" I asked
"I used the window like a normal person would" she said
"normal people use the doors" I said
"whatever, what did your dad say" she asked
"I'm forced to go to a dinner party at Sebastian place " I said
"you are so lucky" Amy said
"but I'm not allowed to go to the movies with Josh" I said
"are you kidding me, you can sneak out and I'll go to that dinner party" Amy said
"it's not possible" I said
"we have the same skin tone and are the same height if you don't wear heels" she said
"but you have short hair" I said
"I'll wear a wig" she said
"OK I'm buying this idea but if anything goes wrong I'll kill you" I said
Soon I got dressed up and ready.

"how do Iook" I asked.
"normal" she said
"OK I'm going" I said reaching the door
"where do you think you are going" Amy asked me
"to my date" I said
"use the window" she said I walked to the window
"here goes nothing" I said and jumped.

Emily is out of the house and I hear footsteps.
"Emily we are About going are you ready" Emily's mom asked
"not yet Mom" I said forming Emily's voice
And I shape shift into Emily and what she was wearing.
I open the door and saw her mom.
"you look great dear are you ready" she asked
"I was born ready" I said and smirked

i waited for Emily but she didn't show up maybe she's not interested I checked the time it's already seven and the movie starts by seven thirty, I decided to wait a little bit more until a familiar face walked by.
"Hey Josh" I saw Mindy wearing a white short dress and with her dirty blonde hair in a braid with a choker necklace and heels.
"hi Mindy" I said looking away
"you look great tonight what are you doing here standing all by yourself" she said with smoky eyes and light pink lips.
"I'm here to see a movie with someone" I said avoiding eye contact.
"is it a girl" she asked
"how is it any of your business we broke up remember" I said
"that was a week ago and you've already started seeing someone" she said coming close to me.
"she's way different from you" I said
She came close to me she was a breath away she smiled seductively
"I knew it was a girl" she said
"well when you are done playing around you know where to find me" she said and touched my nose.
I decided to call
"I'm here" I saw Emily run in panting
"what happened" I asked
"I'm so sorry my phone got damaged when my car crashed" she said still panting
"what happened to your car" I asked
"that's for later, let's get our tickets" she said
She dragged me to the boothe
"what movie should we see" I asked
"let's see the last Howl I've been dying to see it" she said
"you watch those movies" I asked surprised
"yeah" she said and paid for everything
"you didn't have to pay for that" I said a bit embarrassed
"oh I did, maybe you can choose our seats why I'll go use the restroom" she said
"which row" I asked
"Surprise me" she said and left me to the restroom.

i ran to find the restroom and I see Sebastian and one girl walking towards me I immediately entered the boys restroom I had no choice.
I heard someone coming in so I entered one of the Toilets it was very disgusting, I heard someone talking.
"why did you bring me here" I heard a familiar voice and I decided to quietly close the toilet and step on it to eavesdrop.
"for dinner" and I saw Sebastian stroking Lizzy's hair
"yuck we are going to eat here" Lizzy asked
"no I am" he said and pierced through her neck with his teeth and sucked the life out poor Lizzy I stood there screaming quietly and watching the horror show and soon he was done and wiped the blood of his mouth.
"you were delicious what ever your name was now to secure the evidence" he said carrying lifeless Lizzy and carried her to one of the toilet.
He washed his hands and the evidence and left.
I came out of the toilet figuring out what just happened.
Soon some one came in again and it was still Sebastian.
"Emily what are you doing here" he asked
"I came to use the toilet" I said
"this is the boys toilet" he said
"I got lost bye" I said trying to flee but he held my hand.
"are you OK" he asked
"yes" I said trying to away from this killer
"you look frightened" he said why won't I you killed somebody
"I'm not I really need to be going, don't want to keep Josh waiting" I said and he finally let go and I zoomed off
I ran towards Josh and hit him.
"where were you the movie just started and our seats were taken" he said annoyed
"I'm so sorry I got locked in the toilet and screamed help but no one answered except a good Samaritan" I lied
"oh don't be its all my fault for not checking on you" he said and I was relieved he bought the lie
"let's see something else" I suggested
"OK let's see Doomargeddon" he said
"sure" he said
"but this time I'm paying" he said
"sure" I said and we held hands.
"hey guys" Sebastian said as we turned back.
"hey Emily" he said but I didn't answer
"I didn't know you were coming to the movies" Josh asked
"I was coming with a date but she bailed" he lied and I looked at him with the expression 'or you killed her' I said in mind.
"why don't we see Doomargeddon together" Josh invited him.
"Sure why not we'll split the doe" he said
"what do you think Emily" Josh asked me
"it would be delightful" I said with a fake smile plastered on my face.
They went to Boothe and paid for a movie Sebastian is no ordinary creature with what I've seen and if I told anyone they'll think I'm crazy I need to get home before nine thirty and I wonder how Amy is holding up.

i was so mad when I heard Sebastian went out to see a Movie with a girl but I decided to still go to learn more about him and his Family.
"So Emily I heard you tried out for Soccer this year" Mrs Zarla asked why I was busy playing with my food but I didn't answer
"Emily" Emily's mom called me
"yes I did" I said forgetting I'm playing Emily I wonder how Emily survives all this looking your best theory.
I decided excuse myself from the table and check out the house and I came into a strange room with pictures of Sebastian and some strange man then I saw the most shocking of it all.
"Sebastian and Mindy are Siblings" I said to myself out loud.
"Not quite" I turned round to see Mindy with a death glare.
"Mindy" I said
"what are you doing in here" Mindy asked.....

To be continued

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